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InstaForex has launched the trading server No.7

The international online broker InstaForex is happy to inform the clients and partners about launching the 7th full-scale trading server. A new server InstaForex-HongKong.com is located in Hong Kong and is designated to meet the needs of InstaForex customers and to provide faster execution of trading operations in Asia, which is extra relevant due to the constant growth of clients from the Asian region, using the services of our company for entering Forex market.

The new server in Hong Kong, like all other servers of InstaForex, has a few data centers and is able to process a huge number of deals from numerous traders irrespective of their residence. The latest server will offer a high quality and fast speed of the orders’ execution for the traders from Asia and will partially offload other six servers of the company.

Launching the 7th trading server is a sequent step of InstaForex Company on the way to improving the trading conditions and their optimizing for the needs of each and every trader. While opening the account, a client of InstaForex can manually setup the server location with respect to his/her needs and geographical position.

At the moment, the system of trading servers and data-centers of InstaForex Company includes 7 trading servers and over 25 data-centers across the world, which provide the reliable and best-quality attendance to over 300,000 customers around the globe.

We are ascertained that establishing another trading server will make your trading with InstaForex even more comfortable.

Trade and gain with InstaForex!


Hello, What about USA server? When I tried to register a new account in IFX, I found that USA server is not available for register. Why? Hongkong server came replacing USA server?

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Hello, What about USA server? When I tried to register a new account in IFX, I found that USA server is not available for register. Why? Hongkong server came replacing USA server?


I think its better for you to contact an official Instaforex representative or their live chat for this matter. You'll get a direct answer and explanations since they operate this and not us. We can only assume things. HongKong server may have replaced USA or USA server is under some tweaking for better performance before they open it for new registrations.

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Glam up your desktop: brand wallpapers from InstaForex

InstaForex international broker is glad to offer its partners, clients and guests of its official website a wide range of brand wallpaper created and implemented by the company's Design Department. Each picture in the gallery of brand InstaForex desktop wallpaper is of such a format and expansion that it fits any PC, regardless of which operating system it has and what its screen resolution is.





InstaForex desktop wallpaper is a creative choice for a forex trader and a businessman who keeps up with the current trends and prefers comfort. A convenient menu allows downloading and installing any picture quickly and free of charge. Besides, a well-chosen design of your PC desktop contributes to business mood and keeps you in up for the whole day.

InstaForex desktop wallpaper – trading in InstaForex style!

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The number of InstaForex customers exceeded 300,000

The international online broker InstaForex is proud to announce a sequent good round figure in its history. The number of customers, that have registered real trading accounts with InstaForex Company has exceeded 300,000. InstaForex team would like to express gratitude to every client of the company and to thank them for the positive assessment of our services’ quality and trading conditions, which is seen as trust to our company and gainful cooperation on Forex market.

InstaForex Company is developing dynamically offering the most comfortable trading terms and top-notch instant service to the ever-growing number of traders. We pride ourselves upon unchangeability of our principles’ and targets’ orientation on the client that is the basis for success. The authority and excellent reputation of InstaForex as a reliable partner is determined by experienced managers, united by the mission of qualitative customers' attendance.

The stimulus to continue self-progress is received from the part of our clients. It is you who we should thank for the recent implementation of new technologies - the PAMM-system, One Click Trading - the widening of special offers for the traders (such as debit InstaForex MasterCard and InstaForex Club cards), modernization of the technical facilities (7 trading servers across the world and over 20 data centers). Only for you we are holding the extraordinary campaigns (the world’s highest trading operation ever conducted) and raffling one of the two sport-cars produced by the famous British brand Lotus, the rush over which can be observed in a short video Lotus Fight.

Being a multi-sided broker, we are making provisions for our dearest clients to have all the services available on Forex market at present moment at their disposal. Our company has entered the currency market with serious intentions and for good, that is why we plan to regularly invest in further advancement.

Today InstaForex occupies leading positions in Forex industry around the globe. This fact is numerously confirmed by such awards as "The Best Forex Broker - Asia" and the Best Broker in Asia awarded by ShowFx World (2009 and 2010) and by World Finance (2009 and 2010), we are also acknowledged by such reliable international publications as "CNBC Business", "Business & Finance", "European CEO", "Public Finance" and "The Market Leader".

Thank you for having chosen InstaForex as your one and only broker and for becoming one among other 300,000 clients!

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Three months are left until Lotus Elise raffle!

