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Buxhovis - Buxhovis.org

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Buxhovis org - not com!!

Earn $0.008 per click

Earn $0.005 per referral click

Minimum payout $0.2, $0.5, $1.0, $2.0, $5.0, $10

You can choose to be paid by either Payza, PayPal or Liberty Reserve.

Free Pioneer membership for first 1000 registed members!

Free registration, thank you:

BUXHOVIS - Registered Company


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I would have thought that by now people would choose a name other than "Bux" in their GPT names, unless they have to use it as part of a contract for using PTC scripts.

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How to make money with share of buxhovis.org

With Buxhovis.org. price of 1 share = 5$

Everyday you need click 3 ads for received money your share

With 1 share, you will get 0.55$ daily

1 share live in 10 days and after 10 days, share will close.

After 10 days, you get bonus 0.5$/share

That total you got:

(0.55x10)+0.5 = 6$

Ex: you buy 10 shares, after 10 days you can have: (5.5x10)+5 = 60$

Minimum payout $0.5,$2,$10

Pioneer membership is still available!


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