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5DailyPro -

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Email of the Admin


Dear frcnbl, I wanted to send an email and let everyone know that I will be closing 5DailyPro AFTER ALL MEMBERS have been paid.

Our new non-surf HYIP is growing so fast, that it is taking a lot more time to run that program and make the payments there as fast as I like to pay.

I want everyone to know that this decision is totally based on the fact of time. I need to devote ALL of my time to PayDayINV.

ALL MEMBERS will be paid in full. If you have an upgrade in 5DailyPro continue to surf daily and request payments and you WILL be paid every day. NO ONE will loose any money at all.

MONITORS.....Please keep us as paying, as we will continue to pay. We have NO problems at all. Its just I need all my time for PayDayINV.

The upgrade button has been disable. Continue to surf daily and request payments and you WILL be paid.



Payment received today


Who Are Paying

Do not spend what you cannot afford to lose

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Email of Admin


Dear frcnbl, I wanted to send an important update on the closure of 5DailyPro. We are going to hasten the closure of 5DailyPro so I can shut down hosting and save myself much time from having to tend to this program and our non-surf site, which is growing ever day.

I am going to issue REFUNDS (less any amount you have already earned.) How I accomplished this was I took every upgrade that members still have running, looked at how much you have already earned in that particular plan, then deducted how much you have already been paid in each plan and the difference is what I will refund you.

The REFUNDS will start today and I will most likely finish them all today. This way NO ONE will have lost a dime with 5DailyPro.

Once all members have been refunded, I will shut down hosting and close the site for good.

I am pleased to announce that NOT ONE PERSON will have lost any money with 5DailyPro.

Now, if you have not yet joined our non-surf HYIP site, PayDayINV, you need to join now. With that site you earn more than you were earning here and you can cashout daily and be paid daily. PayDayINV is growing at such a rate that it is taking up so much of my time and that is where I want to focus all my time.

So, get in now and earn serious cash.

Again, look for refunds to go out today for 5DailyPro.



Refunds received


Thanks Admin

Who Are Paying

Do not spend what you cannot afford to lose

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