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Join me and over 50000 others in this newly launched system!

How does Wealth4all work, How do I make money?

Wealth4all has a unique way to compensate our participating members based on the amount of voluntary special assessment fees collected to further the education and training of our association members. We allow our members to receive a return of the voluntary special assessment fees collected at a rate of 2.1% daily with the ability to compound 50% of the returned amount. For those members that participate, we will allow them to receive a maximum of 50% of their deposited contribution amount for 90 days at which point they can decide to stop or participate again for another 90 day period and a new deposit for the assessed fees will be collected.

For example, a participating member voluntary contribution of assessed fees is $500.00. After depositing that amount, the member will earn $10.50 a day and would have the ability to compound 50% of that amount. The other 50% can be withdrawn or accumulated. Based on the deposit of the voluntary assessed fee, the member will earn a maximum of 50% of his deposit after 90 days, so, at the end of the 90 days in this example, the member would have received the maximum amount of $750.00.

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