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Fireball Express Ad Exchange -

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Welcome To Each of You !!!

We Now Have Super Solos


You can check how many points you have by clicking on Tools & Stats or Advertising. You can earn points several different ways.

a) By clicking Browse Text Ads. You earn points when you click the text ad and view the website linked to the text ad.

B) By clicking on credit links in solo ads.

c) By viewing and clicking on Traffic Links.

d) By clicking on banner ads

You can trade your earned points for advertising! You can do this by clicking on Advertising. Your points will be deducted and your advertising will be added to your account immediately upon clicking Pay using your points.


Add your PayPal email address immediately by clicking on Edit My Details - Members with no PayPal email address entered will not be paid on Commissions day (15th of every month).

Advertising - This is where you purchase points for advertising or trade your existing points for banner ads, traffic links and solo ads. This is also where you setup your advertising. Every member receives at least 1 banner ad. Set it up today!

Pro Bonuses - This is only seen by Pro members - Pro member bonus downloads


Thanks, I really like these Traffic Exchangers that do the Solos... no clicking !!!

skylady ;)

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A Letter has been sent to the Admin., with an invitation to our Forum

and requesting that they add our banner and linking it to their thread on the forum.

so the members know where to get info. and updates and of course visit...


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Our DDoS protection company, Prolexic, was having a problem that was affecting some customers. The problem was affecting SSL traffic, which will affect the login ability to our site. They have now fixed the problem and the site should be up in most if not all areas shortly

Thank you for your patience.


skylady are you getting good results with this ad exchange sites? I see a lot of them are pumping up but never used one.. Need your input :rolleyes:

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All 8 of the Traffic Exchanging sites I've posted I get results from...

Have about 8 or so more TE sites I use, but doing a little more testing on them before I post for our members...

They each send out Solo emails where you get credits for your Advertisement by clicking the 'Recieve xxx amt of credits'...

...anywhere from 100 to 1,000 credits per Solo Ad you go to...

A whole lot less time consuming, than having to surf and/or click sites to get credits every day...

and your credits are allocated automatically to the sites YOU are Advertising...

I've found them to be the best working for the least amount of time spent - no $ cost...

...and the sites we are given are varied and some are quite interesting...

Soooooo, yup, they are good !!!

Thank you for asking Dennis, this will help a lot of members that are looking for a way to advertise their sites,

without paying $$'s, for decent Advertisement...


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