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How You Can Make Autopilot Profits With Minimal Effort

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Hello everyone! My name is CJ Johnson and I own AutoblogsForSale.com. With all the changes that have happened with search engine rankings in Google, many are left wondering if there's still money to be made with Autoblogging The answer is yes...if it's done right!

Of course, long gone are the days where duplicate content on a spammy looking site is going to have any hope of getting ranked, but if you offer the search engines a variety of original, niche specific content that's SEO with niche related affiliate products and advertisements, then your Autoblog can get ranked, and more importantly you can make money.

When building an Autoblog the following has to be taken into consideration:

Picking a niche topic that has good keyword traffic and low to medium competition.

Using a search engine friendly platform to build your Autoblog such as Wordpress, and making sure you install the right plug-ins to automate your posting with a variety of relevant, original content that's SEO.

Monetizing your blog by providing your readers with affiliate products and ads that are targeted to your niche.

Letting the search engines know about your content through traffic promotion strategies such as pinging your posts (something Wordpress does automatically) and bookmarking.

Being a provider of Premium Wordpress Niche Autoblogs, I understand that for many people researching and building an attractive Autoblog from scratch can be a very daunting task, and if not done right, may not generate any profit. If you want to start profiting from Autoblogging right away, then purchasing pre-built Autoblogs is an alternative option.

Auto-blogging for 2012 and beyond is about regularly posting a variety of valuable niche related content that's been improved upon in its delivery, and brought together in one convenient place that your visitors can come back to time and time again for all their niche related purchases.

So feel free to contribute to this forum asking any questions or even providing your own tips and advice and help if you too have knowledge of auto-blogging

Best of luck in all your money making endeavours!

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