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This is an Arbitrage Betting Pool that has different earnings for different plans.

I personally started with the 6% weekly over 90 days ago, and have been paid faithfully ever since. So that's my personal testimonial smile.gif

Here's my link and more info about the program below it:


"Since October of 2006, Goldnuggetinvest or GNI has been helping our members to earn a steady second income by joining our Arbitrage Betting Pool. Read on how to generate a tax-free* income with our system without any strings attached and NO RISK involved.

Participation starts with as little as $20 for our Daily Variable program or $50 for our more profitable Weekly Fixed program.

Our Daily Variable program is paying a daily profit between 0.7 - 1.1% paid from Monday to Friday, while our Weekly Fixed program is paying a fixed weekly profit of 6%. (You can calculate your profits here.) Profits are paid to your GNI account balance within our system and can be withdrawn to your payment processor 24/7."

So that's just a little info. from the front page.

You should go to the site and check it all out yourself.

I'm very careful about what I advertise, and they have done

a very good job in the 90 days that I've been a member.







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GoldenNugget Invest looks like it is a betting pool and it does not say investments are guaranteed, that I can find... and GoldenNugget has been around and paying for awhile...


RipOffReport: anyone can make any post there and it is not validated...

Blogspots: anyone can make a Blog...

The links that you give are posted by you...

This is not classified as proof...

If you post like this again, you will be given a warning...

No one is allowed to slam anyone or site without actual proof...

{screenshots of what you are saying has been done or not done}

Freedom of speech, does not give anyone the right to infringe upon the rights of others...


Members need to understand We at Top Gold Forum do not allow opinions that infringe upon the rights of others...

So if you are going to give a harmful opinion, SHOW valid proof, or a warning will be given to you...

Hope this is plain enough to understand... NO Trouble makers here...

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Well all I can say is that I've been PAID every cent I ever asked for from GNI.

But then again, I support the site and don't holler that nasty S word :D

Yes I'm in profit now and my funds keep growing.

TY Skylady for your support also.

Can't believe someone created a username just for that post.

Have a good day all !! :thumbsup:




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Telling and showing the members a program pays, helps them know if it is what they want to do...

So Thank you blondie for sharing with us, I know you keep a pretty close eye on programs you're in or monitoring, so I wasn't concerned... but all complaints need to be inspected {checked out} out and this complaint didn't pass inspection...

" Can't believe someone created a username just for that post. "

My thought also... pretty rude and uncalled for... If another post is put in here, more than likely that member will be banned, unless he apoligizes for his slandering remarks and asks for a username change...

Members MUST understand, if they play a game, it is Their Choice, no one forces them... win or lose...

Just "Play Safe" folks...

skylady :)

Also, if the site doesn't come up the first time, just REFRESH IT, until it does...

only took one refrsh for me...

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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GNI is still my number one pick. Although I have not requested payout yet, I have every confidence in them. I made a substantial deposit (for me!) via bank wire 11 weeks ago. One more week of compounding and I will have doubled my funds. Time to withdraw, if only our Aussie $ would drop back to 76cUS, as it was when I deposited! Lose about $260 if I withdraw now, as the only way out is via bank wire, direct to my Aussie account.

Will let you all know how that goes, when the time comes.




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Oh Wow!

Just realized I haven't posted here in a long time.

Sorry about that.

I have been getting paid Weekly from GNI for

a couple of months now.

Will be adding to my account soon so that the

weekly payments can increase a little.

Looks good from where I sit :)




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Goldnuggetinvest -edited

Total Edit: no proof, or our Researchers would have found it...

Do not post again... skylady



Edited - skylady

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Dxxn Gerry, you must have pxxxed them off. I have been looking for scam reports on GNI for over 2 years and yours is the only one I can find. I find it hard to believe that you lost $1450 with this company. If it were a scam, it seems they are not ready to pull the plug just yet, so it would be stupid of them to beat only you out of $1450. Sorry, I do not believe your story.


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So who's Gerry?

Maybe I didn't read back far enough :P

I just wanted to say that I've been with GNI for almost 10 months now and don't have one thing to complain about.

My deposits are always instantly added, my payouts are sent in a day or two, and my account is building very nicely with the profits that I've earned.

So what's the problem?

A good running program is hard to find, isn't it?

Cheers :ice:




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Must say I love their new script :thumbsup:

Once I learn how to navigate around the new

back office .. it'll be even better.

I've been a satisfied customer here for

well over 10 months now and am looking

forward to a long happy future.




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PAYING!!!!!Received profits as per request. This program is paying all the time . No problems in that area.Thanx admin. Very good job.


SolidTrust Pay - Your Money, Your Way!

*** Great News ! ***

You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust

Pay member!

Keep this email as your receipt.

From STPay username: GNI

Transaction Number: 269340748

Amount: USD 9.00

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Excellent program! Never misses payment.


