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1. Who can become a participant of the system of mutual financial aid GenialMoney?

A system participant may be any person in the world, wishing to provide financial assistance in the future so as to benefit from such assistance.

2. How can I become a participant of the GenialMoney?

In order to become a participant You need to read the agreement and if you agree to all terms of this agreement, then click on the Registration button and fill in all fields in the registration form. Next, check that you agree to the terms of the system and press the button Register, and immediately to pay the fee. After this you on the specified e-mail will be sent a registration letter with your data.

3. What payment system uses GenialMoney?

At the moment we are working with payment systems: Perfectmoney and LibertyReserve. This is the most popular international system today, but in the near future we may connect several payment systems.

4. How the system works GenialMoney?

System GenialMoney limited седьмими levels and the number of participants at each level. On the first level, you may not be more than 3 paid partners, on the second level of not more than 9 paid by the partners, on the third level of not more than 27 paid partners, on the fourth level of no more than 81 paid partners, on the fifth level of not more than 243 paid partners, at the sixth level of not more than 729 paid partners and on the seventh level of not more than 2187 paid partners. This creates a number of advantages in comparison with other similar projects in the Internet.

5. What is the mobility and how it works?

The overflow is the possibility of more rapid progress in the system and fill your structure, by working together, both you and your upline sponsors (which speeds up your receipt of a maximum-possible financial assistance). How does it work? Once you have the 1 level was 3 paid partners begin to work mobility, then there are the following invited you or your higher sponsors partners, are at level 2, and when it is full 9-paid partners, then continue on the 3, 4 and 5 levels to the extent and fill them.

6. Who are the bots, and what are they?

For the first time, only in our system will be приниматся "artificial engine" of the structure. Bot, robot, which has the structure as a person, bot can only move 2,3,4,5 - pilot structures, in order to avoid confusion with рефералами.У bot just have their referrals (the people). If a person does not have the inviting person, he found himself our system, after the registration he activates a bot, after which all of the following зарегистрированые people without the inviting person will be distributed across all levels of the bot. Such bots will be n is a number, it is much accelerate the movement in the less active structures at the expense of the company.

7. How can I invite new people?

After you have activated your place in the system, you can section Рефералка, where you will find your personal affiliate link, a video presentation for download, as well as advertising banners. We warn You that in our system is strictly forbidden to use SPAM to invitations. If we reveal the violation, your account will be blocked and all funds earned frozen.

8. That is, if I can't invite one partner

In this case you will receive the partners due to spillovers from your active sponsors, as well as receive the gift of the partners or bots from system to system, but in the same queue. Therefore we recommend that you make more efforts in the work, try to contact your sponsors and ask them to tell you about the most effective ways of advertising.

9. What is the maximum financial assistance I can get from the participation in the system?

The maximum amount of aid for one participant c input at$ 15 is 12039$. But with this amount you will be able to reactivate your participation in the system, by way of a payment of$15.

10. Can I register in the system again?

No. In our system are forbidden to have two account for one person. But you can register your family members and receive additional financial assistance.

11. I have not found the answer to my question?

In this case, please contact our support team and we will try to help you.


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