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Well for me guys this is the only program right now that is worth my time.

Per a request from my downline the admin called him yesterday to walk him through the site when i wasnt around. Do you DD but as far as i'm concerned this is the best deal on the block. 4 months of steady payments every week. I'm a very happy camper

Family Owned and Operated!!!! Extreme Revenue Program We Share 75% of Revenue and 90% On All Other Income (NO MATTER WHEN YOU JOIN WE ALL MAKE THE SAME 500 free Hits For Joining)

Marketers Dream---15% Referral Commisions-


Paid Members (required to surf 25 sites a day which will take 10 minutes a day)

"We Share What We Earn" "Other Revenue Will Be Paid Out The Last Week of Every Month" "Revenue Shares Paid Out Weekly

(so the company is always in profit to insure our long Term Success)

Advertise all your Existing businesses in one place!!!

Building a Community That Cares about your Success






All Paid members will be Required to use the site to get Paid

(that makes it a very very active community)

Commissions done Bi-Weekly--Payday (within 24 hours of request)

Step inside to see What We Have To Offer

Owner is Tired Of People Getting Scammed So Honesty and Intregity Is our Way

We are the future of Success

Alertpay Approved

All other payment proccessors log in and submit a support ticket (we will take most every payment) NOTICE WE MOVED TO PANAMA FEB 1ST-2009


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A Letter has been sent to the Admin., with an invitation to our Forum

and requesting that they add our banner and linking it to their thread on the forum.

so the members know where to get info. and updates and of course visit...

This program does not have a support button,

but that's okay, I'm in the program, so will send an email...

More than one way to 'skin a cat' { that didn't really sound to good}

How 'bout, 'bounce the ball'...


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Newsletter: Massive amount of Upgrades This Morning

Joey is finishing up support and I just finished catching up on upgrades, you know what is surprising me is that we are having allot of older members upgrading from free to pro like never before, I thought the folks were long gone but I guess not.

They are working on getting the payment buttons on the site today and this week so hopefully that will be done soon.

Referral commissions will be paid out tomorrow and It should be a huge day for the recruiters with the new rule change.

Today I was thinking back on all the internet businesses I have been in and that is allot before this one.

Some programs made me wait 3 months to get paid, and once I got paid I had to wait monthly just to earn a $100 or so dollars. NOT HERE!!!!!

Some programs I had to put in people to earn and those people had to get people and so on. I could make a little money but my downline would get stuck with the bill. NOT HERE!!!!!

Some programs I had to be in the line and when I reached the top of a ladder I would get paid, and then cycle to the next ladder, I did know the ladder stretched to mars and back before I could get paid. NOT HERE!!!!

Some programs are similar to us but they only pay out 125% hmm is that different from 200%?

Some programs all I had to do is put in money and in 12 days I would get 144% return on my money. HAHAHAHA wheres my return. They are still planning on returning my money I just know it. NOT HERE!!!

Some programs I didn't have to surf, all I had to do is wait for them to make a bunch of money playing forex or trading on the money exchange, I quess they are still trading because I still haven't received my earnings and when I go to log in, hmmmm page is not there. NOT HERE!!!

My turn for bux, that meant that is was there turn to take our money.

About Us: We pay weekly-no Recruiting required-we never pay more than we earn-we are always in Profit-we don't invest your money we build internet business and the first one is almost done--we pay more referral commissions that all the rest-we are honest as the day is long-we never have missed a payrun--we will be here when all the rest are long gone,

So make the right choice for you and your family and go to and pick a package that fits your budget and start earning online today. Have a great week Steve Smith

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Wow the business just keeps on impressing me, we are having a extremely huge day today.

This will be the last Newsletter today because it takes a long time to send one out since we are over 10,000 members but I wanted to say thank you.

The payment processor buttons are being tested on a sister site today and will be showing up tomorrow or the next day so look for that and I will give you a heads up once they are up and running.

