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Guest AlexandraIFX

Ilona Korstin is the image of InstaForex Company

Well-known basketball forward Ilona Korstin became the image of InstaForex international broker. She says that it is her pleasure to represent such a reputable company as InstaForex. What unites the two is the priorities and striving to be the best. Ilona is experienced in Forex trading herself and gives high mark to InstaForex for the great quality of its services.





Cooperation established between InstaForex international broker and the world famous basketball player is no coincidence. InstaForex Company is increasingly exploring the field of sports. Recently its sports team has been further expanded by Tornado - InstaForex mix fight team and InstaForex Loprais rally team, a participant of the fabulous Dakar rally raid. That is why it is Ilona Korstin, a true embodiment of success, beauty and ambition was announced to be the image of InstaForex Company.

The multichampion of Europe, Russia and France, the Euroleage winner Ilona Korstin is one of the most titled basketball players of the world. She managed to win an impressive number of gold medals and other awards. She was the first at two European championships and the third at the Olympic Games. Moreover, in 2006 the International Basketball Federation announced Ilona to be the image of women basketball. Korstin is a member of the Russian basketball women team as forward and skipper. She is also a defender at Moscow Sparta&K basketball club.

InstaForex Company expresses its hopes for new victories: both in sports for Ilona and in Forex trading for the broker.

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Trading platform for BlackBerry, Android and Web by InstaForex

InstaForex international broker is happy to present its clients and partners a mobile version of InstaTrader platform for such software as BlackBerry, Android и Web. Now that InstaForex Company has introduced this novelty, its customers can enjoy conformable dealing on Forex employing their mobile devices!

Technology innovations are one of the priorities of InstaForex Company development: it always seeks to meet the most demanding requirements of its clients. InstaTrader mobile trading platform designed to make the conditions of working on Forex even more convenient is another novelty created by InstaForex specialists.





The mobile trading terminal has almost the same functions as its computer-based version. It opens new opportunities to Forex traders. In particular it allows making deals, receiving quotations on major currency pairs, cross rates, global stock indices and carrying out technical analysis. With the help the extremely clear InstaTrader interface one can set pending orders; Instant Execution Instant technology ensures high speed of deals execution.

You can only download InstaTrader platform for BlackBerry smartphones, Android operation system and Web platform from the official website of InstaForex international broker instaforex.com.

InstaForex: keep up with time!

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Miss Insta Asia: Over 400 Beauties from All Around The World, Become One of Them!

On the beauty contest website of Miss Insta Asia 2011 by InstaForex Company over 400 ladies have already registered and this number moves well along towards half of thousand. The contest gathers pace involving more and more visitors: day by day the number of beautiful participants increases, there are new photographs and comments to them, so the situation stretches. And although, the contest competitor Victoria from Kishinev is gaining the lead presently among her rivals, everything can change at any moment, as we are to see the months of fight for title Miss InstaForex Asia 2011 ahead.





The second season of Miss Insta Asia moves on as one of the most popular online beauty contests in the global net. It is no wonder as the most gorgeous women from different countries of the world from Malaysia to Great Britain take part in this exciting competition. Who will finally reach the top - the title of Miss InstaForex Asia 2011 and 20 000 USD - it will be determined by users voting for their favorites on the website. The photos of beautiful ladies will be submitted to users for deciding fates of Miss Insta Asia contest competitors. The prize fund of Miss Insta Asia amounting to 35 000 USD will be shared among 6 the most beautiful girls in early autumn, according to users' opinion.

Those who would like to try their fortune still have time, as for joining the contest it is required to accomplish a registration, fill in the application form and submit at least 3 the best photo shots. The experience of competition running approves that position in the contest rating shifts weekly, in such a way, even a newcomer has all chances of winning.

To join or to vote for one of belles visit the official contest website miss-instaforex-asia.com.

Cast a vote and probably, the main prize will reach that girl you root for!

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Ilona Korstin - the face of InstaForex - is the Champion of Europe again

On Sunday, July 4, Russia's basketball team won the final of the European Basketball Championship 2011! This means that Ilona Korstin, лицом компании InstaForex, has become European champion for the third time!





