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JerkyDirect -

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To provide high quality, all natural and organic products at a fair market price.


How Do I Earn Money?

We feel that the Jerky Direct opportunity is unlike any opportunity out there. Our great product and excellent compensation programs are unrivaled in the industry. As a store owner you have the opportunity to make money in a number of ways:


Each $12 Twin-pack autoshipment carries a $5 commission that is paid out 7 levels.

Level 1 40%

Level 2 5%

Level 3 5%

Level 4 20%

Level 5 5%

Level 6 5%

Level 7 20%


paid on ALL wholesale sales generated on your first level. 3 20% COMMISSION

paid on ALL retail sales generated at your web site storefront


paid on ALL wholesale sales generated on your first level


paid on ALL retail sales generated at your web site storefront

What is Our commitment ?

Jerky Direct offers several additional earning opportunities. As a Distributor you will also receive your own Website, Account Manager, marketing tools, and training. We are committed to providing our Distributors with the highest quality, all natural products that can be re-sold at fair market prices. Our goal is to empower each Distributor to achieve the highest possible level of success for their business.

When do I get Paid ?

Commissions are generated the first day of each month for the previous month’s transactions.

Where is the fine print ?

There is none! As long as you maintain an active storefront you are eligible to receive ALL commissions generated from Jerky Direct purchases in your down line. It is as simple as that, no complex requirements or stepped commission payouts. Bottom line, if you earned it, we will pay it to you.

Jerky Direct products provide a healthy, all natural source of protein. Many of our products contain no preservatives, no added MSG, no nitrites, no Erythorbate, no artificial ingredients, and are only minimally processed. Check each product for more specific nutritional information. This unique product is a staple of health conscious customers and those who demand a top quality product at a great price.

Our Jerky is handmade in our USDA certified smokehouse using superior quality top round beef. It's seasoned with our secret blend of spices, and slow smoked to perfection with real burning hickory.

Get up to half a pound of premium quality, all-natural or organic jerky for only $12.00 or become one of our Jerky Direct Distributors and join our automatic shipment program for the same price! Get up to 1/2lb of jerky delivered to your door each and every month and then get as much additional jerky as you would like at our low wholesale price! Click here for more details.

Devoted & New Customers alike say it's "by far the best beef jerky I've ever had, I want more!"


I can't believe how good this stuff is! OMGosh is all I can say. My daughter opened the bag and the smell was amazing! Even the regular slab type is soft enough for me to chew. And it tastes great! WOOHOO! Great taste, soft enough to eat AND none of the regular crap in Jerky! LIFE IS GOOD IN JERKY LAND !

-Lorian Rivers - Florida



{ This is not my site, but is delicious jerky}


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This type of program does not have adv. on their website,

it is a Distributor or customer based product program...

Ofcourse if they had a support button, would have sent one anyway...

When I join to get the product, love good home smoked jerky,

I'll use the email received to send them a 'Letter to the Owners' {instead of Admin.}...

Inviting them here and to put a banner on their site, so we'll see...

Never know, unless you try...

skylady ;)

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