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489673 members and it`s growing every minute

(2000 free shares for new sign up until we reach 500000 members)


NEW RECOMMENDER SHARES! (until we reach 500,000 members)

From now until we reach 500,000 members we are turning back to the clock to the day we launched. Everyone you bring into me2everyone from this second forward will give you 5000 bonus shares! These will show up in your account the moment they join.

We are also going to give anyone who joins me2everyone 2000 shares � just for joining. So let�s have one special push and smash into that 500,000 target and then we can all find out who has won this incredible contest.

Now to make things a little more interesting, whoever holds ID number 500,000 in me2everyone is going to receive a bonus of 500,000 shares and the person who finds this person will ALSO receive a bonus of 500,000 shares and both will be interviewed by one of our Press Officers.

It�s all in your hands � so let�s work together to push this company into 500,000 members. Let�s be happy when the new members area arrives and lets then start looking towards the huge strides forward into version 2.0 planned for after the summer.

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M2E is approaching 500K

Grab your Free Shares Now! In a few hours M2E will reach 500K members and you will have lost out on an Opportunity that truly comes only once in a LifeTime

(2000 free shares for new sign up until we reach 500000 members)

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Me2everyone more than 509000 members and growing every minute.(2000 free shares just for joining)


Date : 13th July, 2009

It’s here! We have the final list of all the winners of the 10m share race.

David Carroll that he’s made 10th place with 1381 members. David will very shortly receive a bonus of some 500,000 shares!

In 9th place is Palani Ganapathy who found 1598 members and wins 600,000 shares!

In 8th we have Stefan Eremeev who found 1677 members and wins 700,000 shares!

In 7th and only a few members in front is Johnny found 1686 members and wins 800,000 shares!

In 6th place is Bojana Mizdrak with 1792 members wins 900,000 shares!

OK now we’re into the big ones – the members who win more than 1,000,000 shares each .

In 5th at that number with Miroslav Anzel who uncovered 1856 members.

In 4th we have Evgeny Pashko who wins 2,000,000 shares with 1896 members.

Sarah Harvey who finishes 3rd with 1960 members and who wins a wonderful 4,000,000 shares!

John Cox who finished 2nd with 3575 members. John wins 6,000,000 shares!


OK here is the winner of the 10m Share Race – the person who walks away with a potentially life-changing 10,000,000 shares. With an incredible and wonderful 4097 members introduced the directors of me2everyone would like to congratulate....


CONGRATULATIONS to all ,they did a great work .(Hey Andrey how do you introduce more than 4000 members???)

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Me2everyone more than 514000 members and growing every minute.(2000 free shares just for joining)


*You make your own hours and work 10 to 20 hours each week from your home or an office.

* There’s no personal recruitment and zero advertising.

*You only need the internet, a phone and a pleasant manner when dealing with others.

*For a really low start-up fee, we give you a complete support package

*Realistic chance to create a £60,000+ business within two years

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Me2everyone more than 516000 members and growing every minute.(2000 free shares just for joining)



23 July 2009

After a meeting of the me2everyone Directors we are pleased to announce that the allotted shares will remain at 5000 for each and every new member recruited who in turn will still receive their 2000 'welcome shares' for joining our m2e community.

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Me2everyone more than 533000 members and growing every minute.(2000 free shares just for joining)



20 August 2009

We are pleased to announce the creation of 300 new jobs in the UK following our discussions with the National Sales Manager of IT firm “Solutions 11”. Building on the Affinity concept announced last week, me2everyone members in the UK with direct sales experience can now become involved in a lucrative self-employed business with zero start-up costs.

Solutions 11 provide thousands of UK companies the peace of mind of encrypted, off-site data back-up for disaster recovery. Now with a major UK expansion plan the company have asked M2E members to help find up to 300 direct sales professionals in exchange for a lucrative contract.

OTE (on target earnings) are £54,000 per annum and this is a business that can easily be run from home. There’s full training and an incredible incentive from working with a company launched in 2002. Take a look at the company website at www.solutions11.com for more information and then email M2E to have someone contact you by clicking here.


If you know someone who has a direct sales background and is looking for fresh and exciting work with the chance to make a great income with a superb incentive then ask them to get in contact with M2E and for every person you find who completes 100 sales for Solutions 11, we will give you a £200 finders fee (or optionally 50,000 bonus shares in M2E).