Russian team won the play-off with Turkey by miles. Having broken all the obstacles they managed to win gold medals! We can be doubly proud as Russian team is the only one on the continent to have the opportunity to enter the Olympic games in London next year! Such examples are always inspiring! Dear users, we hope that they will inspire you to reach new heights on Forex market.

Ilona Korstin was not randomly chosen to represent InstaForex Company. She embodies endless movement forwards, will to win and self reliance. This is the kind of person perfect for representing InstaForex Company that is characterized by the same features!

InstaForex Company congratulates the team on the victory that impressed everybody!

Brilliant basketball player Ilona Korstin, the team's forward, is determined to reach new ambitious goals. And we sincerely wish her luck in achieving all of them!

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InstaForex Loprais Team - the winners of Silk Way Rally

InstaForex international broker is glad to share good news with its clients and partners: InstaForex Loprais Team managed to win the many-day rally raid Silk Way 2011 (truck category). It has been less than a month ago that InstaForex Company entered the rally world and straight away InstaForex Loprais Team got the second top place in Silk Way 2011, a rally of Dakar series competition. InstaForex Loprais Team member Ales Loprais of the Czech Republic was among the five of leaders for all the seven days of the Silk Way rally. Moreover, Ales Loprais turned out to be explicitly the first in the sixth rally step. He was the second during the last day of the rally, ceding to experienced Firdaus Kabirov, who represented the Kamaz Master team for over 40 minutes.





However, Kabirov was fined one hour by the rally organizers right before the last step was launched for overspeeding on the track fragment where time was not fixed. Thus, Ales Loprais and Firdaus Kabirov appeared to be at the top of Silk Way 2011 among trucks. Everyone was looking forward to witness a breathtaking pay-off between Ales Loprais who gained much proficiency during the rally raid and Firdaus Kabirov, eager to overtake the lost hour. Yet, due to heavy raining and the Shakhe river that overflowing its banks, the last step of the rally was cancelled for the sake of the two crews safety. So, Silk Way 2011 (truck category) was announced to be won by InstaForex Loprais Team led by Ales Loprais. This is the first glorious achievement of the racer, but, we are sure, that future has more victories for him in store.





We congratulate everybody who rendered assistance in preparing InstaForex Loprais Team for the rally, all the supporters and also our clients that were really anxious for our team for all these exciting 7 days of Silk Way 2011.

Trade and win with InstaForex!

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Guest AlexandraIFX

Push On to Join "InstaForex Great Race" Contest!

The international broker InstaForex reminds its clients about the last chance to register and join the second stage in one of the most popular contests run by the company - "InstaForex Great Race 2011". Registration in the second contest stage ends on July 24, 2011 and the stage will last from July 25 to August 26, 2011.

Aside from this, the Contest and Campaign Administration has summarized the first stage totals of "Great Race 2011". InstaForex Company publishes the winners' names and sincerely congratulates them on victory:

1 prize - Sedov Andrey (8319442) - 3000 USD

2 prize - Hendi Kristiyadi (8312184) - 2000 USD

3 prize - Kazim Rizve (8310629) - 1200 USD

4 prize - Yaremchuk Victor (8314379) - 800 USD

5 prize - Stevan Radukin (8314843) - 600 USD

6 prize - Albert Ando (8393230) - 300 USD

7 prize - Ihab Alshawwa (8310745) - 250 USD + 40 bonus points

8 prize - Kudryashov Alexander (8313230) - 200 USD + 30 bonus points

9 prize - Odianosen Okosun (8311779) - 200 USD + 20 bonus points

10 prize - Nickolenko Egor (8342119) - 100 USD + 10 bonus points

11 prize - Mikhailo Romanik (8386660) - 100 USD + 5 bonus points

"InstaForex Great Race" involves 4 stages and the final which act by the scheme "month-in-month". But each of the stages is a completely separate competition, and for conquering in the final it is not obligatory to take prize places in the previous stages or even participate. In such a way, you can join the marathon at any moment!

