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A Complete Evolution of Me2everyone.com – 3

30 April 2011

Next week me2everyone.com is expecting to complete a new feature: one promised in 2009 and the key feature that many members have been asking for – the one which makes you a registered shareholder in this venture. Before then there’s still quite a lot to do and earlier this month we broke news about a new corporate structure which the Complete Earth Organisation had developed to take me2everyone.com into the future.

The new structure splits the business in half, creating two groups of companies linked by a 30 year licence and development agreement. We had aimed to introduce all the new companies and new directors during April, but (as usual) it’s the bank which is dragging its feet, bureaucratically not recognising the fact that money held in one account is the required sum of money to open a new Public Limited Company: despite this being approved and certified by the government (via Companies House). When that final piece of the jigsaw is in place documents will be exchanged and this new public company and how it links into the group will be reported here.

M2E Limited

That company will have two wholly-owned subsidiary companies and you have met one already: M2E Support Limited. The second company is M2E Limited which looks after the groups banking, accounting and compliance requirements. It’s headed by David Lewis, continuing on from a role in Me2everyone PLC.

Two Halves

Under the 30 year license and development agreement Complete Earth will retain website features and development (home to all the web development teams) until the time when me2everyone.com is ready for a stock market listing. At that point there exists an option for the PLC heading for the stock market to wholly acquire that division. Complete Earth also retains the largest share in a new sales and marketing company which we aim to unveil next week with its 8 new directors. Complete Earth has opened the Complete Earth Foundation (headed by Maureen Foers OBE) – the future of funding for the combined Me2everyone and Complete Earth wish list of good causes. Finally in the Complete Earth side of the house will be the new Sparks company (already incorporated and now being prepared). Sparks will develop a range of new ideas from our members – predominantly from those using the Bubble of Energy to transform their lives. News about the Bubble of Energy will be released in the coming weeks.

The new Me2everyone structure handles operations, support and background administration. The companies which make up that group face lower risks and therefore it’s highly suited to the prospects of being taken to market. The new PLC will become the centre point of where all profits and value are stored and (hopefully) we can break that news story next week.

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A Complete Evolution of Me2everyone.com - 5

19 May 2011

Finally we can Reveal the Jewel in the Crown

Earlier this week, Complete Earth Organisation signed a 30-year, exclusive licence and business development agreement with a new company: M2E Holdings PLC, which has emerged following extensive professional advice concerning the future stock market listing of the me2everyone.com business. Complete Earth brings a wide range of new ideas and strategies to the table and the 30-year license will enable M2E Holdings PLC to access and profit from these new ideas and strategies on an exclusive basis for the next 30 years. This is profit that will be shared with shareholders and that’s probably going to mean you!

M2E Holdings PLC won’t become involved in day-to-day trading, nor will it directly employ anyone. It will simply become the store for various agreements, while holding shares in several value-producing companies and the income it generates will be used to acquire other assets and to reward shareholders by way of dividends. So, M2E Holdings PLC is where every member of me2everyone.com can ultimately become shareholders and, with the new share registration system arriving next week, this is the perfect time to explore these exciting developments!

Becoming a Shareholder

M2E Holdings PLC has a new share structure. Instead of shares with a face value of “a tenth of one penny” (as in Me2everyone PLC) the new company has shares with a face value of one penny. Also, the number of shares which the directors plan to issue has also changed. In Me2everyone PLC there were 18 billion shares of GBP £0.001 each, but in M2E Holdings PLC the number drops to 1.6 billion of GBP £0.01 each.

This means that when you begin converting your Metoos into registered shares (next week) it will no longer be 1 Metoo = 1 Share, but 10 Metoos = 1 Share.

The math still works out the same.

For instance: if you have 20,000 Metoos to convert to registered shares, then under the old system you would get 20,000 shares of GBP £0.001 each (a £20.00 face-value). Under the new system you will be give 2,000 shares of GBP £0.01 each (again, a £20.00 face-value).

This new structure allows for two key features:

a) Special Offers can be introduced where the conversion rate would be less than 10 Metoos = 1 Share

cool.gif We can now show incremental increases in the value of M2E Holdings PLC shares – something that wasn’t possible under the old system. This helps fuel your excitement and general member interest in me2everyone.com. For example:

Today the website is worth GBP £7m (700m shares of £0.01 face value are currently in issue).

The conversion ratio of Metoos – Shares will be 10:1

When the value rises to GBP £7.7m, the conversion ratio will change to 11:1 – so you know that every time the conversion ratio increases, the value of M2E Holdings PLC has increased.

When the new system launches we will give you plenty of information to help make your decisions on how many Metoos you should convert. We are also going to update the help system during next week as well, to ensure everything is as clear as possible. These really are exciting times and we can’t wait to bring you the next piece of news...

Finally - the shape of new board of directors for M2E Holdings PLC is still being developed. We know that Michael Leonard will be resigning once the hand-over is completed. We also know that at least one new director is joining the board – possibly tomorrow. Expect a news story on the directors next week.

What happened to Me2everyone PLC?

A decision was taken on 25th March 2011 by the directors of Me2everyone PLC to ask for the company to be closed down. This was to bring to a conclusion a turbulent episode in me2everyone’s history: where a chain reaction of events beyond the directors’ control was set into motion by their legal advisors in 2009. Poor advice had lead to the wrong legal agreements, which one year later caused confusion at HMRC (the tax office). What should have, in theory been a quick investigation and the issue of a VAT refund turned into an investigation lasting 11 months and a decision requiring Me2everyone PLC to de-register for VAT. At this point the first years‘ accounts were already overdue and this is when Complete Earth began to take action to secure the future of me2everyone.com. These events lead to a promise of an extreme delay in filing the first years’ accounts and subsequently placed an indelible stain on the canvas of a company being prepared for the stock market. The decision to close Me2everyone PLC was heart-wrenching, but also required action by directors who pride themselves on the professional way they conduct their business affairs. All paying members and shareholders were written to on 29th March 2011 to explain this action and to show how they were to be involved in the new companies. The action taken by Complete Earth and the directors has ensured that next week you can fulfil your destiny and become a registered shareholder in the creation of tomorrow.

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Don't know who closed this program, as it's been open and running since 2008...

Moving back to live and working !!!


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Update emailed to me and wanted to share with our members:


In early January 2009 you became a pioneer: one of the earliest members of me2everyone.com. Since then you may have forgotten all about us: after all our website suffered countless technical problems in those early days. Things are improving now and there have been many changes. One of the better ones is that our share registration system is now live and working very well. Already more than GBP £2.5m worth of shares have passed through to our members. As one of our earliest members (from the very first day) we wanted to ensure that you didn't miss out on a promising new future.

For more information please log-in to your account at www.m2everyone.com (using the email address we have written to) and then head to the My Benefits section. If you have forgotten your password, please respond to this email and I will endeavour to help you.

Kind regards

Dave Cundill

M2E Support"

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