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Me2everyone more than 535000 members and growing every minute.(2000 free shares just for joining)

Latest News from Me2



24 August 2009

In the quest to improve customer relations all of our Global Exec members have now been given their own me2everyone email address. From this week our GE-Mentors become active and will be contacting all members of me2everyone, to make sure that EVERYONE knows that we are still here and things are developing.

So when you receive an email from an “@me2email.com” address it really is from one of our Global Execs. We are aiming for regular communication between M2E and our members now as we return back to the early days of really good customer support.

We want to ensure that even though M2E as a website isn’t ready to take on the world all our members know that M2E Affinity has arrived and that in the very near future key aspects of M2E will be showcased in unique websites nearing completion. With the arrival of M2E Affinity, every member has a role: a purpose. And soon our CEO will explain that the future includes the M2E Affinity Business Group – your chance to become involved in making money from M2E partners.

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Me2everyone more than 545000 members and growing every minute.(2000 free shares just for joining)



18 September 2009

We are really excited to let you know the Customer Care Manager business has been launched and a new brochure, with the application form and agreement is now online!

A wonderful opportunity to start a new business . You make your own hours and work 5 to 20 hours each week. You can work from anywhere: from your home or an office.

Customer Care Manager is a freelance business where you actively help me2everyone members, finding answers to their questions. You don’t need any sales skills or an MBA.


For a really low start-up fee, we give you a complete support package, ongoing training, a unique M2E email address, and access to our online Business Centre. Achieve your targets and you will create multiple income sources with a realistic chance to create a £27,000+ part-time business within two years.
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MEET THE MEMBER - WALTER PENNICK Date : 8th October, 2009

Let us introduce Walter Pennick. He is 68 years old and lives in Brighton UK (M2E # 54465). Walter is currently a Ripple Member.

Walter was born in 1941 in County Durham in the North East of England, and loves photography, painting, and wildlife. When he was growing up, his father was a coal miner, and the family lived in a house with no running water, toilet or electric lights.

Unfortunately, Walter’s father was badly injured in the mines when Walter was just eleven years old. As he was the eldest child, he then became the bread winner of the family. When he was fifteen, he had to leave school and work on a farm. Walter is clearly no stranger to hard work.

Looking for a better life, he decided to join the Army on his eighteenth birthday. He was accepted to serve with The Life Guards. With the Blues, they formed the famous Household Cavalry. He served in London on Ceremonial Duties, and with The Life Guard Regiment on Armoured Cars. After leaving the Regiment in 1978, he trained and served with the RSPCA as an Inspector. After a number of years, he worked on Security at a famous country club up to his retirement. Now, when he gets the time he works at a university and Sixth Form College, which he loves to do.

He was invited to join M2E with the offer of free shares by an old Army pal of his. He was sceptical. As he puts it, “You don't get owt for nowt”. But, the more he looked into it, the more it made sense. He thought that even though he might not be the youngest member or the oldest member or even a businessman, this might be something for the future. Anthony knows that he can contribute with his life experiences for anyone in M2E.

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WEBSITE UPGRADES Date : 22nd October, 2009

We are coming into a season of some major upgrades on the website and this notice will prepare you for some really exciting developments. Many of you think we've not been up to much and the post on this news update system seem to reflect this. Of course we've been working 24/7 at bringing you some amazing developments within me2everyone and for the last 3 weeks a handful of our members have been testing some really great new features from video chat, to music sharing and our new forum (yes it really is true).

We know how you hate the "COMING SOON" and you wanted something now - so that's what we've done. We have created something that you can use - something that's going to bridge me2everyone until version 2.0 arrives. All these updates mean that there will be some significant disruption.


OK the first system being taken off-line is the registration system for new members. This is currently broken with a percentage of members not receiving activation emails that actually work. So we are taking the registration system off-line until the new system is in place. Expect this some time from Friday 23rd October.


This will be loaded up asap with the new registration system. We have a bank of tests to do and certainly some cleaning up of the code. This will fix the registration errors and also 90% of sign-in errors.


As mentioned above we have a significant upgrade with a full-feature website up and running on our test server. Due to licensing restrictions we will be putting this "play" area on a new "me2everyone" domain. There's a piece of software being developed that links your me2everyone.com profile and record with the new system.

This new system is dubbed version 1.9 and is seen as a great way to bridge for the next 6 months. You will certainly not be bored!