"InstaForex Great Race" is held on demo-accounts, not real, and under conditions which are close to "combat" ones. It means that competitors do not put at risk their own capital, at the same time they obtain a great opportunity to experience their professionalism and win cash prizes which can be further used for conducting real deals on Forex financial market.

The total prize fund shared between the most fortunate and venturesome participants amounts to 50 400 USD. In addition to money prizes, in follow-up of each tournament the bonus points are also given which can serve as additional assets to the deposit taking part in "Great Final" of the contest. Every bonus point is equaled to 1000 USD.

In each stage of "InstaForex Great Race 2011" contest over 10 000 traders are registered making this rally one of the most famous among all campaigns and contests of InstaForex Company. You still have time to become one of them!

Push on to participate and win in InstaForex contests!

Registration page

Contest rules

Photos and comments of finalists

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InstaForex Loprais Team official website launched!

InstaForex international broker has launched a new website dedicated to "InstaForex Loprais Team". Now you can learn more about the team, its glorious victories in large-scale contests, hard working days and leisure time on "instaforex-loprais.com". The photos, video materials and topical news from breath-taking tournaments placed in the corresponding sections of the web-resource will take you into the world of racing and will make you feel one of the rally participants. The newly launched website will be interesting for both supporters of racers and amateurs of fast driving and powerful cars.





The idea of creating InstaForex Loprais Team was put forward by InstaForex Company in May 2011 and implemented on the basis of Tatra team. The rally truck team is led by Czech racer Ales Loprais. He was twice one of the three winners at large-scale international tournaments Dakar Rally 2007, Central Europe Rally 2008 and Silk Way Rally 2009.

In 2011 Ales won Silk Way Rally as an "InstaForex Loprais Team" racer. This victory is particularly remarkable as we managed to be the first among many-year leaders of Silk Way and Dakar - Kamaz Master team.

One of the most important events for any racer is expected in early 2012 - Dakar Rally which is to be partaken by one of the best contest participants InstaForex Loprais Team in the truck category. After Silk Way Rally victory our team is striving to achieve more impressive results in this great rally raid.

Trade and win with InstaForex!

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Guest AlexandraIFX

InstaForex at ShowFx Asia: Pushing the Boundaries Wider, Boosting Achievements!

InstaForex international broker participated in ShowFx Asia financial exposition which took place in Jakarta in July 30-31, 2011.

InstaForex booth which presented a wide range of services and offers as well as innovative technologies and projects attracted many guests. The company’s representatives were very glad to answer numerous questions of expo visitors about the company, its services, advantages and trading. Every guest had an opportunity to open a real trading account and get free $30 bonus.





Promo campaigns arranged by the broker were very popular among guests of the exhibition. The main prizes included valuable gifts and monetary bonuses.





Within the framework of ShowFx Asia EXPO which was devoted to all aspects of the financial markets brokerage companies and Forex academies held several seminars on the forex trading topics. Visitors had a chance to listen to the famous lecturers, take part in discussions and ask any questions.





InstaForex Company would like to thank all comers and clients who visited its booths, opened trading accounts and participated in drawings. We hope to see you again at the exhibitions organized by ShowFx Asia international exposition brand!

Photo report is available on the corporate blog.

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InstaForex – Best Broker in Asia 2011

Worldwide known InstaForex Company has been awarded with the Best Broker in Asia title for the third time by the "World Finance Awards" launched by the British publication World Finance. Victory in this prestigious nomination comes as one more approval of the company's positive development dynamics. The company’s management made the right choice selecting the Asian region for implementing its strategic ideas. Impressive InstaForex achievements in Asia prompted further development and creation of well-known brand which is in the limelight of Forex currency market as well as among the financial market members.





Presently, Asia involves the majority of direct sales offices and company's divisions. In many of them educational courses and seminars are run on a permanent basis. Having carried out accurate market researches, InstaForex experts have hammered out additional services for the Asian traders. Aside from that, the second year straight a great interest of Forex society is fueled by a distinguished "Miss InstaForex Asia" contest. All this has become possible due to a competent management policy and well-skilled approach to each activity aspect.