I went out to mow today but my battery on the mower was dead and I have been charging it all day. I have a 1990 model riding mower but I can say it is a good one and I take good care of it. The grass around here is getting high but we just have not had a good day to mow so I will have to find the right time to get the grass cut.

But anyway you probably did not need to know that but just didn't have much else to say

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We are coming up on the next payrun, are you leveraged to make the most for you and your family? Are you a free member and have not upgrade to earn in our program? I really would like to see everyone at the level to earn the most for themselves and upgraded from free to pro. We really do pay in real time and you have until Midnight Monday to get in your upgrades.

I can tell you from the looks of the numbers this week we are going to have a very good payrun. We love to do the payrun because we work very hard to get to that point and we like it when we know we are doing the right thing for you and making sure you make the very most you can.

This program is built for the members that purchase ventures and then get the very best to advertise online.

So you can be assured that we will infact pay on Tuesday and if you upgrade you will earn in the payrun.

There are thousands of programs on the net, but I believe we are the best and that is because of all of you!!!!!

So go to and click on purchase venture tab and pick the package that you know will be the best for you and your family. Also it is cool to see members using the strictpay button. Solidtrustpay and liberty reserve will be coming soon. Smile Steve

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It is close to the Holiday and do not want to bother you much as eveyone needs to spend time with family and friends. We will be doing upgrades thru out today and tomorrow but all support from this point on will be answered on Monday.

I would love to keep up but I want to enjoy my Holiday. I will however work on upgrades because I think it is important to get them complete.

It is a great time to tell someone about our program. Do you know someone that hates their jobs, that is the best way to show them how to start earning online.

Have a great day and welcome all new members, you don't have to be the first to join to earn in our program because we all make the same, NO RECRUITING required and we truly mean that. and go to the purchase ventures tab and pick a package that fits your budget and start earning online today. Pretty simple
thanks Steve Smith

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I'm earning, want to get more Ventures as soon as possible !!!



Newsletter: 4-20-09

We will do the payrun on Monday midnight eastern and we must get our upgrades in to earn on them this week.

We are doing our week 20, payrun this week.

We have never missed a payrun and we won't miss this one either.

All pro members that upgrade before tonight at midnight will infact get paid for the entire week on that upgrade as long as they have surfed.

All free members that upgrade to pro will also get paid Tuesday.

So let's get leveraged to make the max for our families. We are stronger than ever, we have had a huge, huge week of earnings, and Joey and I have worked very hard to keep up with the business to make sure you all get paid and that is exactly what will happen.

If you don't think we are the largest just go to and check us out and then go to compare and just compare us to the other program that are similar and you will see we are the absolute biggest and the best program of this type.

And you know why we are ? BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!

You are the best members in the world and we believe that you are the most important people online today.

We feel you are like family and we want all of you to have success.

So go to ad-ventures 4u and click on purchase ventures and pick a package and start earning online today. We will be here when the rest are long gone. thanks Steve Smith

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Newsletter: 4-28-09

Hello to all our pro members. We are currently working on payouts and they will be processed later this evening. This is due to my dad traveling down here to Texas. Once he gets here then we will send everyone their request for payout. We do apologize for the delay.

Also we are having a great week already. Everything is going smoothly and we are excited to have another payroll finished and done. The new request payout system is working great. Also to remind everyone we will be leaving Thursday to go to our family reunion. We will still process referral commissions as normal, but the payout will not be processed until we reach our destination thursday evening. Also we are looking at the schedule for next weeks payroll, so be looking for updates on that. We may have to push it back a day or two due to our family reunion. We will inform everyone about that soon, so be looking for it. Keep in mind that if we change payroll day, that no one will loose out on any earnings. It will be exactly the same, just a day or 2 later. Ok, well i hope everyone has a great week.

