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Are you tired of loosing money to surf sites? Are you tired of waiting up to 12 or 15 days or more to be paid? Well if so, then 5DailyPro is the place for you. We here at 5DailyPro take pride in paying our members every day. That is right, all you have to do is upgrade, surf, request cashout and you are paid as long as you have at least $1 cashout amount. So what are you waiting for? Get in on the daily earning today! Advertise and be paid daily with 5DailyPro!


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Received the adim

Dear frcnbl, Oh, I forgot to let everyone know, the reason I am refunding the Alertpay upgrades (less any payments received), is, if I just disable Alertpay in the admin panel, then those with Alertpay upgrades will not be able to cashout.  So that is the reason for the refunds.  After all refunds today, I will disable Alertpay and accept Liberty Reserve only.
Also, once you have been refunded, if the Alertpay upgrade was the only upgrade you had running, that will put you back to a free member.  And remember, free members cant earn from referrals.  So, once you get your Alertpay refund, you may want to upgrade using Liberty Reserve so you can keep earning from referrals and also keep earning with 5DailyPro.
I am going to start Alertpay refunds NOW.

Again, I have something great I am about to introduce to 5DailyPro soon so stay tuned.


Payment received

Date: October, 28 2009 8:36:11 AM

Amount Sent: $10.00 USD

Sender Name: 5 Daily Pro

Sender Email:

Reference Number: 8DB8D-E1C1B-CDEF4,

Message: 5DailyPro REFUND ($7 Plus $3 bonus)

Next message admin

Dear frcnbl, All Alertpay refunds have now been refunded back to members (minus any payments you have already received).  I even added a few $$$ bonus to all refunds to cover any payment processor fees you have paid.  So, no one is in loss with the Alertpay refunds process.
Now, we ONLY accept Liberty Reserve which has much lower processor fees.

We have also opened a new plan which is 10% for 12 days=120% and you can cashout daily with this new plan also.
Since using only LR now, much more funds can go to our members instead of Payment Processors.  
I have some other great things in mind for 5DailyPro that will be coming soon.
Stay tuned.

New Plan is now open 10% for 12 days.


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