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Make Money When People Leave Your Website Or Blog

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to make extra revenue from your site without adding any more content or ads.

It’s simple, when people leave your site to visit another site, GapAd displays an advert in the gap between the two sites for a few seconds – you get the revenue made by these ads.


How do we do this?

Our technology automatically places ad triggers on all of your exit links and displays targeted adverts when people leave your site. You can easily bypass any exit links where you do not wish ads to display.

So it’s really money for nothing?

Yep, no need to add any extra content on your site, no need to ad any more ads on your site, no need to replace any of your existing adverts on your site. In fact your site doesn’t change at all!

And it takes minutes to get going…

Sign up(in about 30 seconds) and you can either install a WordPress plugin or a small piece of code to add to your website.

Is this spamtastic?

Nope, all of our ads are displayed in a simple clean and clear format which either timeout after a few seconds or can be manually hidden. We think it’s really important to allow users to easily skip the ads if they’re not interested so that we don’t start annoying people unnecessarily.

Complete control…

When you sign up to Gapad, you are given a management dashboard area where you can control which of your exit link ads are triggered and view statistics on how they have performed. You’ll also see how much money the ads have accumulated on an ongoingbasis.

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    • By taichinhhanaHN
      Instagram makes money through ads paid for by advertisers. They are currently only working with a small group of larger advertisers
      They also can benefit from Facebook's ad sales and ad targeting. This may mean that some of this revenue results in lower Facebook revenue from other products, but I expect that the vast majority will be net positive.
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      The times when you sell for money are gone! Karl Marx said: 'The simplest form of the circulation of commodities is the transformation of commodities into money and the change of the money back again into commodities. ' However, we've evolved since the time Marx lived and now we can develop an app and get money giving them for free. Find out how free mobile apps make money and how to monetize free apps using our research.
    • By debbiet1992
      I have made $ 1000 in 26 single days with the method
      I joined the cpa affiliate program and I made $ 1000 in 26 days
      You can also do like me, sign up for an account
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    • By quangdung96
      Welcome to my Internet Jetset review. I saw this was being released so I thought I would take a look to see what it’s all about…

      So I started watching the video on the Internet jetset sales page, and straight away it sounded just like the sales video on George Brown’s Google Sniper sales page. Much of what he says is word for word just the same as what George says on the Google sniper video. So were they both working from the same script or did this guy copy George Brown? I don’t know, but it seems very suspicious to me.
      He goes through the same things that George did, showing you screenshots of money he’s earned through various accounts and saying that it won’t cost you any money to implement this it’s just a case of setting up lots of little campaigns. Well, I’m not sure I believe it. It just seems too similar to Google Sniper.
      The thing is, I did do George’s original Google sniper course, and I can remember that remember that it was a case of setting up lots of small websites. But I know that kind of approach Internet marketing just doesn’t work anymore. You see, what Google is looking for these days is lots of great content. It is looking for authority websites created by people who know what they are talking about, rather than lots of tiny little websites that have not much content on at all.
      Video Review

      Well, it’s a shame that he used the same kind of wording in his sales video as George Brown’s Google sniper because it actually looks like it might be better than Google sniper. However, it does seem to be aimed at beginners rather than intermediate or advanced Internet marketers.
      How much does it cost?
      Well, the price of the initial product is $47, but this is just for the basic training. In the above video review, he is going to try to upsell you on a bunch of additional offers. First, he will try to sell you the extreme case study archive for $187. However, if you do not accept that offer, he will try to offer it to you for only $97. Then you have the monthly continuity membership for $47 per month. To be honest, if you are going to pay that kind of money per month, you are far better off joining Wealthy Affiliate.
      Who created Internet Jetset?
      Whenever I see that a new product is being released, I like to investigate who is behind it. This helps me put things into some kind of context and gives me a sense of whether the product is likely to be any good.
      John Crestani

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      My name is Dennis and am full internet marketer .
      I love to teach people ways of making money online without or  investment , Today everybody wants to make huge commission online, but have zero idea of money making tips or tricks.. I have discovered a new and fresh way to make bitcoin and exchange to your local currency...
      This is not some to good to be true , I wrote this book , so i guaranty you success without investing $1..
      You don't need
      Email marketing
      You just need to download this ebook
      Please i monetize this link because the steps are real making money online  tips..
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