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New Company in Pre-Launch. Join now and be rewarded with great earning potential. Completely 100% FREE and always will be!


Members get paid a share of the revenue that advertisers pay to advertise. Similar to Groupon or Living Social only rather than keeping the money the members that receive the special offers by text will get a share of this income.

Every text message you receive you will get a get paid. Along with this you get paid 7 levels down.

Q. What is RoyaltyTexts?

A. RoyaltyTexts is a text-based advertising platform that compensates you for receiving offers, deals, coupons, advertisements, etc.. sent directly to your mobile phone.

Q. Why should I join RoyaltyTexts?

A. Because it’ll be fun, you can make great money, and you can receive great deals from national, regional and local businesses! And since you opt into our network when you join; every time we send an offer, deal, coupon, etc. to your mobile phone, we will compensate you!


The text messages we send out are tuned specifically for you, based on the preferences you provide in your profile. If you tell us you like to eat Thai food, it’s likely we’ll send you an exclusive discount from the best Thai food spot in your area. Like to ski? How about a text for 50% off of your next lift tickets?

We think this is awesome. We think you will too.


We pay you for EVERY text you receive. Our advertisers pay us to send out these targeted discounts, and we’ve decided to share the profits with you. Each time you receive a text from us, we’ll credit your RoyaltyTexts account. You’ll receive 10% of the amount it cost the advertiser to send that message to you! We make your balance available to withdraw twice per month. It’s as simple as that.


Thanks to our awesome affiliate program… if you tell a few friends about us and they join too, we’ll pay you each time THEY receive a text message from RoyaltyTexts! We’ll credit your account with 5% of the amount it cost the advertiser to send your friends each text. We’ll even continue paying you this percentage for your friend’s friends, all the way down to SEVEN tiers. Ever heard of “the six degrees of Kevin Bacon”? We like to think of this as the “seven degrees of RoyaltyTexts”!

Remember, this is 100% FREE


Sign in and get familiar with with site and listen to the recorded introduction. (804)616-4180

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7/10/12 -

ROYALTY TEXT UPDATE: Things are coming around getting ready to go from Pre-Launch to Beta Launch for paid texts.

We have been fervently working on the next big update for RoyaltyTexts, and progressing from Pre-Launch to Beta Launch!

As of today, we’ll have a new Nightly update call hosted by Marketing Director Steve Burnett – Monday through Friday at 9pm Eastern. To get on the call, please dial (712) 432-3066 and enter pin# 674641. Mr. Burnett gives a detailed breakdown of how RoyaltyTexts works, and gives a free nightly training class as well!

RoyaltyTexts is still in Pre-Launch, however, we are getting closer and closer to Beta-Launch! You’ll begin getting paid for texts once we switch to Beta-Launch! We appreciate you patience and support.

We will release information on how members will be paid very soon, and will have a future update about this soon.

If you have any issues with your account, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff. They are always glad to assist you.

Here is a list of updates to the site that we are currently working on:

Banners of various sizes.

A facebook widget for promoting RT

Ability to edit information in their profiles (personal or demographics).

Ability to see if your referrals are mobile verified.

Find out more about Royalty Texts Listen in any time -

Call: 641-715-3800

pin: 86041#


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I just got done talking with one of the owners from Royalty Texts. The first paid texts are going to go out before the Olympics are over as a trial run. Get signed up and be part of a great start to Royalty Texts!

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