InstaForex international broker is glad to inform all its customers and partners that in few months the masterpiece of British automobile industry Lotus Elise sports car will be triumphantly presented to a lucky participant of "Win Lotus from InstaForex" campaign.

It is not late for you to join the draw! Remember, what is at stake: a maneuverable and dynamic two-seat sport car with a carcass of plastic panels and double-lever brackets that make the car so easy to control and drive. Luxurious exterior, stylishly designed saloon, incredible speed - this tempting automobile is worth struggling for indeed!

All you need to do is register for "Win Lotus from InstaForex" campaign. To boost your chances, you are entitled to have several accounts for participating in the campaign. The number of trading accounts you can open for taking part in the magnificent sports car draw is unlimited!

InstaForex Company invites everyone to test their luck on "Calculate your chances of winning Lotus!" page of its official website. It also provides an opportunity to make sure that the more accounts you use in this campaign, the more you are chanced to win the major prize.


Does a Lotus car seem insufficient for you? Then you are welcome to register for "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker" draw which will result for some dear of luck in an irresistible Evora car, the standard-bearer of its producer. We offer you to watch Lotus Fight video so that you could compare these two automobile models.

The winner will be determined randomly through a transparent algorithm which implies a so-called Lotus Number. This number is to coincide with the last 5 digits of the trading account of a participant. The Lotus Number itself will be generated on May, 27, 2011. No one can foresee what it will be - neither a man, nor a computer! So each of you has all the chances to get the keys of Lotus Elise dream car!

We have already gloriously raffled the Hummer 3 off-roader among our clients. What we have ahead is the procedure of determining the owner of Lotus Evora and Lotus Elise. Take your chance! There are real cars raffled!

Feel the speed of trading with InstaForex and speed of driving with Lotus!

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Guest AlexandraIFX

Trading in unusual places - new competition by InstaForex and MT5 portal!

InstaForex Companyin partnership with MT5 forum prepared new exclusive competition for you. A trader is risky and reckless player inherently. No matter where we are, trading terminal is always in the pocket: we monitor quotations, check our predictions and news and trade! Have you ever traded in unusual places? Thus, arm with a laptop, PDA or iPod and camera, climb a mountain, dive into an ocean (photos from the space are more than welcome!!! ) and take a picture of your trading! Author of the best photo will be awarded with the pleasant prize – $1000 managed account!

Any registered member of the forum can take part in the competition. The contest lasts till April 1.

Click here to learn more.

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InstaForex Educational Seminars: a Great Tradition

InstaForex Company has been regularly holding its seminars in Malaysia so that it has already come to be a nice tradition. A wide range of the company's introducing offices together with Forex being increasingly attractive ensure all the necessary conditions for further developing this field.





This time a mini seminar and corporate lunch were held on February, 26, in one of the most beautiful cities of Malaysia - Seremban, where InstaForex Company has several offices. Apart from Seremban InstaForex representatives, the event was attended by visitors from other places, such as Johor, Kota Bahru and Shah Alam as well as some InstaForex partners.

Over 50 visitors of the seminar had a chance to ask Forex professionals their questions, listen to infomative lectures by well-known speakers Mr Hayazid (JB) and Mr Azhan (Shah Alam) and get pleasing bonuses granted by InstaForex Company.

View the photoreport at InstaForex Corporate Blog.

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"InstaForex Great Race 2011": Concluding Chord!

"InstaForex Great Race 2010" contest consisted of 4 stages and ended with a fascinating final has determined 14 the most talanted traders testing them for analytical skills, forecasting ability, market comprehension, stress resistance and studiousness. During the year the partakers were surmounting the hurdles in the form of severe market obstacles and difficult tournament conditions. Far not everone managed to handle the intensity of emotions: stopping the struggle they threw up their hands on the half-way giving the way to brave and desperate rivals. The best only have reached the finish and the real leaders deserved to achieve honorary places! Rise in applause the following heroes:

1 place - Gliga Viorel Ion (8200353) - 5000 USD

2 place - Florin Adrian Bacria (8215929) - 3000 USD

3 place - Karpov Gennady (8215881) - 2000 USD

4 place - Basarab Andrey (8177900) - 1000 USD

5 place - Sherbinin Alexey (8215380) - 1000 USD

6 place - Braginets Vasily (8179308) - 500 USD

7 place - Kalichkin Evgeny (8194502) - 500 USD

8 place - Kristina Markeviciene (8214520) - 500 USD

9 place - Demchuk Taras (8208152) - 250 USD

10 place - Rajiv Sharma (8182146) - 250 USD

11 place - Morteza Hamidlo (8177024) - 100 USD

12 place - Lobanova Yanina (8180485) - 100 USD

13 place - Ivanov Sergey (8211515) - 100 USD

14 place - Bogomolov Ivan (8188804) - 100 USD

The final stage of "Great Race" is to be really triumphal! The contest immensity confirms that: over 3000 traders have taken part in the contest, and the participation scope is quite huge: the clients from across the globe were fighting for the prize fund!

