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EDIT: Could someone who can please edit the title to add "- Videocoins.com"

I was unsure as to what section to post this in since VideoCoins is an odd type of website. Basically VideoCoins is not a typical GPT site with its own currency, instead it is built into Offer Walls that are on some GPT sites.

VideoCoins may be found on some GPT sites that use the SuperSonicAds Offer Walls (Not all GPT sites may have it), basically when you are on SuperSonicAds on your GPT site you will have the option to watch videos, but with VideoCoins you would be able to share a link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc and then earn Currency based on what the GPT site pays (i.e Points, Coins, Credits etc) for each person that clicks the link and watches videos.

VideoCoins is also available on some online games as a method of earning currency in-game.

Here is a screenshot on what you may see


NOTE: to get your unique referral link you would need to visit VideoCoins through SuperSonicAds on the GPT site.

If you would like to see what VideoCoins looks like or watch some videos then please visit my link (Totally optional)

  • What do you think of VideoCoins?
  • Will you use it on GPT sites?
  • What websites can you confirm to have VideoCoins?


Comment below :)

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