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Passiverevenueshare - New Revenue Sharing On Prelaunch! 100% Rev Share $2 Per Share

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Im Not The Admin

Passiverevenueshare - New Revenue Sharing on Prelaunch!!! 100% Rev Share $2 per Share!!!Sign up only no purchasing!!

Program Type : 100% revenue share

Passive Revenue Share ( PRS )

Buy position at $2, and each position earns up to $3.25

There is a 50% repurchase on earnings.

Ref com , 3 levels (6% / 5% / 4% )

Program shares out all revenue.

Fees on Deposit and Withdrawal to maintain operation

How it works, revenue received from sales of ad positions are shared out by a predetermined

set of active positions. This continue over and over again with new ad positions sold.

No sponsoring required.

Everyone earns.

Operates similar to WCA but based on a superior script with more features and better reporting.

Program is in prelaunch, members can join and can prefund BUT no purchase until launch on

20 September.

Sign up PRS now






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