Getting its work on the road, the company made a stake on high-grade services and their availability for traders with any capital. Amid this, its work standards are expanding permanently. To this day, InstaForex is one of the leaders of the Asian as well as of the global brokerage services market. The company offers maximally full range of trading instruments, wide choice of different options, various educational projects and unique bonus programs. In other words, InstaForex allows no matter a newcomer or a real Forex guru to find the most suitable terms of trading and extra opportunities. The broker always follows the latest trends, changes for the better and keeps on investing in people and technologies in order to meet expectations of traders around the globe.

InstaForex turned out to be a reliable partner already for more than 350 thousands of traders from 80 countries. The number of representative branches also rises - expanding geographically the company advances the quality and efficiency of serving the international clients.

InstaForex team thanks the award organizer - the international financial magazine World Finance and every client for giving a high assessment of the company's work.

InstaForex hopes to solidify its positions in Asia and all over the world going forward for the benefit of its clients and extending its services line.

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Only in September Get Free InstaForex MasterCard!

International broker InstaForex is excited to announce its new bonus promotion: Autumn is the Season of Free InstaForex MasterCards. Only in September you can get prepaid InstaForex MasterCard free of charge! InstaForex MasterCard is a handy way to withdraw money from your trading account in any part of the world. All transactions are fully confidential. Use InstaForex card as a standard MasterCard to pay for products and services. You can always check your account balance on the Internet and replenish it on the Payoneer payment system website.

InstaForex offers the lowest fees for card maintenance (1 USD per month) and ATM cash withdrawal (1.65 USD in the U.S. and 3 USD in other countries). The debit card is valid for three years and has the overall balance limit of 12 500 USD and cash withdrawal limit of 2500 US per day.





If you have several trading accounts you can use InstaForex MasterCard to withdraw money from all of them!

To get InstaForex MasterCard go to Client Cabinet on our website and fill in the Application form.

Get free InstaForex MasterCard right now!

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Super-Fresh Campaign "Best Trading, Luxury Driving" by InstaForex!

The international broker InstaForex is happy to announce launching of a new super campaign "Best Trading, Luxury Driving" with the grand prize - an auto of premium class - Porsche Cayenne.





As usual, InstaForex Company is developing the line of contests and campaigns targeted to establish the model of certain co-operation between a broker and a trader where trading with InstaForex is not only an effective working, but also an entertaining test of your luck involving no risks. After two seasons of InstaForex autos raffling, two clients of the company have already become the owners of an offroadster Hummer H3 and of a sport car Lotus Elise. Lotus Evora and Porsche Cayenne are waiting for you! Do not miss the chance!

"Best Trading, Luxury Driving" campaign will last since 8 September, 2011 until May 31, 2013. Thus, in less than two years, one of InstaForex clients will obtain the keys to a brand-new Porsche Cayenne. Traditionally, the winner of Porsche Cayenne will be chosen at random via a transparent mechanism of the prize-taker determination using the "Porsche Number".

To get enrolled in the raffling of Porsche Cayenne you need to fulfill the only condition of the campaign - upload your InstaForex trading account with the amount of above 1,500 U.S. dollars (for InstaForex Club Card holders - 1,000 U.S. dollars) and register at page of the campaign. We would like to remind you that the quantity of accounts is not restricted, open as many accounts with the initial deposit of 1,500 USD as you wish, thus increasing the opportunity to win Porsche by two, five, ten etc. times!

Then you just need to conduct your usual trading on forex market with the best trading conditions provided by InstaForex Company, receive your profit and wait for the moment when the "Porsche Number" will match your trading account.

Find out the details of the campaign terms and conditions at the official page of "Best Trading, Luxury Driving". Moreover, right away you can estimate your chance for success in the campaign "Best Trading, Luxury Driving" following the link to "Calculate your chances of winning Porsche Cayenne".

Your Trading Powered by InstaForex, Your Driving Powered by Porsche!

