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I am not the admin

MassiveGold is set to break all records in the online opportunity and you are invited to join now. This runs CIRCLES around any business yet seen, even MLM, forced matrixes, binary plans, MGM, board or recycling plans, cash evolutions, resellers, ultimate programs or linear structure plans...

Become a MassiveGold Member to help distribute the MassiveGold Profits Package and receive a position in the revolutionary MassiveGold 1-Up Qualifier system, 15x2 referral structure and Combination Reward Program.

Introduce others and receive $10 from all of your members' first referral and $10 from all of their first referral to infinity. YES! Simple math quote it as $10 x n x n earning opportunity.

... And ALL payments will be going directly to your liberty reserve account, not through MassiveGold or any other third parties account.

MassiveGold Profits Package - 100% profit

1-Up Referral - $10 to INFINITY

Full Referral structure - USD $25,000 over and over

How we will work it out.

First you need to pay only $10 to your sponsor. Then you need to pay another $5 to the admin as maintenance fee.

The total fee for joining is only one time $15 payment. It is one time payment for life. No daily, weekly, or monthly fees!

Here is the interesting part!

After having your first direct referral (your 1-up referral), you are qualified to receive payment from other new members. In other words, you start earning with your second referrals onwards. Your first referral is considered as your 1-up referral and you are not earning anything from him/her. You will receive payment from next members after the 1-up referral.

The combination of the 1-Up and the 15x2 referral structure

makes MassiveGold the most exciting reward program devised in history...

Consider this scenario:

You join MassiveGold today.

Then you refer Mark. Mark is your 1-up referral.

Then you refer John. You earn $10. John then refer Linda. You earn $10. Linda then refer Steven. You earn $10.

Next, you refer Ted. You earn $10. Ted then refer Mike. You earn $10. Mike then refer Ken. You earn $10.

You can refer unlimited number of direct referrals, and you can have unlimited number of indirect referrals.

You can earn $10 x $10 to INFINITY plus

USD $25,000 over and over

for a ONE TIME out of pocket expense of only $15 USD

Visit the site below to join:


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MassiveGold Frequently Asked Questions

Is MassiveGold Legal?

Yes. MassiveGold is a business that uses the power of multiplication and duplication in order to sell and/or share the following, to the pure benefit of its members; electronic products (ebooks, software, etc) and profits sharing system program.

How Long MassiveGold Has Been Online?

MassiveGold has been online since 2003 and are living proof of a successful business and money-making program on the net.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

One time payment of $15 ($10 goes to your sponsor and the rest $5 goes to the administration).

Do I Receive A MassiveGold Website?

Yes. All members receives a web site of their own.

How Do I Earn Money With MassiveGold?

You earn money when your friends join us with you. You will earn money when anybody joins your friends too.

Do I Need To Refer Someone?


What Is The Potential Income?

Unlimited $10. Far and deep down to infinity ($10 x n x n).

Will I Always Have To Work At The MassiveGold System To Continue Earning?

No. You can stop working your system at any time in the future. You may want to set yourself a target at say $25,000 a month and then simply stop promoting your business, the entire system is run automatically... advertising, emails, marketing, actually everything is automated!

Can I Resell The Products That I Am Going To Download?

Yes. Some products do have resell rights, the ones we have paid for. The rest is purely to assist you growing your business!

I Have Done A Lot Of Advertisemet But I Did Not Receive Any Payments. What Is Happening?

You will receive payments when someone joins your network. Payment is automatic and directly goes to your account.

Why My Sponsor Username Appear At My MassiveGold Site?

It could happen since you don't have qualifier (1st referral) yet. Your username will appear in your MassiveGold site when you have 1st referral already and you will start to earn from your 2nd referral onward.

Can I Spam To Get More Referrals?

No. Spam is not allowed.

Who Can Buy The Profit Package And Participate In This Program?

We accept members from all over the world.

Can I Have More Than 1 Account?

Yes. You can have as many accounts as you like, you can even use the same LR and email address to all of your accounts.

How To Buy Your Profit Package And Join This Program?

All payments are made using Liberty Reserve. Please click here and complete the simple registration form.

I Want To Join MassiveGold, But I Don't Know How To Promote My Site?

There is an unlimited number of ways you can advertise your MassiveGold referral site. There are free and paid auto-surf programs that will allow you to effectively the program with your referral URL. Additionally, you could submit the link into various search engines available, post in a variety of forums, purchase ad space and even post your referral URL in the signature of every email or post you make. And, don't forget, word of month is very powerful.

What Is Liberty Reserve?

Liberty Reserve is an electronic currency, that accept and receives payment.

How To Get A Liberty Reserve Account?

Creating a Liberty Reserve account is free, click here to create your own Liberty Reserve free account.

How To Fund My Liberty Reserve Account?

There are lots of third party websites that offer to buy and sell LR. . You can Google search "Liberty Reserve Exchangers In Your Country" for a list of exchangers you can use.

How Can I Withdraw Money In My LR Account?

You can withdraw your money through LR Exchangers in your country into your local bank account.



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