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Make Money When People Leave Your Website Or Blog

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to make extra revenue from your site without adding any more content or ads.

It’s simple, when people leave your site to visit another site, GapAd displays an advert in the gap between the two sites for a few seconds – you get the revenue made by these ads.


How do we do this?

Our technology automatically places ad triggers on all of your exit links and displays targeted adverts when people leave your site. You can easily bypass any exit links where you do not wish ads to display.

So it’s really money for nothing?

Yep, no need to add any extra content on your site, no need to ad any more ads on your site, no need to replace any of your existing adverts on your site. In fact your site doesn’t change at all!

And it takes minutes to get going…

Sign up(in about 30 seconds) and you can either install a WordPress plugin or a small piece of code to add to your website.

Is this spamtastic?

Nope, all of our ads are displayed in a simple clean and clear format which either timeout after a few seconds or can be manually hidden. We think it’s really important to allow users to easily skip the ads if they’re not interested so that we don’t start annoying people unnecessarily.

Complete control…

When you sign up to Gapad, you are given a management dashboard area where you can control which of your exit link ads are triggered and view statistics on how they have performed. You’ll also see how much money the ads have accumulated on an ongoingbasis.

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