Thank you JOEY


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Newsletter: April 29, 2009

I had to drive to Texas so that we can catch the plane to the family reuion and I was running late so I did not get to the cashouts until very late. It took us about 30 minutes to do all of them but all is completed. If you did not receive your cashout it will because you did not have the proper info in the fields. So make sure you fill out the cashout request form properly or we cannot do them. We are sorry but that is just they way it has to work.

For some reason our alertpay button stopped working about 3pm yesterday. Our programer is working on it but until then please go directly to alertpay and send to and in the comment section put your id number so I can upgrade you.

Thank all of you for your faith in us and we promise that we will do our very best. thanks Steve Smith


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Newsletter May 5th, 2009:

Thank you for working with us while we were gone, we are all caught up except a few members sent in checks

and send upgrades thru payment processors without id so we cannot upgrade them until we get a support ticket.

We had the largest week ever and I see it even getting larger as we move forward.

I am so excited to be back and getting things all lined out for all of you.

Thanks Steve Smith


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Admins Updates May 8th, 2008:

I just wanted to let everyone know that my dad is without power. He is waiting for the power to come back on. If it doesnt come back on soon then he will be traveling to a hotel. Once he is back online then we will be processing all the payouts for the referral commissions. We appreciate everyones patience and if you have any questions i will be here to answer them for you in a support ticket. All the upgrades that were done this morning will be processed once he has internet connection. Thanks again


We are having bad storms but we will keep up and should be able to not loose electric. Huge week so far and things are rolling right along. We will be all caught up after today and be on schedule. We have new admin coming onboard so look for that soon.

I will be focused on the gold site and working with Mitch. Things are looking really good and I am ready to start the new business for all of you.

Thanks Steve

Welcome all new members and I want you to know that we feel you are very important to us, we are built on honesty and integrity and you do have to be the first to join to earn with us. We pay everyone exactly the same as long as you are pro and you surf your 25 a day.

You don't have to recruit to earn but if you do you can really earn huge.

What a storm we had today were I live. It took out all the electric and blew 100's of trees over and powerlines were laying on the ground. But all is well and we have completed the referral payouts and rollovers. The cargiveaway is closed and we will do the drawing and post the winner sometime between today and tomorrow.

We will be doing upgrades in lumps this weekend so that we are not working the entire weekend so please bare with us and all upgrades will be done within 24 hours of receiving them.

I will be in the motel until electric is back on in my office, I see a lot of new members coming into the program. I want to welcome all of you and I like to express that you do not have to be the first to join to earn.

We all make the same no matter when you join. You do not have to recruit to earn, so go to ad-ventures4u and click on purchase ventures and pick a package that fits your budget.


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UpDate May 12th, 2009:

Things are really looking good here at ad-ventures4u I wanted to let eveyone know that...

We have a new button in the purchase venture tab and it is for purchasing the first page in the taffic exchange.

The cost is 75.00 for 24 hours and it is on a first serve first come basis.

You will get up to 17,000 visitors but more like 5,000 to 6,000 that will see your website in the 24 hour period.

That is huge to say the least, so this will sell out months in advance so if you want to take advantage of the very best advertising we have then this is for you. We are taking orders now so if you purchase the advertising then send in your website you want to advertise in a support ticket and we will get back with you on what day you will get the spot.

We are always striving to make this a pleasant experience and giving you the best opp online. Once again thank you for all your support. Steve Smith

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...another UpDate today:

NOTICE: Important: No ID on MoneyOrder received:

I have a money order that I cannot process because no member Id so if someone has sent

me a money order and has not gotten the upgrade in, please send in a support ticket, I also have a

couple of alertpays that have not been processed for the very same reason.

Let's talk GOLD, I have never been more excited about the Gold site.

We are very very close to getting it lauched and we will be doing online and offline advertising.

We believe that there is a need to a program that will give a fair value for the product and not rip the customer off like our competitor. Plus we feel that it will make a huge amount of income for ventures. It is not a mlm or anything in that order, there will be affiliate commissions only if you have someone that you referred and they send us gold for purchase.

