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IncrediCream - web-purchases.com

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IncrediCream FEVER...
NorthStar Nutritionals' NEWEST breakthrough in skin health

Serious skin problems need a serious solution --
Now available in America...
Discover Australia's
secret weapon against painful skin

Dry feet and hands become soft and smooth
Raw, itchy shins are now cool and silky
Leathery elbows are now supple and...
Flaky skin is rejuvenated once and for all.

Milo says:
Dear friend,

Whether your patchy skin is a result of diabetes or harsh environments the truth is - moisturizers won't do a thing. To soothe your pain you need a therapeutic skin revitalizer that will penetrate blisters, raw spots and dry patches deep at the root of the problem.

This is a fact that Australian Aborigines -- living in one of the world's driest areas -- have known for over 10,000 years. Along the banks of Australia's fresh water rivers and streams grows a secret that hydrates and refreshes the toughest skin problems on a cellular level.

Get ready, America. Finally we have...

Skin care that goes to the root of the problem--
A deep, renewing miracle for your toughest spots

“It works great to re-hydrate, soften and heal skin!”

I use IncrediCream daily. I don't know why my fingertips split, but in my job, typing is essential. I've been using IncrediCream now for about 6 weeks and the frequency and severity of the cracking has dramatically improved. Dry hands are no longer a problem either. I use it every day and I think it works great to re-hydrate, soften and heal skin. I've only just found out how wonderful IncrediCream is, but I plan to keep plenty around!

Timothy Piper from Silver Spring, Maryland

Let me be clear, what you're about to discover is not a moisturizer. Those grocery store lotions and creams merely mask your dry skin for a few minutes -- and do nothing to address the real problems causing your irritated skin.

A real solution penetrates deep within your skin and works on a cellular level to provide cooling relief and "under the surface" healing all at once. With that kind of power it doesn't matter if you're...

Suffering from diabetes-related painful heels and fissures...
Scaly legs and itchy shins...
Raw and bleeding knuckles...
Just a dab-a-day will bring you smooth and silky relief, thanks to...

The Secret Rejuvenator
from the middle of the Australian Outback

For thousands of years, Aborigines have been plucking an incredible healing herb from the few freshwater riverbanks found deep in the Outback.

After tirelessly crushing the herb into a thick paste, they apply it anywhere their skin is starting to crack. Imagine, a simple miracle so strong it protects you from the driest, most intense heat found on the planet.

Now for the first time, a revolutionary extract from the very same Australian plant delivers the same power directly to where your skin needs it most -- all in an easy-to-use cream. The extract is called Plantolin and it is the centerpiece of a new skin therapy that will have you...

Up on your feet in no time by penetrating and soothing your dry, aching heels
Proud to show your beautifully soft skin now that flakes and dry spots are a distant memory
Put an end to itching, scratching or massaging scaly, raw areas
Plantolin is able to heal skin by penetrating to the root of the problem where it promotes skin cell renewal. Healing your troubled skin at the source of the problem is the only way you'll feel supple, rejuvenated skin on the surface.

Plantolin is achieving some stunning results in the lab, too. It has been proven to reduce the inflammation and scaling characteristic of psoriasis, with most people noticing an improvement after the first or second week of treatment. Even clinical tests on eczema have shown positive results within 11 days. In some cases, benefits were noticed immediately after application.

The results are astounding! So NorthStar Nutritionals is starting the skin care revolution by unveiling the BRAND NEW IncrediCream featuring the skin miracle, plantolin.

Skin therapy that's gentle enough for a baby's skin,
but POWERFUL enough to soothe the ravages of diabetes

When I first discovered IncrediCream I knew the perfect way to really put it to the test -- my 4-year-old son's eczema.

My son has had terribly red, irritated spots on his shins since he was two. We tried every lotion and moisturizer under the sun, but aside from making an oily mess, the effects never lasted for more than a few minutes.

So I was anxious to try IncrediCream on his irritated skin. It's nice and thick and just a little dab goes a long way. I massaged the cream just on his irritated tough spots and he stopped scratching and itching right away. Just a day or two later, his red spots had begun to clear away. And a few weeks later, he still wasn't itching. The relief had really lasted!!

A rich cream that cools painful itching and penetrates deep to the base of skin irritation? I was hooked!

But what can IncrediCream do for you? A testament to its vitalizing power is how it specifically addresses a common, but often ignored symptom of diabetes. You see, IncrediCream is...

A diabetic's secret weapon against
"the unspoken symptom"

Unfortunately, one-third of diabetics will have a serious skin disorder at some point. It's an over-looked problem, but skin fissures and raw patches can lead to serious infections -- and that's a diabetic's worst nightmare.

In fact, because diabetes can lower your blood pressure and slow your body's natural healing, the disease and skin problems go hand in hand. Bacteria even feeds on high glucose levels, so diabetics are more prone to fungal infections.

But the Plantolin in IncrediCream is the superhero diabetics desperately need. All at once it...

Penetrates deep to where blisters and cracks begin
Boasts antibacterial and antifungal weapons to secure your skin's health
Helps refresh your skin with instant anti-inflammatory properties
And just think, if the miracle extract, plantolin is strong enough to help a diabetic's skin health, imagine what it can do for those everyday dry patches you've just learned to live with.

IncrediCream lets you show off your skin again

If you've been scratching and brushing away dry skin for years, chances are, you're hiding it, too.

Would you like to wear short sleeves without exposing dry, cracked elbows? Want to wear shorts for the first time in years without revealing red, scaly shins? Of course!

By going deeper than any other cream, IncrediCream will have you trying on a whole new wardrobe. Silky skin, free of discoloration can be yours with just one application a day to your toughest spots.

Revitalizing your skin and looking great -- now you can see why I am so excited to finally get this skin care revolution started.

And, it turns out I'm not the only one...


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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