InstaForex Company apprecitaes the participation of traders and all supporters monitoring the results of favorites in the contest table. But don't be hurry to breathe freely! After a small break we will extend the range of trading contests by a new exciting competition. Follow the Company's news!

Contest statistics

Photos and comments of finalists

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Sensation! Option trading contest by InstaForex!


InstaForex international broker is happy to announce the launch of a new weekly contest held on demo account - "Million Option". This is a unique tournament: there has never been anything like it before! Now every InstaForex trader can register for "Million Option" contest and test his/her skills in option trading. It may well result in the prize of USD 100 - 500 weekly.

According to the rules, each contest participant receives 1000 rating points. He/she deals with options, bear or bull ones, on any instrument available choosing the time of opening and closing. It is worth mentioning that trading is not conducted on the MT platform: option deals are carried out in the very Client Cabinet. Once a contest is over, the winners are determined according to the biggest score.

Taking part in "Million Option" tournament by InstaForex Company you have a chance to boost your trading account without taking any risks. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to advance your professional skills and abilities in option trading.

Additionally, InstaForex Company is soon going to announce the launch of option trading on real accounts in the MT4 platform. Thus, you still have time to train option trading on a demo account within the framework of "Million Option" unique contest.

Learn more about the rules of this tournament and register for it on "Million Option" page. Registration is already in progress!

Participate in InstaForex contests and make profit!

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The third season of "InstaForex Great Race" contest is beginning


InstaForex contest department administration is happy to announce that the third season of popular trading contest "InstaForex Great Race 2011" is finally starting.

"InstaForex Great Race" contest run among demo accounts has won numerous admirers for two years of existence. Over ten thousand InstaForex clients regularly participate in monthly "Great Race" steps, improving both their trading skills and self-control.

There is no chance InstaForex Company could leave such activity unnoticed, therefore the contest prize fund was increased by $5,000 in the new 2011 season. Now annual prize fund of the contest equals to $50,400 and is drawn the same way as the previous seasons: four steps and one final round. As in 2010 season, "InstaForex Great Race 2011" contest will be held according to a "month-in-month" system. Traders can register for the upcoming step within two months: during current monthly step and in the month between contest steps.

The first step of "InstaForex Great Race 2011" contest will start May 30, 2011 and last up to June 24, 2011. Registration for the first step starts April 4, 2011. Therefore, you can enter the new season of "InstaForex Great Race" right now!

Participation in "Great Race InstaForex 2010" is an attractive opportunity for all traders to define their professional level and obtain real money prizes with zero risk. All it takes is trading on a demo account and increasing your professional level. And our responsibility is to credit prize money to trading accounts of the winners.

Participate in InstaForex contests and win!

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InstaForex Tornado - victory at any price!

InstaForex Company is a title sponsor of famous fight club InstaForex Tornado and the general partner of Grand Mix Fight league in Ukraine. For 2011 the league has planned to a series of tournaments aimed at developing this sport.

Mix Fight has become extremely popular all over the world as a spectacular and natural sport. Ukraine is not an exception - Ukrainian mix fight is developing rapidly. On April 15 Simferopol hosted the first stage of Ukraine's mix fight Championship "Grand Mix Fight & ProFC 2011". The hall of the State Circus after B.Tezikov was full of fans from all over the country! And believe us, they did not come there in vain. The audience witnessed 13 impressive fights among the best sportsmen of Ukraine. The heat of the struggle was fantastic and fans of intra-style fights got their adrenaline.





The persistence of the fighters and their endevour to win were fascinating! We are happy to announce that two fighters of InstaForex Tornado - club Andrey Prizuyk and Alexander Voytenko will partixipate in the semifinal of the Championship, which is to take place in September 2001.

The main target of such tournaments is to promote healthy lifestyle rather than popularize brute force. The call to play sports is addressed mainly to young people, who are starting to take interest in mix fighting. Besides, this is a good chance for potential mix fight stars to show their skills and reach a new international level!