Finally today we are preparing to link in the new customer care system that gives you a self-service knowledge-base, email ticketing system and access to our customer care team. We need several days to train our new customer care managers, but the system is coming and coming fast!

There may be times when the servers are up and down over the next week and we thank you for your patience while we make all these improvements possible.

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Looks like good news :thumbup:

Been in since it first started, long time ago... so happy to see some solid movement forward... :thumbsup:

Takes awhile, when you have to pick up all the pieces after a storming flood...

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Me2everyone more than 557000 members and growing every minute.(2000 free shares just for joining)


Server Upgrades

me2everyone is evolving with some amazing new features!

Firstly we are upgrading our servers: making them sleeker, faster and able to cope with every request you throw at them. Secondly we are launching video chat, a forum, improved messaging for our members and a host of really cool toys for you to play with. We are even fixing that annoying password problem some members are experiencing.

OK the fact that you are seeing this page can only mean one thing: we've already started making these changes. :)

Not everything will be launched in the same day and the website will be up and down, up and down - but we are making the improvements everyone has been praying for. It's coming - not just soon, but really, really soon.

Many thanks for your patience.

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Me2everyone more than 557000 members and growing every minute.(2000 free shares just for joining)

Hi Friends.

Anyone knows what is happening about me2everyone.

Since October 26, the web page is inactive and without any news.

You know when it will be working again.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards.


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Me2everyone more than 563000 members and growing every minute.

Update on M2E Content Integration

17 March 2010

A small number of members know about our test site at Me2everyone.co.uk which unfortunately (and unexpectedly) went offline today. This was due to a change in the DNS settings that the M2E technical team were not informed about. We have since updated the DNS settings but it could take up to another 66 hours before you will see the website again. We apologise for the inconvenience.

However we will soon be announcing the integration of a brand new content suite directly here in me2everyone.com. This will be a major development to the site - the first in more than six months: something that we admit is loooooooong overdue.

This will be followed by an update to every member. In the meantime we thank you for your patience in what must be a frustrating experience for you.

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Me2everyone more than 569390 members and growing every minute

LoreKai Offer Ending

28 June 2010

Last month our largest shareholder (LoreKai) offered 300m of its shares in Me2everyone PLC for sale. They had a good response taking pledges for 59m shares with almost no marketing. However all good things must come to an end. LoreKai are withdrawing the offer from Midnight Tuesday 29th June 2010.

Hopefully by Thursday we will be bringing you a series of key updates in Me2everyone's future. The mood is positive and as a company we are very close to realising the 3D world: first envisaged such a long time ago.

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M2E has a new owner!

Complete Earth Organisation SA (CEOSA) became the new, largest shareholder in Me2everyone PLC with a 64% stake in the company. This will be updated within Companies House within 30 days.

Complete Earth and the Ripple

09 July 2010

In the very early days of M2E there was the Ripple: a membership with exciting potential that captured the hearts of 348 members from forty different nations.

This week CEOSA became the largest shareholder in Me2everyone PLC and we have sent an email to our Ripple members, where we are pleased to announce that 87.7m bonus shares have been made available for them in recognition of their role.

In respect of the future we aim to have the business membership (advertisers) package ready in some form within 90 days. CEOSA is bringing a mantra of “Every member matters” and this means that soon all members will have an equal chance to make money from sales and to be involved in the support process. It does mean that there are still some big changes to come, but as you can see Ripple members have a special place within M2E.

Complete Earth and the Future of M2E Shaping

08 July 2010

CEOSA (Complete Earth Organisation SA) is owned by a group of M2E members and during this week they acquired LoreKai Pte’s remaining stake in Me2everyone PLC. This gives them a 64% controlling stake in the company. As a result there will be some wide-ranging improvements and this begins with the Global Exec.

Launched in 2009, the Global Exec aimed to challenge our directors and provide clarity of thought with a fresh and supportive mind. They were to be a sounding board for new ideas, provide an insight into local culture and share lessons from their career and life experiences. Unfortunately delays in developing M2E meant that a full rollout of the GE could not be completed and instead a smaller body known as the Management Group appeared.

CEOSA and our directors agree that in order to be truly successful all members should have the chance to shape the future of Me2everyone. The new system will have its own rewards linked to the new Metoo system, for those members who become involved. Therefore with immediate effect the Global Exec Passive programme has been axed. This decision does not affect the Global Exec Enhanced (Mentors) who will be contacted separately with improvements to their business.