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InstaForex - Gold Sponsor of Forex & Investments Summit 2011

The international broker InstaForex became the official Gold Sponsor of the ninth exhibition Forex & Investments Summit held on November 15-16 in Abu Dhabi. The status Gold Sponsor is an honor as well as a responsibility for InstaForex, because a high status of the exhibition Forex & Investments Summit is acknowledged by all participants of the financial market. We are glad that the organizers of the expo Forex & Investments Summit and the international broker InstaForex became partners arranging this event.





Forex & Investments Summit is one of the most recognized financial exhibitions in the world. Annually Forex & Investments Summit gathers leading representatives of the financial sector around the globe. Traditionally, the majority of participants and guests of the expo will be representing currency and other investment markets.

At the exhibition Forex & Investments Summit awards in 19 categories will be handed in, including such as "Best Forex Broker", "Best PAMM Broker", "Best Retail Broker" etc.

We invite guests related to financial markets to visit this remarkable event, that will be of interest to all of you.

InstaForex и Forex & Investments Summit 2011 are looking forward to see you!

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A Blessed Eid al-Adha!

InstaForex Company extends the best greetings to our Muslim customers on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha holiday!

Here came the holy festival we all have longed for. May Eid al-Adha bless the people, bring salvation to the poor and the needy, and peace and prosperity to the mankind, and show us the Right Path!





Welfare you deserved is the best welfare. A friend reminiscent of Allah is the best friend. May you enjoy a blessed Eid al-Adha! May the years to come be holy and happy, healthy and wealthy for you and your dear ones!


Kind regards,InstaForex Company



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Guest AlexandraIFX

InstaForex Trading Platform for iPhone and iPad

InstaForex international broker is glad to introduce its customers and partners to a new iPhone and iPad version of the InstaForextrading platform. The new InstaForex development will enable easy and comfortable Forex trading on Apple gadgets!





A strategic priority of InstaForex Company is innovative trading technologies designed to meet the most sensitive demands of InstaForex customers. Comfortable trading will be ensured by the innovative mobile version of the InstaTrader trading platform developed by the best specialists of the international broker.

Keeping a full functionality of the standard version, the mobile trading platform opens new horizons for Forex trading. You will be able to execute orders, get market quotes on major currency pairs, crosses and world stock indices, as well as carry out technical analysis.

Moreover, a user-friendly InstaTrader interface enables easy setting of pending orders, while the Instant Execution technology provides rapid orders execution. Visit InstaForex official website to download InstaTrader trading platform for iPhone and iPad for free.

Wherever you are, you are with InstaForex!

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InstaForex wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





InstaForex broker international team sincerely wishes all clients, partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope this year was successful for you and brought you a lot of positive emotions. We believe the next year will be even happier and more successful for you and your loved ones.

The year 2011 was full of growth and new achievements for InstaForex Company. This year the number of our clients increased greatly, which supports the chosen path of business development that we have stuck to since the beginning. As previous years, 2011 was the one to introduce new services appreciated by our traders from all over the world. Besides our clients, the company's achievements were recognized by independent experts within various financial awards and exhibitions. The year 2011 was very fruitful for awards of all kinds for InstaForex Company: "The Best Broker in Asia" – World Finance Awards 2011, "The Best Forex Broker in Retail Market" - Jordan EXPO 2011 and Forex & Investment Summit 2011, "The Best Retail Broker" - European CEO Awards 2011.

We have achieved all this only due to you and our other clients. Only together we can conquer new heights each year. In its turn InstaForex Company promises to stay your faithful partner and assistant in the year 2012.

InstaForex team wishes you professional development, positive forecasts, favourable trend and considerable profit in the forthcoming year. Despite 2012 being the year of the Dragon, any trader knows each year is the year of the Bull and the Bear. Jokes aside, let good luck accompany you and let everyone around inspire you for big achievements.

New Year with InstaForex!

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"Rally FX-1": the spirit of victory chooses the favorite!

The first season of the unique "Rally FX-1" tournament for the fastest traders is coming to the end! Many InstaForex customers tried themselves as Forex racers during 2011, the best racers got deserved awards and immortalized their names on the red and white podium! Today we invite everybody who had not time to even the score to take part in a final stage of this unique contest; everybody who wants to get a great supply of adrenalin for the New Year holidays; everybody whose aim is getting a personal speed record to the only in the world Forex race circuit! And now let us introduce and congratulate the winners of the recently finished contest stages.