Participants and visitors of the first stage of Ukraine's Mix Fight Championship mentioned high level of organization. All feedbacks to the tournament were positive and everybody is looking forward to the next competition. Mix fight fans will have a chance to see new fascinating fights on the second stage of the Championship in July.





Besides, international broker InstaForex is preparing such surprise as drawing of tickets to mix fight tournaments with the leading Ukraine’s team InstaForex Tornado.

You can find pictures from the first stage of the Championship on the official InstaForex blog .

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Guest AlexandraIFX

InstaWallet - Your Virtual Wallet with InstaForex

It may seem to you that trading with InstaForex cannot be more comfortable and easier. It is not so, indeed. The specialists of the company demonstrated again, that working on the currency market with the InstaForex broker can, in fact, become even more convenient and effective. We know, that is exactly what our clients are waiting for, and are in continuous process of improving our services, upgrading technologies and other inner business procedures. We have always considered the needs of our traders as the most essential, which allows us to keep the gained leading positions on the market.

Thus our company presents a new technical facility which every customer of the company can make use of – the system of InstaWallet. InstaWallet is a virtual wallet with InstaForex Company. Provided that you have a trading account in InstaForex, you can open a bound to it wallet. The format of the wallet will be as follows: iXXХХХ, where ХХХХХ is the number of your InstaForex trading account. For example, your trading account is 1005; consequently, the wallet will be i1005.


With InstaWallet service you can:

*transfer the money from the trading account to the wallet and vice versa.

*transfer the money from your own account to the wallet of the trader-partner.

*receive funds from other InstaForex traders.

The customers, who have several accounts under their name, will also appreciate the service of InstaWallet. For example, if you have little funds left in one of your trading accounts and enough money in the other, now you will be able to upload it with the help of InstaWallet.

You can manage your InstaWallet in the Client Cabinet. Thus, in order to make use of your InstaWallet, you do not need to keep in mind any additional passwords and pin-codes, as all services are at your disposal in the Client Cabinet!

We are happy to present a new service to you right now, which is already available to every single InstaForex client! Experience the benefits of InstaWallet system sending the funds to your friends and acquaintances!

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InstaForex: Participation Outcomes of ShowFx Asia Singapore Finance Expo 2011

The international broker InstaForex joined the financial exhibition ShowFx Asia yet again which took place in Singapore on May 7-8, 2011. In the exhibition area of presentable Suntec Convention Center InstaForex Company brought to public the whole spectrum of its offers and services. The company's stand captured attention of many people who were highly concerned with the broker's advantages and its innovative services. The company's staff was answering the questions of guests with pleasure giving detailed consultations of various trading aspects with InstaForex.





Each who visited the company's stand was getting booklets and brochures, and someone was lucky to obtain precious prizes. Within the promo-campaigns the broker was raffling money bonuses for trading accounts, iPhone, iPad and tablet computer Samsung Galaxy Tab.





In general, the exhibition devoted to all aspects of working on financial markets has become a comfortable place for constructive dialogues between the brokerage companies representatives, education projects, developers of specialized program software and traders. Business exhibition programme was full of seminars and master-classes carried out by guru of on-line trading. A hot polemics was caused by reports on topical issues of companies-partakers - among those there were employees of InstaForex Company.





InstaForex gives great thanks to organizers and guests of exhibition for active participation in arrangements and hopes to meet at the next ShowFx Asia exhibition in Jakarta on July 30-31, 2011.

To view the photoreport on the exhibiton, please, visit InstaForex corporate blog.

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"Secure VIP Zone Ticket for Ultimate Fights" campaign has started

InstaForex international company, the general sponsor of "Grand Mix Fight 2011" contests invites its clients to take part in the "Secure VIP Zone Ticket for Ultimate Fights" campaign! The winners of the first campaign step will get the tickets to a spectacular mix fight show in Simferopol! Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy yourself! On June 18 the second step of Ukraine mix fight cup will take place at Simferopol State Circus. Famous fighters, breathtaking battles, fascinating light and sound, high level of organization – all these features will prove to be unforgettable indeed!





The tickets for two to the VIP zone of the audience hall will be presented to three traders. You have all the chances to become one of them. The tickets are not the only gift: you will also have a hotel room paid for by InstaForex Company for the day of the contest! Moreover, the winners of the draw will have USD 500 bonuses credited to their accounts, InstaForex branded baseball caps and a T-shirts!

