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Make A Little Money Each Day (windows Bot) + Bonus Autopilot Method

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Make a little each day using a bot

6/9/2012 - Both of these methods still work.




Alertpay | LibertyReserve | OKPay | PayPal | PerfectMoney | RoutePay | SolidTrustPay



















You do need the .net framework v3.5 found at

www.tinyurl.com/net35. Windows 7 users do not need to download the .NET 3.5 framework (it's included in Windows 7).

The bot is straightforward, just go to Menu and click "Start" after logging in. If you can't log in using the bot, log using IE and then launch the program.. When you start the bot, it may ask you to solve ONE captcha. Once you solve the first captcha, you won't have to solve another one for the rest of the day. When the bot says "Wait 15 minutes" this means there are no more ads to be clicked and you can try later or tomorrow (a full 24 hours is the best amount of time to wait).

To prevent the bot from getting stuck on prompts such as "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" and "Would you like to install the Simplified Chinese Language Pack?", you can edit your Internet Explorer settings (the bot specifically uses Internet Explorer, even if IE isn't set as your default web browser). This is optional, butHIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

To access the Internet Explorer Settings in IE8 or lower: open Internet Explorer seperately and click Tools -> Options, find the security tab, and click the "Custom Level" button.



  • Set "Download unsigned ActiveX controls" to DISABLE.
  • Set "Run ActiveX controls and plugins" to DISABLE.
  • Set "File Download" to DISABLE.
  • Set "Font Download" to DISABLE.
  • Set "Disable mixed content" to DISABLE.
  • Set "Installation of Desktop Items" to DISABLE.
  • Set "Launching programs and files in an iFrame" to DISABLE.
  • "Submit nonencrypted form data" must be ENABLED to be able to log into JillsClickCorner.
  • Set "Use Popup Blocker" to ENABLE.
  • Set "Active Scripting" to DISABLE.
  • Set "Scripting of Java applets" to DISABLE.


Click OK, Click Apply, then finally click OK and you are ready to use the bot.

If you are using IE9, the gear cog in the upper right corner will pull up settings where you can go to "internet options". From here go to the "security" tab, then go to "Custom Level" (in the security zone section).

  • Disable scriptlets
  • Disable prompting for activex
  • Disable video and animation
  • Disable unsigned activex
  • Disable active scripting
  • Disable script prompts (listed as "allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows) --- this is important
  • Disable scripting of java applets (also important).


Apply all settings by clicking OK and Apply.

If you have a slow internet connection, you can enable the "block images" option in Internet Explorer settings, but if the bot asks you to do the initial (only one) captcha, you can right click the broken image and select "Show image".

Bot was not coded by me so just to be on the safe side I run it in a virtual machine (if you need a free one you can get virtualbox at www.virtualbox.org )

Virus scan comes up with nothing... https://www.virustot....is/1327813741/

Payment proof: wol_error.gif This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 694x124. vi-9ACE14.png

*Phone verification is required to withdraw money - PINGER and GOOGLE VOICE DO NOT WORK. I had my account locked for trying to verify through pinger/google voice and had to submit a trouble ticket to get it unlocked. Don't bother trying google voice or pinger.

The bot waits ~30 seconds between navigating each site. If you need to change the wait time, it's under Settings at the top of the bot. Some ads require you to view a site for more like 40 seconds, so you may want to set the wait time to 40 or 45 seconds.


Here is an image that explains how to check your balance and recieve your payment on the site:

wol_error.gif This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 992x489.






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