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Golden Angels has a matrix system cycler


Based out of Canada - Golden Angels is a unique marketing/advertising website with a superb 2x2 4 Phase affiliate program. The products offered at Golden Angels include banner ads and text ad advertising. They pay 100% commission to their members with no sponsoring requirement whatsoever.

How Golden Angels works

In short it is a company forced 2x2 matrix, that is designed not to slow down or to ever stall.

1. You buy your $2 daily subscription which starts you in angel 1 and includes banner and text advertising to promote your opportunities.

2. It then eventually cycles (moves) to angel 2, your subscription from angel 1 will cycle (pay you $4) and create a position in angel 2.

3. It then eventually cycles (moves) to angel 3, your subscription from angel 2 will cycle (pay you $5) and create a position in angel 3.

4. It then eventually cycles (moves) to angel 4, your subscription from angel 3 will cycle (pay you $8) and create a position in angel 4.

5. It then eventually cycles (moves) out of angel 4, your subscription from angel 4 will cycle (pay you $21).

Golden Angels Will NEVER STALL!

Truly Passive Income opportunity

"ANGEL" Positions



** Quality advertising for any opportunity you wish to promote.

** Your $2 Daily Ad Subscriptions gives you Access to our Powerful Daily Advertising!!

** There is no Requirement to Sponsor.

** Automatic Re-Entry Each Time You Cycle, and Entrance to the Next Level for Even Greater Earning Power!

** NO Admin Fees. (100% goes to Members)!

** You Earn Each Time Your 2x2 Matrix is Filled in 4 Different Matrix Phases!

** Earn a total $8.00 when each of your referral position cycles all matrix levels.

** Easily fund your eWallet with Payza , EGopay or SolidTrustPay!

MOST IMPORTANTLY -"ANGEL" Positions GIVE BACK 100% of their EARNINGS TO ALL MEMBERS 'Angels' sustain our Program.

If you are like me and are part of any of the other great programs online like JBP & W4ALL and are already enjoying these I am sure you will also want to take a look at Golden Angels.


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