The winners of the December 16th contest:

1 place – Maxim Vezhevych (8756729) - 500 USD

2 place – Natalya Kortak (8758320) - 400 USD

3 place – Andrey Kiselev (8767701) - 300 USD

4 place – Abdusavar Rashidov (8763769) - 200 USD

5 place – Konstantin Kozlov (8767650) - 100 USD

The winners of the December 23rd contest:

1 place – Nikolay Sadzhekliev (8773762) - 500 USD

2 place – Alina Afanasyeva (8781660) - 400 USD

3 place – Denis Afanasyev (8779500) - 300 USD

4 place – Vladimir Shukshin (8773166) - 200 USD

5 place - Khoe Ferry Pranoto (8782130) - 100 USD

Do not miss the chance to take part in the final stage of the "Rally FX-1" contest in 2011 - celebrate the New Year 2012 as a winner, and, as the old legend says, the spirit of victory will not leave you during the next year!

Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of the finalists

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ForexCopy - an innovation in the world of trading


InstaForex international broker is happy to introduce an innovative service - the ForexCopy system which allows copying trades of successful forex traders in a real time mode.

The ForexCopy system is an InstaForex product that has no analogues on the brokerage market. This service is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it does not imply investment in profit sharing projects. Secondly, orders that have been copied are executed immediately. Thirdly, followers can choose currency pairs and trading instruments to copy trades on and enjoy subtle settings of volume of trades copied. ForexCopy members are traders who allow others to follow their trading, i.e. to copy trades from their accounts, and followers who have activated the service of automatic trades copying in Client Cabinet.

As ForexCopy trader, you can have a commission for rendering this service to followers. Payments are calculated and credited to ForexCopy traders automatically. You can set a fixed payment rate for each day followed or for each trade copied. Otherwise, you can receive the commission equal to part of profit gained by followers after closing the trades copied. Once the registration with the system has been passed and the settings have been customized, the system functions automatically: followers choose you in themonitoring list and copy your trades, while the system ensures the commission crediting.

As ForexCopy follower, you can automatically copy trades of professional traders on certain currency pairs and trading instruments. InstaForex Company provides followers with comprehensive statistical data on trading of every ForexCopy member for them to choose traders. You can also customize adjustments for each trader, including choosing a volume of trades to copy, selecting currency pairs and trading instruments to copy trades on and setting the daily limit of copying. You can start copying trades right after you have chosen a trader in the monitoring list.

ForexCopy - the best services for InstaForex customers!

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FX-1 Rally: Reality or Fantasy?

Everybody has his personal idea of real and fantastic methods of earning in the present-day world. At the same time, traders have their own idea of making profit on Forex market. The overwhelming majority considers the idea of making profit on the financial markets without any investments to be unreal. They accept the necessity of significant investments, high risk, and spending much time. The customers of InstaForex Company, the best broker in Asia, adhere to the contrary opinion. InstaForex has already broken these stereotypes offering new opportunities for traders to earn more. Thus, taking part in the FX-1 Rally contest, every participant has a chance to earn up to five hundred US dollars for only one working Friday without any risk to his own money enjoying the competition and adrenalin. Wouldn’t it be enough to spend the whole weekend in a good mood?

So let us introduce and congratulate the winners of the last Friday race:

1 place – Nadezhda Farrakhova (8821332) - 500 USD

2 place – Nikita Pyadukhov (8820353) - 400 USD

3 place – Anatoliy Astashin (8809927) - 300 USD

4 place – Leonid Boborik (8809274) - 200 USD

5 place – Dmitriy Doroganov (8821560) - 100 USD

Take part in InstaForex contests and campaigns - efface the boundary between reality and fantasy!

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InstaForex Company Will Take Part in the ShowFx Asia Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO 2012


international broker invites you to visit its stand at a Forex exhibition under the ShowFx Asia international exhibition brand. The event will be held in the luxury Suntec City exhibition center in Singapore on February 10-11, 2012.



