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Ultimate Hyip

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In todays finance markets its very hard to raise capital for a start up company. An I personally have lost thousands testing out HYIPs to find a real one. So I figured why not start a real one for once. First off I am based in the USA, which makes everything I will be doing FDIC insured. Number two I have real goals besides making money on a fake program online. So what I have been proposing is to crowd fund the capital I need into a brokerage account managed by an actual trader.

I am cutting it off at $50,000 in capital minimums to invest are in brackets of $5000 you will earn $1000 dividends and I am accepting payments through Solid Trust Pay, Alert Pay, and Liberty Reserve. You will get a contract, you must have a Passport, valid email.

How it works is I will compress all the funding I raise into a brokerage account I currently have attached is a screen shot of my current balance of $15,000.00. This is my own cash so you understand that I am not doing anything I wouldn't do myself. The day trader will be trading the funds and managing it. I will be managing all accounts I am limiting it to 10 investors at $5000 each you can invest more if you would like. Principle is returned in 90 days so I am limiting it to a 90 day investment for all. Just because I won't need to raise capital at that point and Ill be able to launch my company.

This is the real deal no bull shit like the rest of these HYIPS. If you invest $15,000+ we can talk about actual equity in other deals I am doing.

Email: [email protected] << Site is not up because I don't have the financing to launch my company

Email: [email protected]

All questions can be answered via email and at that point I'll provide a contract once you show proof of funds in any of the payment methods above. Solid Trust Pay, Alert Pay, and or Liberty Reserve




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