I am so happy to be apart of ad-ventures4u and I am so happy that we continue to earn more than we Revenue share because that just make us more solid for the long haul.

Yes we have been around for almost 6 months and we are stronger than ever and it is all because of you.

When a program is run honestly and done right we see what happens and you can be assured that we plan on being around for years to come.

New members please read the weekly schedule and watch the videos so that you know when we do things and when you should do things.

Thanks Steve Smith

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Information from Admin.:

We had several members ask if we have monthly fees and the answer is no, once you upgrade to pro you are a pro member for life. What we have found out from past experience is that monthly fees is just a way members do not stay in a program. They are not making money in the program and they leave very upset because they were promise the moon and got zip, notta, nothing, zero.

With our program we see our members coming in testing and then they see that in fact they are earning and members continue to upgrade so that they can even earn more. WE DON'T NEED MONTHLY FEES BECAUSE OUR PROGRAM IS PROVEN TO EARN MEMBERS MONEY!!!!

Every our members that join us upgrade and of the upgraded members 90% do nulti upgrades to continue to make their earnings grow. That is just amazing, we don't force members to put money in our program they do it all on their own.

Do yourself a favor and just look at the members and see how many ventures they have, it is just mind bogling and all of them made that decision because we surely did not force them to upgrade and make them pay us a monthly fee.

We plan on being here when all the rest is long gone, and if you don't believe me then think back at all the programs that have gone since we been in business. We are always in profit, we never ever payout more than we make.

We share more than all the rest, we don't invest your money, but what we do is I promote products online and we build internet businesses for you to supplement the income.

Let's talk gold, our competitor is trying to buy $100,000,000.00 dollars worth of gold before july 4th. If we get our share of that market can you see the results all of us will have. And the best part is we are infact going to give a good maret value for their gold unlike the competitor, they are not even giving close to what we will be dishing out.

And 90% of the profit is going into ventures. Yes I said that right they are buying up $100,000,000.00 and we are going to get our share of this market.

So go to ad-ventures4 in Topic post, and pick a package that fits your budget.


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From Admi., "Wow is all I have to say"

It is true we have never made the weekly quota this early in the week.

Now it is all about making sure you are leverage to make the most for yourself and your families.

I have never seen this happen before but Wow is all I have to say.

The site has to make a certain amount of earnings to keep the % in the

right place for all of you and getting it done this early is just unbelievable!!!

Thanks Steve Smith

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UpDate: June 2nd 2009:

We now are on two quad core servers and for the next 24 hours you might see errors but do not be alarmed because this is for our future and as we all know that upgrades are needed to grow.

Please understand while we double our server performance.

thanks Steve, ad-ventures4u

Really Growing !!!


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I still do not understanding how do we share the revenue from this program? Any quick explanation?

On the site is a Video that explains a lot about the program, that's the best way to understand how it works :)

It's very thorough...

skylady ;)

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UpDate from Admin.: June 4th, 2009

I have a couple of things first of all we will be gracing the monday and Tuesday because of the transfer of info to the other server some members surfs do not show up. We are aware of this so there is no need for a support ticket.

It takes a while for the servers to migrate thru all the gates of the internet and some members may still not have gotten migrated into the new server and just working off the one server, that should be all completed in the next couple of days and all will be on the new system so please be understanding.

This upgrade should takes us to over 50,000 members and then we will upgrade again. It is all about doing the right thing and giving you the best site to use.

Everyone have a great weekend and remember the more ventures you have the more earnings because even tho we all make the same %, the dollars will be greater if you have more ventures.

Thanks Steve Smith ad-ventures4u

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requested 30% of my RC and got paid within hours of request... :thumbsup:

Date: June, 11 2009 6:44:58 PM

Amount Sent: $120.00 USD

Sender Name: steve smith

Sender Email:

Reference Number: B5B64-BD8E6-EE807,


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