Major brokers as well as banks, investment companies, dealing centers, software developers and education centers will take part in the Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO. Representatives of the Forex community will tell you about current intramarket trends, introduce innovative developments of Forex trading and present thematic books, etc. All guests of the Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO will be able to visit thematic seminars as well as held interesting conversations with other traders and Forex experts and take part in entertainments.Moreover, the company prepared a gift for every visitor of its booth in amount of $50 credited to the trading account. The lucky guests will get even more money to manage on the trading account! Do not miss the chance to receive
brand products and souvenirs prepared for all the present and potential customers.


international broker is the primary sponsor of the
http://showfxasia.com/en/singapore.html?url=instaforex' rel="external nofollow">
. At the exhibition the company will introduce you to its new services and present numerous advantages of trading with
. You will have a chance to meet young and welcoming
representatives and held informal conversations with them.


We look forward to meeting you at the ShowFx Asia exhibition in Singapore on 10–11 February!


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Guest AlexandraIFX

InstaForex: results of ShowFx Asia Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO 2012

InstaForex international broker took part in a regular ShowFx Asia exhibition held in Singapore on January 10 and 11.





Within the walls of Suntec City exhibition center InstaForex presented the full range of its trading offers and innovative services. The broker's booth attracted a lot of visitors that were interested in its advantages and the latest innovative systems namely: the PAMM system with great possibilities either for investors or for managing traders; the unique ForexCopy system aimed at copying deals of successful traders; Binary Intraday Options service. It was a pleasure of employees of the company to answer all the questions of visitors and give them detailed consultations on different issues of trading with InstaForex.





Everyone who visited the broker's booth received from the company not only brand presents and souvenirs, but also $50 trading accounts. Some guests were fortunate get larger managed accounts.





The ShowFx Asia Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO 2012 was held in friendly atmosphere of constructive conversation of not only brokerage firms, educational projects and software developers, but also of the traders that took part in this event. Business program was full of seminars, master classes, meetings with professional analysts and traders. InstaForex sincerely gives thanks to organizers and guests of exhibition for active participation and hopes to meet them at the next exhibition ShowFx World in Kiev on May 18 and 19, 2012.

The photo report is available in InstaForex Official Blog.

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The number of InstaForex customers exceeds 500 000

The sixth year of work brought InstaForex international broker another landmark figure: 500 000 traders from various countries of the world have registered accounts with the Company. Such an achievement is crucially important and remarkable for any organization, regardless of its specialization. This result has been achieved by InstaForex team by working hard every day, bettering the services and offering InstaForex customers the most reliable and effective solutions on Forex. Moreover, during the last several years InstaForex Company has introduced principally new technologies and systems to its clients. We mentioned just a few of the numerous Company's advantages which have brought it half a million customers.





InstaForex team expresses gratitude to every client for high estimation of our work, quality of the comprehensive services we provide and our innovative approach. All these factors have been prerequisites to your confidence and fruitful cooperation with you on the foreign exchange market.

Presently, InstaForex international broker is one of the leaders on Forex. This fact has been proven by many awards. InstaForex Company was titled the Best broker in Asia by World Finance (2009-2011), the Best Broker in Asia at ShowFx exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia (2010 and 2011), the Best Retail FX Provider by European CEO and at Forex & Investment Summit in Abu Dhabi (2011) and so on and so forth.

Thank you for having chosen InstaForex as your broker and for being one of our 500 000 customers! We are together which means there are no unattainable goals!

Trade and earn with InstaForex!

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Guest AlexandraIFX

Forex Droid Fx Bot - InstaForex Team Member

The international broker InstaForex is happy to present a new member of its team - the first Forex robot in the world - Fx Bot, which symbolizes the company’s mission to offer the latest innovations of trading to its customers.





Fx Bot is know-how of the Russian R.Bot company, constructed on the principle of telepresence. The robot was presented at the financial exhibition arranged by ShowFX brand in Moscow in November 2011, where the project drew much attention of the audience.

