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If you're like most people, you don't know. The reason is because these webmasters are so slick with their sales pitches. Keep reading though, and you'll find out how to smoke out the scammers.


You do know however that people are making a great living every day from home with Internet businesses. You probably even know some of these people. I'm one of them in fact.

And believe me, there is absolutely no reason why you can't create a very profitable Internet business yourself.

That's what you're searching for right now, and I have good news for you. You can! And it's not that difficult.

You see, here's the problem: the scammers out there mess everything up for you. You probably suspected that most of the business opportunities on the Internet today are scams. You are absolutely right about that.

They leave you with nothing, not even knowing how to ask for the refund they promised.

Most of the other 10% are of limited value (although the idea behind them is sound--I'll explain later what I mean).

The reason that 90% of them are scams is because Internet Business scamming is wildly successful. Worldwide, over 400,000 people--people just like you--search the Internet every day for a way to make more money. And there are hundreds of greedy webmasters out there ready to grab them with flashy websites and fool them into buying their scam work-from-home business.

You don't have to guess anymore. I'm going to help you find what you're looking for and I will NEVER charge you a penny for it. Let me repeat that. I am not selling anything. All you get from me is the truth about which businesses are scams and which are not.

I've done the research. I know the scams. I have helped literally thousands of people find just the right work at home solution for themselves. I know which business models work on the Internet and which ones don't. And I'm telling.

I have been evaluating Internet home business models for almost as long as they have been around. I'm telling you with 100% honesty, that at least 9 out of 10 of them are scams. At least!

But you don't have to fall into their traps. Before you buy into a home business opportunity, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth.

Fact: There are some websites that offer legitimate Internet business models.

Fact: There are hundreds of webmasters out there who trick people into buying into their scam business.

Fact: At best, you have a 1 in 10 chance to find a legitimate money making business (because over 90% are scams).

Fact: It is incredibly easy to put together an ebook and sell it on the Internet. Anyone can call themselves an expert and offer to sell you their secret system for $49 (today only!).

Fact: Most people who buy a scam never ask for refund. The reason is because they don't remember how, or they get busy and forget about it.

Fact: The "rich" webmaster puts pictures of cars, homes, yachts, pools, etc. on their website. Do you think they really own these? Not likely.

Fact: Testimonials are most often fabricated. Even though this is highly illegal, no one ever takes the time and effort to prosecute for this kind of fraud, so webmasters get away with it.

Fact: Your money is valuable, but your TIME is far more valuable.

That last point is crucial. You just don't have the time to waste. You could spend your $49 on that home business ebook, but you will never get back the time it took you to read it and figure out that it wasn't going to work. That is time that you could have spent with your family or friends. Or, time you could have invested in getting a head start on a program that WILL work. You don't have that time to waste.

Cut the fluff. Get to it. Don't waste your time or money.

Find out now which business opportunities will work and which ones won't. That's what I'm prepared to help you with.

I will NEVER charge you a penny. Guaranteed!

I've got two indispensable free offers for you.

{email received after requesting the 7 day e-course:}

Thank you for subscribing to the

Internet Seductions e-course.

You will be surprised how much you are going to learn

over the next 7 days.

Go check your email now. You should find your first lesson in the course is already there. Just in case you don't get it, check your Junk email folder and set the email from me to "Not Spam."

You WILL find the best Home Business for you.

For a sneak peak into the most profitable

category of Internet business, check this out.

Hang in there and learn everything you can. In 7 days you will be able to spot which products are scams and which really will teach you how to make good money on the Internet.


{Not the Admin.}


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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A Letter has been sent to the Admin., with an invitation to our Forum

and requesting that they add our banner and linking it to their thread on the forum.

so the members know where to get info. and updates and of course visit...


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Program still working...

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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