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Arm Hyip Monitor Script - Introductory Offer Just $139

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A Professional Arm Hyip script provider has released new ARM HYIP Monitor script to manage your entire hyip sites in an effective way.

ARM HYIP Monitor is the perfect choice for those who want scalable HYIP Monitor Script at an affordable price Our complete PHP ARM HYIP Monitor site helps you to monitor all HYIP sites, analysis their site Traffic, Votes, Rating etc... Manage Webmasters and administrative tasks fast, easily and efficiently. ARM HYIP Monitor offers the highest quality Monitor script.


  • Web based Wizard
  • Slideshow for your ads
  • MD5 Encryption for Password
  • Password Protected Admin
  • Bulk posting of payouts and spend
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Forum , Blog , Articles
  • Flexible Permission settings
  • SEO Friendly URL


Buy it today and get these great new features!

Get free demo on - http://www.armhyipmo...onitor-demo.php

Contact – [email protected]

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    • By Reallmonitor
      High RCB up to 3000%
      Update status program every day
      Join and come as investor
      Get your profit every make deposit
      Site: https://reallmonitor.club
    • By hyiprace
      #http://hyiprace.com#The Best HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs Rating and Monitoring listing along with information, strategies and articles, news, advice make money online.
      It is  legit hyip monitor online for investment#Top paying HYIP Monitors - Best Hyip Monitor
    • By HyipListOrg
      I am the admin of https://hyiplist.org - an advanced HYIP Monitor with some extra useful tools. It is also the first ever certified HYIP Monitor with EVSSL. We provide the most accurate rating of HYIP programs. Our ranking system is based on the real rating given by investors/visitors and we do not provide higher ranking for money. Most of all other monitors provide the ranking based on ROI (Return Of Investments) ratio and some monitors just provide the higher ranking for higher money paid to them. We're the first HYIP Monitor to provide the real ranking decided by real visitors/investors. And our rating system don't allow someone to rate a program more than 1 time in 24 hours so there is no way to deflect the real rating score. 

       You know, there are more than 100 HYIP Monitors are active in HYIP industry. Unfortunately, most of those are not reliable and don't care about investors. I've experienced it practically that more than 90% HYIP monitors don't care about scam reports and even some trusted blogs (except davidnews) don't care about it if the report is not from their own downlines. Our Monitor has the visible and countable Scam Report menu where anyone can report about scam and can share their screenshots or any other evidence. We really care about those reports and fight to HYIP admin for investors. With the visible scam reports you don't need to rely on our 'status' only. 
      We have the 'Discussion' system to track and share the activities of a HYIP. Everyone can share their opinion and useful information about a HYIP in 'Discussion' menu. By sharing information we can build a real community to save each others from scams. This idea was borrowed from hyipexplorer. Once upon a time, that dicussion board of hyipexplorer was very active with real and serious investors. The time has been changed but I still want to build a community of serious and real investors in my 'Discussion' forum. 
       We've used a fully custom script to make our Monitor more user-friendly. We've removed many unnecessary tools to keey our site simple and clean. We've removed 'vote' option that no one can keep posting fake votes. You'll found that 99% votes on GC based HYIP monitors are fake. We also provide regular news for specific HYIPs. 
      In a word, We've tried our best to create the best HYIP Monitor from every aspects. If you have an idea in your mind to improve our service then please share it with us. We'll try to do everything useful for HYIP industry. 
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      1.5% DAILY FOR 80 DAYS
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    • By Surfhyip
      I am not admin of surfhyip.biz

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      Premium Listing = $105 + 468*60 Banner FREE! + 125*125 Banner FREE!

      List your program with us.

      Kind regards,
      Surfhyip.biz Marketing Team
      E:mail: [email protected]
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