From STPay username: GNI - Transaction Number: 269349406 -Amount: USD 9.00

GNI Newsletter November 20, 2009


Fri, November 20, 2009 1:53:12 PM

Greetings to all of our Friends at GNI:

It's been an "exciting" week for all of us at GNI; with issues, trials and tribulations affecting the entire spectrum of the users from admin to customer. No doubt it would have been nice to avoid some of the theatrics, however, they happened so now we pick up the pieces and move forward.

1. The New Script - We hope you have enjoyed the new script which was recently installed. For those of you who either have been sleeping or have not had access to the latest happenings at GNI, we recently upgraded the GNI scripting software to Shadowscripts (SS) in pursuit of better security, improved "user-friendliness," enhanced capabilities and dedicated support.

While we have had some "hiccups," by and large we are very pleased with the migration process and the overall decision to go with SS. Should anyone have any ideas or viable improvements, feel free to submit your suggested changes to [email protected] and CC [email protected]. We'll take all proposed enhancements under consideration.

2. E-Currency / Payment Processor Issues / Update - Since the latter part of the week ending November 14th, we identified a disparity in our distribution of and holdings of our e-currency.

Specifically, we had a disparity - having a bit more Strictpay and a bit less STPay. The introduction of the new, in-house exchanger was eliminated as the cause of this disparity.

Regardless, we were compelled to work towards creating a workable and stable E-currency / PP Management process and took the necessary steps to do so.

First up was the decision to modify the exchanger allowing those persons who made E-Wallet purchases with STPay the opportunity to swap these deposits with other PP funds we use, at no cost.

Although it was never our intention to compel members to subscribe to a PP they did not want otherwise use, we became anxious recognizing we may not be able to meet our standard 24-48 hour turnaround time for STP withdrawals.

One final apology to those of you who felt obligated, as a result of our initial News Page to swap your deposits, e-wallet and cash balances from STP to another PP.

In our attempt to rectify this situation, we have devised a seemingly simple procedure outlined below, which will allow you to switch these deposits back to STPay at no cost. In the meantime, we have lifted all STP restrictions as we find our decision has indeed had the desirable affect.

3. Reversing Your swapped STP Deposits back to STP - The following procedure will allow us to swap your newly converted funds back to STPay:

3.1. Obtain the Deposit ID # the system assigned to your transaction. This can be located in your "my deposits" in your GNI Back Office.

(Note: We do not want or need, nor can we use the "Transaction ID." This is a different identifier and is not what we are looking for.)

3.2. Accurately transfer the Deposit ID # into an email. In this email please put the following information:

a. Your GNI UserID name.

b. Your GNI UserID number

c. The Deposit ID #

d. The amount of the deposit; and,

e. The currency / pp you changed this deposit to

3.3. Send the email to the following email address:

[email protected]

Within 48 hours (likely much sooner), assuming you have followed these instructions properly, your deposit will be swapped back to STPay. There will, of course, be no fee for this transaction.

4. New Account / Email Changes - When requesting to add a new PP, change a current PP account number / identifier or you wish to change your GNI registered Email address, there are specific procedures that have been established. Please contact support through your back office Support Ticket Menu. Debbie is coordinating these changes with the entire process taking between 2-3 calendar days to complete.

5. Update in RE: Bank / Wire Transfer - Yesilada Bank - We have confirmed the cause of member / GNI owned funds which have been frozen at Yesilada Bank in Northern Cyprus. As we understand it, an unknown perpetrator successfully scammed a group of German, Austrian and Swiss Nationals out of their funds. The total amount stolen was quite significant and the perpetrator has not, at this time, been caught. As a result, German officials at AKBank in Frankfurt have successfully frozen all assets currently held by Yesilada until the investigation has concluded.

How long this will take and when will funds be "unfrozen" is not currently known. We have confirmed, however, that Yesilada Bank IS NOT currently in receivership and we all hope it stays this way.

There is NOTHING we can do to assist those of you whose funds are frozen, nor for ourselves whose situation mirrors that of yours.

6. Charitable Giving for the Holidays - We are narrowing our search to select a charitable cause that our loyal and generous GNI membership can throw its weight behind. We'll provide further details in the upcoming week(s).

We wish to thank our loyal friends and members of GNI for the continued trust in what we do and are doing. We strive to avail ourselves as much as reasonably possible. Please remember to use the Ticket System in your back office when request assistance from the GNI Support Team.

Finally, remember to pay your civil obligations if the are owed (taxes) and that there are ALWAYS people in this world who are both less fortunate and desperately need your financial assistance. Seek them out and give generously.


GNI Administration and Support

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Got my payment as usual, thank you admin and keep up.


Yep, me too.

I've been in GNI almost a year now and have never

had any problem with payments or otherwise.

Happy Happy :)




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