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Ndukwe Chilly

Fastest Way To Make Money With Liberty Reserve

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It's true; you can turn just $5 over to $2, 000 in about one month using Liberty Reserve.

There are thousands of people out there, regular persons like you and me searching for a way to make money legally and easy on the Internet. Well, here is a way you can do that. Please give this article a chance because everything on it is true and it can help you get that kind of money you dreamt of. And you are only investing just $5. I would not be telling you this if I have not tried it.

This is the email sent to me: Make $2, 706 with just $5 in 30 days with Liberty Reserve.


I turned in $2, 000 within the first 30 days of operating the business that I'm about to reveal to you free of charge. If you decide to take action on the following instructions, I will GUARANTEE that you will enjoy a similar return.

The only things you'll need are:

- An email address.

- A liberty reserve account with at least $5 (it is free to sign up) www.libertyreserve.com

- And just post the unique web page link we’ll create for you on your Facebook, Twitter or email to your friends.

After all these, you have nothing to do and there's no limit to the amount of income you can generate.

Let's get started.


1. A Liberty Reserve Account (click here to open a free Liberty Reserve Account: (http://www.libertyreserve.com) and come back to continue.

2. $5 loaded account only.

3. And a PC with Internet connection (the cyber café behind you is enough).

Now follow these steps:


- Setting up your free Liberty Reserve Account (if you already have an account, just skip this step to STEP 2, if not click here: http://www.libertyreserve.com


Liberty Reserve is an account-based payment system where you can store value in U.S. Dollars, Euro or Gold Grams and transfer payments to others and receive payments from others. It is safe, reliable and confidential. Liberty Reserve is instant, real-time currency for international commerce. In just minutes, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe!


- Funding your Liberty Reserve Account. You can fund your Liberty Reserve Account locally or through Liberty Reserve listed money exchangers. To easily do this, go to www.google.com and search for "Liberty Reserve exchanger in your country’s name" e.g. "liberty reserve exchanger in Canada". For Nigeria transactions, I personally use ‘’goldnigeria exchanger’’ i.e www.goldnigeria.com. You are free to choose your own exchanger.


- Sending Liberty Reserve money. It is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give in order to receive".

Now all you have to do is send $1.00 by way of Liberty Reserve to each of the Liberty Reserve Account listed below.

After setting up your free Liberty Reserve Account, confirming or verifying it and putting $5 into your Liberty Reserve Account use the account tab on Liberty Reserve to transfer $1 to each of the numbers on the list specifically given to you.

Then we will create a Web page just like how you got to know about us and remove the top one (#1) and place your own Liberty Reserve Account number in the #5 spot on the list of the numbers #1- #5, then we will send your unique link to you to post either on Facebook, Twitter or send to your friends emails or if you do not need ecompoundbiz.com assistance, you can ignore the webpage link request mail and post this memo.


Your Liberty Reserve Account number becomes the #5 and your referral becomes #4. (We will do all this technical aspect for you FREE OF CHARGE). While transferring, make the subject of your memo read : “PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST”

Send an email to us at ([email protected]) requesting your unique Webpage link. Make sure you include your Name, Your own Liberty Reserve Account number and the 5 Liberty Reserve Accounts numbers you sent $1 each.

The following are the Liberty Reserve Account numbers you are to send a dollar to each, before requesting your Webpage link and to add you into our system:

1. U7572835

2. U4884580

3. U9936078

4. U2037249

5. U6213780

Remember, all of this is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! You are creating a service! A Business.


- Adding your Liberty Reserve Account number:

After you have sent your five $1.00 payments, it's your turn to start getting paid.

We will delete the #1 Liberty Reserve Account number off the list you see above, move the other numbers up one after the other (#3 becomes #2, #2 becomes #1.etc). Then we will put your Liberty Reserve Account number on the list just like this, so people you post your link to can start paying you 24/7.


Make sure the Liberty Reserve Account number you supply is exactly as it appears in your Liberty Reserve Account.


- How to promote your unique Webpage link?

i. Go to your Facebook, Twitter account, email contacts, forums and post e.g. [GET PAID EVERY 30 SECOND ONLINE] and put the link beside OR go to google, search for 10 forums round the world (eg: millionaire message board, business bulletin board or money making forum) and post this message or email to your friends, at least 200mail addresses.

Then seat back at home to check your Liberty Reserve Account the following day, you will be surprised the amount of $1 dollars that will be in your Liberty Reserve Account, because people would have joined you.

In this situation, your job is to let as many people see your Webpage link as possible. So they will make you rich every second.



I conclude with this: if you do as you are told and you are not greedy, I promise you within 24 HOURS, you will make your first money online and keep it that way for the rest of your life.





I tried it and it worked. This is not wonder bank, it is real!!! . You can check the following link:





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Western Union and Moneygram TO Liberty Reserve!Best rates!


Good way to top up LR accounts with better advantages than ukash!


isq : 406130669


yahoo : akulainf


skype : animeartem


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One can also make money by investing in Forex trading in fact; those who

want quick and fast money mainly adopt this. However, this needs dedication in
your work.

Choose Digital Options as your trading platform for gaining more profits.

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