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Would you like to double, or even triple your investment?...

At Last! You Can! At Easiest Invest You Can Quickly Double Your Money, or a Little Slower...Triple it!


When you become a member you pay $1 into our system and your name will be placed at the bottom of our list.

Where your money goes

35% goes to pay off the top member of our list, once they have doubled their money they are removed from the list and everyone else moves up.

10% goes to pay your sponsor a bonus for introducing you to our program!

5% is taken by the admin to help pay for the upkeep of the site....

But, what about the other 50%? That's the 'kicker'!

The other 50% of your money is taken and invested in a variety of fields.

If you spend more than 10 days on our list and still haven't doubled your money we will remove you from the list and place you in a different list. The members here will be paid from the interest of our investments - and they will be paid TRIPLE their investment!

Simply you cannot loose, either you will double your money quickly, or you will triple it slowly.

Each position costs just $1 but upon reaching the setup screen, you will have the opportunity to increase THE NUMBER OF POSITIONS you have in the line. For every position you have, you'll double your money!


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      Hi Members  
      I'm not Admin here.
      New Investment Program

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      I'm not Admin here.
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      Bitcoin-oasis is a new startup company in bitcoin investments. We have over 30+ successful transactions and 16 happy customers. We offer 3 free/non-register plans. If you register we offer you 10% profit increase!
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      Plan 1: Min deposit 0.005 - Max 10 BTC Time 100h bonus 200%
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