Every client of the Company can have a bonus of USD 500 accrued on his/her account for sending 10 photos with an InstaForex T-shirt on.

In order to partake in the draw, replenish your trading account with a sum not less than USD 300 and pass the registration procedure on the campaign page. The campaign rules allow registering several trading accounts by one participant. Boost your chances to go to Simferopol!

The fellows lucky to have the tickets will be determined randomly with the help of so-called Tornado number. You can see how it is formed here. The account with the last three digits coinciding with the Tornado number will bring luck to its holder! You have every chance to attend the second step of Ukraine Cup and enjoy the breathtaking show! Don’t waste your time! Register for the campaign held by InstaForex!

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Campaigns and Contests Administration of international broker InstaForex is glad to inform all its clients and partners about launching a new contest for demo-accounts "FX-1 Race". The competition will be run weekly within 24 hours from Friday 01:00 to 01:00 Saturday.

If you like the drive of high-speed and breath-taking trading together with monetary prizes, then "FX-1 Race" is meant for you. The racing track of InstaForex Company contest is a chance for each trading account holder to demonstrate his professionalism. As everything required is to trade more efficient than other partakers! The best 5 traders who are to cross the final straight with the biggest amount on a trading account will share the fame and prize in the amount of 1500 USD.

The nearest Forex-contest "FX-1 Race" will take place on June 3-4, 2011, meanwhile, you can enroll yourself in and become a participant of a catching race. Besides, taking part in the competition you do not bear any risk, on the contrary, you get a priceless trading experience. You just have to trade and obtain reward for professionally fulfilled duties.

Detailed information about the competition is available on the Contest Rules page.

Be on board and reach the top with InstaForex!

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Only few hours left until Lotus Elise is raffled!

InstaForex international broker reminds its clients and partners that today we know the name of the owner of Lotus Elise sports car.

You only have few hours to join the Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign! Hurry up! It is not every day that you have a chance to be given a dream car!

Luxurious exterior, smooth lines, tough temper, carcass of aluminum and double-lever brackets, sports compound – this tempting automobile inspires you love at first sight. Just one short ride is enough to fall in love with this two-seat sports car forever. Several seconds are sufficient for the roadster to develop the speed of two hundred kilometers per hour. It is maneuverable too: the car is easily managed at turns. High speed yet ultimate safety –sounds like a dream of each auto enthusiast, doesn’t it?

So, who will become a happy owner of the luxurious sports car? No one can tell for sure. The roadster’s keys will be presented to the owner of the account with the last digits coinciding with Lotus Number. It will be automatically generated on the basis of major currency rates at 23:59 on May 27, 2011. In order to partake in the contest, please replenish your account with an amount over USD 1000 and register it for the campaign on InstaForex website. You may well be destined to win!

To boost your chances, you are entitled to have several accounts for participating in the campaign. You can check your chances on Calculate your chances of winning Lotus! Page of InstaForex website.

Lotus Evora is another sports car raffled by InstaForex Company within the framework of the The Fast Ride from the Best Broker campaign. Which is more gorgeous: glossy Evora or hot-tempered Elise? We offer you to watch Lotus Fight video so that you could compare these two automobile models and decide on which is better.

Go ahead and participate in InstaForex campaigns to win the best cars. Last year we gloriously raffled the Hummer H3 off-roader to a trader from Saint-Petersburg. Now it is your turn to get the car keys!

Take your chance on supercars raffled by InstaForex!

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Long-awaited Event! InstaForex Declares the Happy Winner of Sportcar Lotus Elise!

InstaForex Company is glad to announce the glorious finish of the year-long "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign. On May 27 at 23:59 the long-awaited Lotus number was registered: 67221. It is the number that determined the winner of the "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign and gave him the keys of the new Lotus Elise sports car.

In accordance with the Lotus number, the leader of the "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign is Nazri Bin Zainuri from Malaysia. The number of his trading account is 7067221, so its five last digits fully coincide with the Lotus number - 67221.

At the moment the campaign administrators have been attempting to reach the happy owner of the gorgeous sports car by all the contact means available to discuss the details of presenting him the main prize of the campaign - Lotus Elise. What will be the choice of the winner: Lotus or USD 75000 credited to his trading account? The intrigue is growing more and more enthralling! Keep an eye on upcoming releases on the fate of InstaForex Lotus Elise.

