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Biz-booster.biz is an independent advisory and investment company specializing in providing asset management service since 2001. For over 10 years we have been serving both institutional and individual investors, understanding their needs and responding by providing a range of medium-term and long-term investment products. In a field which is often characterized by hunger for quick fortunes, we're there for the long term. Experience, Integrity and stability lie at the core of Biz Booster way of doing business. biz-booster.biz seek to work in long-term partnerships with its clients and achieve their specific return objectives through asset management services. Our clients' assets are managed by experienced professionals who focus on calculated risk-taking and time-proven investment approaches, each with a well-articulated investment philosophy and process. Every investment decision taken by our brokers begins with comprehensive analysis.


Investment Plans:

7% hourly for 15 hours

3.8% hourly for 30 hours

2.6% hourly for 45 hours

2% hourly for 60 hours

1.8% hourly for 75 hours

1.6% hourly for 90 hours

5% Refcommission

Min deposit $10

Accepts: LR

Link: http://biz-booster.biz/

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