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Signature: How to put your referral url in your siggy

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Your site in your Signature is not live...

Here are directions to make it live:

Go to My Controls Top right of the page...

In your Control Panel:

On the left side, under Personal Profile open Edit Signature...

Now copy the URL and

go to the first box after the blue A, green+ ,

when you put your mouse on it and click, says insert link

click and a box will come up, paste your URL in there...

{ make sure you have only one - http:// -}

click OK and next box, click OK again...

Now your Live URL is the Visit my Website:

Visit My Website

Click ' Update my Signature ' and you can see if it looks like you want...

Are all live ??? ... {working}

Once you're done, click on the 'Visit My Website' and make sure it is live {comes up}

'Visit my Website' can be deleted and you can put in your own words,

if you'd like to...


Join Here

This will allow the written material to show in your siggy, uncluttered looking...

You can also make it bold, like this:

Join Here

by highlighting and clicking the b, at far left above...

You can practice all you want, until you get it the way you like...

Just make sure you keep this PM as a guide and you won't lose any of your material...

Have fun !!!

skylady ;)

{if any problems, let me know}

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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