The other participants of the "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign should not be upset. Just go for another exciting campaign "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker". The main prize of this campaing Lotus Evora sports car will be given to the leading participant just in two months! Additionally, InstaForex Company is glad to announce that all the trading accounts involved in "Win Lotus with InstaForex" yet unfavoured by luck are automatically registered for "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker".

There are more to come! We will soon reveal another pleasant surprise for InstaForex luck chasers. Stay tuned to our publications and releases.

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Guest AlexandraIFX

InstaForex Loprais Team: the New "Dakar" Favourite

InstaForex international broker is happy to inform its clients and partners of having formed its own rally team "InstaForex Loprais Team" which is to partake in the fabulous Dakar Rally raids.

The contract on the new team was signed by member of the family of Dakar Rally champions Ales Loprais and InstaForex deputy director Dmitry Savchenko. This is the landmark in the history of both InstaForex Company and the Loprais family. Following the birth of "InstaForex Tornado" mix fight team, InstaForex family has been celebrating the appearance of its own rally team, so professional and ambitious!





"InstaForex Loprais Team" was not started from scratch - it is based on all-time participant of Dakar Rally Tatra team, which is a strong prerequisite to "InstaForex Loprais Team" leadership from the very first raids. "InstaForex Loprais Team" sports experience in combination with its principle to always achieve the set goals are true driving forces of the team which will undoubtedly bring it to glorious victories in Dakar Rally and many other raids.

InstaForex Company calls its clients and partners for more profound discovering of such cutting edge sports type as Dakar Rally raids and for supporting the new team of leaders "InstaForex Loprais Team". The future has many victories and surprises in store for "InstaForex Loprais Team"! Keep up with news releases on the newly-formed team.

Cheer for with InstaForex, win with InstaForex!

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Long-awaited Payoff of Forex Chase after Lotus Elise

Not too long ago the awaited Lotus number was registered and the winner of the main prize of "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign new Lotus Elise sort car. We remind that the Lotus Number (67221) registered on May 27 at 23:59 fully coincided with five last digits of the trading account owned by Nazri Bin Zainuri from Malaysia (7067221). However, in accordance with the campaign rules the winner could either choose the car, or $75 000 on his trading account. The waiting was intriguing. Lady Luck’s favourite weighed all pros and cons and informed InstaForex contest and campaign administration that he decided to choose the money. Once again we congratulate Nazri Bin Zainuri and wish him effective trading on Forex market with bigger sums and luck while participating in other contests and campaigns by InstaForex. In the nearest time we will publish the interview with the winner of "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign. Follow our news releases.





It is also worth reminding that we have ten prize winners of "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign whose trading account numbers were close to the Lotus number, but did not coincide with it. All ten prize winners get $200 from InstaForex on their accounts.

7067361 Vitaliy Kalinkin

7067328 Zahari bin mat daud

167304 Jung Hyun Park

7067266 Araik Shirinyan

7067251 Ab Hamid Omar

7067211 Muhammad Hatta Abd Hamid

7067092 Andrey Bakhin

166972 Andrey Chepurnoy

7066534 Arkadiy Golovchenko

166412 László Csajbók

Those participants of "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign who did not win the main prize should not be upset, they can continue participating in exciting draw of Lotus Evora sport car that will be raffled in one year. Moreover, InstaForex Company is happy to announce that all the non-winning accounts that participated in "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign automatically become participants of "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker" campaign. You will definitely get lucky next year.

Participate and win InstaForex contests!

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"InstaForex Tornado": Storm of Emotions!

People are always attracted by the incomparable brightness and staginess of the ultimate fights. The battle of two fighters, two characters, arises the storm of emotions. Each of them wants to be the winner and is ready to pay for it with pain and blood. InstaForex Company being the general sponsor of "InstaForex Tornado" Fight Club and the general partner of "Grand Mix Fight 2011" tournaments in Ukraine raffled 3 tickets for 2 people each among its clients within the "Secure VIP Zone Ticket for Ultimate Fights" campaign! The winners were determined in a random way using the transparent algorithm of so-called Tornado-number which was registered at 23:59 (UTC+3) on June 3, 2011: 447.

So whose account was closer to the Tornado-number? And here they come!

7098428 - Arun Somnath Taskar

3030466 - Konstantin Kopilov

7088467 - Vyacheslav Kovtutskiy

InstaForex Company warmly thanks all the participants of the campaign and sincerely congratulates the winners!

InstaForex - the choice of the winner!

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