Multifunctional droid of InstaForex company - being about one meter high and with three wheels - was operated by the broker's representative with Wi-Fi, it was easily moving around the hall, introducing to the visitors, being attentive while looking at the guests with the help of its video cameras - eyes and consulting them on Forex trading with demonstration of video.

You can have a chance to talk to our FxBot at one of the financial exhibitions, where InstaForex takes part and presents its latest innovations and services.

Experience the future with innovations by InstaForex!

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The system of InstaForex trading servers is the largest in the world!

InstaForex international broker is happy to inform all its customers of the second trading server for cent accounts available - InstaForex-Cent2.com. Thus, at the moment InstaForex trading system comprises as many as nine MT4 servers and one MT5 server, apart from about 50 datacenters, which makes it the biggest in the entire world.





The new server for cent accounts can be used for testing various strategies, beginners can employ it to practise trading; InstaForex-Cent2.com is very convenient in terms of volumes traded. Moreover, the new server is seen to boost the stability of trading on cent accounts: the popular InstaForex-Cent.com server came to be overloaded on several occasions. Now we can confidently state that unstable connection has no more place in the world’s widest MetaTrader system.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that on the new cent server account numbers look like this: 35XXXXX. So, all cent account numbers as always have seven symbols, with the first of them being 3.

Trade and earn with InstaForex!

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Guest AlexandraIFX

InstaForex - Best Broker in Asia by IAIR Publication

The international broker InstaForex is delighted to inform its customers about getting another award - IAIR Awards by the "Best Broker in Asia" category. This award has become the fifth international award to confirm the leading positions of InstaForex Company in the Asian region. Year by year there are more and more worldwide known and prestigious premiums acknowledging InstaForex in various categories. InstaForex team greets every similar award with a huge enthusiasm, recognizing that the very first client-oriented strategy and improvement of rendered services and facilities prompts the company to move forward steadily. It is reflected not only in InstaForex recognition as one of market’s leaders by independent premiums and publications, but in hundreds of our loyal customers, as a topmost feature.





IAIR Awards held official winners awarding in a fascinating palace in Milan Visconti Palace. This award has been arranged the second year already, gathering a great number of candidates and event guests. IAIR Awards was launched by a famous Italian business magazine "International Alternative Investment Review" and is granted to the most successful companies by 30 categories at year-end.

InstaForex Company appreciates all votes given for it and gives thanks to the IAIR Awards organizers for such an honor.

Trade and gain with InstaForex!

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Guest AlexandraIFX

Lustrous Contests by InstaForex Company

Everybody knows that in spring we suffer a shortage of vitamins and deficiency of opportunities to let off steam with the rising sun rays. And, perhaps, there is no way better for real trader to use this energy for good, other than to take part in lustrous contests of InstaForex Company!

One Million Option

Want to direct your energy for opening new opportunities on Forex? Make haste to register for this fascinating weekly contest among demo accounts, its next step is to start on April 09, and earn up to 500 USD just like Sergey Komarov from Russia did. He became a winner of the last week contest!

FX-1 Rally

You have an extra chance to use your energy for victory in a devil race next Friday 13. If you are able to win obscuring the fame of the last week finalist whose name is Angga Kusuma Aji, be sure that the powers of darkness will be keeping away from you in fear and never entrench your financial soundness!

InstaForex Sniper

Accuracy, consistency and coolheaded approach - are these your professional qualities? So essay your powers as a Forex sniper taking part in a contest scheduled for April 9-14. Shoot down the past week contest table and replace the current winner whose name is Ilya Pastukhov (Russia)!

The Fast Ride from the Best Broker

Did you dream about flying on a rocket in childhood drawing it on paper? Being a customer of InstaForex Company you have a great opportunity to become a happy owner of pure British sport car Lotus Evora, putting your name down for drawing which ends on May 25, 2012! So catch hold of your dream and feel a breathtaking speed of rocket flight!

Focus your efforts on the right thing taking part in contests and campaigns together with the best broker in Asia - InstaForex!

Learn more about contests

Photos and comments of finalists

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