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3Daily FX offers you an easy-to-use approach to stable income and financial independence. Using our system for generating profit is a great way to see your money grow. Our company is intended for people interested in reaching their financial success. "We do not offer you unbelievable high-return schemes and we may not pay the highest return on your investment, but we will be here for a long time." You can start from zero and earn through our awesome referral program, or you can make a little spend and watch your money grow. Where do we invest? This varies, as it largely depends on what is available at any given moment in time, but it usually includes fields like, forex, gold, selected spot trades, High Yeld Investment Programs, private placements, stock options, private equity and hedge funds; but it could also be the stock market, creating and purchasing income generating websites. We always seeks for different opportunities that are not commonly available in the mainstream to invest and generate stable income for us and You; our members. This investment strategy can enhance potential portfolio return, and/or reduce portfolio risk, or a combination of both. Alternative investments are used to take advantage of opportunities in the private market and/or exploit inefficiencies and anomalies in the public market


3 Daily FX Invest Plans - Instant whitdraw -

Name Daily Interest, % Min amount (USD) Max amount (USD) Term, Days

XS PLAN 1.00 10.00 99.99 180

S PLAN 1.25 100.00 149.99 180

M PLAN 1.50 150.00 299.99 180

L PLAN 2.00 300.00 499.99 180

XL PLAN 2.50 500.00 999.99 180

XXL PLAN 3.00 999.99 20000.00 180

Accept: Liberty Reserve

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