All Global Exec members have been contacted by email prior to this news update, with details of the compensation each member will receive.

This is really good news for all members, because it gives every member a voice, and both a way to help shape the future of me2everyone.com and make some money from any good ideas they have. This is the first development in our new code: Every member matters...

The new way of working will be introduced within the next 60 days, following more improvements to the website.


If you use "GE" or "Global Exec" in your M2E email signature, this should now be removed.

Thank you.

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"The World of the Metoo" Me2everyone more than 564000 members and growing every minute.

29 July 2010

In the second Complete Earth update we take a look at the general overview of what this involvement means for members. Today we’re looking at the new virtual economy of M2E: something that will create real-world incomes. Later in the series we look at how advertising will work in the future, when the database will be fixed and the new way we’re going to handle membership support. For the first time, these updates will look at what’s happened since CEOSA became involved in me2everyone. Somehow it feels better, edgier and more able to respond.

The World of the Metoo

M2E 3D will be based on the village that becomes a metropolis and like every village it needs its own internal economy. Ours will be called the Metoo and they’re pretty cool because they give you:

1. A real world income source

2. The chance to use them in the 3D world

3. The chance to convert them into registered shares

Metoos = Real Word Income

Every member already has Metoos!

When you became a member or recruited someone you received some Metoos. When you upgraded or did some work you received even more Metoos. In fact if you click on the SHARES tab right now, you will see thousands of Metoos sat there, and every single Metoo has been making you a small amount of money!

“But I can only see shares...”

OK. We need to do a very quick recap here...

When you became a member or recruited friends we agreed to give you some shares. They were held by a partner company (now held by Complete Earth). The automated transfer system would allow you to convert all your shares into real, registered, fully paid-up shares and you would receive a share certificate for them. Then every year you would receive a dividend (a slice of our profits) and eventually you would be able to sell them on the stock market. Trouble is that automated system became delayed and so we started thinking... how can we make M2E more fun and give everyone a real world income that grows from every sale?

Currently your shares are “allocated”. This means that our partner company (Complete Earth) has set aside a number of paid-up shares for you. However to transfer 570,000+ sets of shares to our members would take a ridiculously long time without using an automated system. So unfortunately your shares have remained in an “allocated” state. In the very near future your allocated shares will be called Metoos and they will become the living economy of M2E 3D.

It works like this:

You continue with your membership and as we evolve into M2E 3D you will be able to earn more Metoos in different ways: from recommending new members to upgrading your virtual apartment. You could win one of our games or start an in-world business. There will be dozens of ways to earn more Metoos and so the more involved you become with m2E, the greater the number of Metoos you will own. Now like we said, those Metoos are worth money to you!

M2E will soon be making sales and depending upon the type of sale we’ll be putting up to 24% into a special METOO account. Every day that money will be shared (pro-rata) between all the Metoos in existence and your share will be added to your online statement (coming in M2E 3D). To be completely fair we’re going to backdate this to 9th January 2009: the day me2everyone.com went live. So, your Metoos have already started to earn you a little money. The more sales M2E achieves in the future (upgrades, business memberships, advertising, tree sales, game sales and a whole lot more) the more money goes into the Metoo fund. The more Metoos you hold the greater your share of the pool.

Metoos = In-world Virtual Currency

You will be able to use your Metoos within the 3D world – perhaps buying game credits or improving your experience. You will be able to gift them to your friends or to the Complete Earth Dream Maker Foundation where they can achieve some benefit for various charities and good causes. Earn Metoos for doing “village” type jobs and transform these into better ways of making a real income.

Metoos = Ownership of Me2everyone PLC

Remember, me2everyone is the village that becomes a metropolis all owned by you.

Every day Complete Earth will offer up to 12,000,000 fully paid, registered shares in Me2everyone PLC which you can acquire with your Metoos. That gives you a chance to share in our long-term future. Complete Earth will set an exchange rate every day (say 100 Metoos = 100 Shares) and you choose how many you want to convert. You get the registered shares and the share certificate and Complete Earth receives the Metoos.

Now for the first time in M2E’s short life, we’ve created something that suits everyone. Metoos will create money (wait until you hear about the other ways to make money from your membership). Metoos can be used in-world as a virtual currency. Metoos can be exchanged for fully registered, paid-up shares in Me2everyone PLC. Now it doesn’t get much better than that!

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