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[GET] Chameleon 2008 - 699$

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Chameleon 2008 was our first flagship product. It is a one-of-a-kind EA. Without a doubt this is the most versatile EA available on the market. We named it Chameleon because of its ability to adapt and trade multiple strategies. If you buy one EA this should be the one. Why? Because it can trade Grid Strategies, Hedging Strategies, Martingale Strategies, Reverse Martingale Strategies, Trend Following strategies, Range bound Strategies, Correlation strategies, and it can merge all the strategies together.

If you are a discretionary trader it can be used as a tool to make you more profitable then you currently are. When you purchase Chameleon 2008 you will be getting the power of Stork Pro, Mole Pro, and Tokyo Express. However, this logic can be turned off or on.


* Separate entrances Long & Short

Since many currency pairs move differently than it is down, it is more advantageous, long positions other than short trade. This feature allows the user to trade them differently. Separate entrances are both long and short trades available.

* Close positions in reverse

This feature allows the user to make profits in case of a reverse barrier, due to the closure of all positions. Is very useful in its sole discretion and merchants.


A hedging strategy that can be switched off and so on. Thus, the equity curve smoothing and increases profits. This function can be traded independently of itself from the motherboard or in combination with the motherboard. This feature can be used on an average of the positions as well. For more details, see the appropriate strategy to report.

*Multiple Trade Management

Another feature, which in our Pro Series is Multiple Trade Management. Most of the place of EA and the monitor only one trade at a time. Our Pro-series from EA can place more trades as the market moves in your favor. This feature makes large market moves extremely profitable in comparison to only a trade at a time.

*Dynamic Trailing Stop

Unlike traditional trailing stops, we start our Dynamic Trailing Stop out trailing at a distance and as the market slows down, the station is getting tighter and tighter locking in profits. This function helps capture more step into the market.


Filters allow the user to filter bad trades and help control, if you do not continue if you craft placing several trades. Also comes with a breakout filter.

*Equity Management

Also included with Pro Series, these include the ability to track gains on all open positions and close all of them when they reach a joint profit or loss. Again, this can account for the profit trail.

*Money Management

This function automatically selects the lot size for each order. He chose it expects the risk of the user has entered. It may be off or on.

*Recommended settings

It comes with recommended settings for each currency pair. Take a look at the strategy reports below.

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