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Shares Program is our way of raising capital needed to properly operate Bestemoneys.com project and obtaining loyal members.

In return for your help to make Bestemoneys.com more popular we offer to share part of our income with you as well as to give a piece of Bestemoneys web portal (728x90 pixels spot).

To benefit from Shares Program you should

1th Join Bestemoneys.com

2nd Buy Share for a minimum $1 and maximum $100

You can buy as many shares as you wish.

With each share you own 728x90 pixels ad spot.

Active Shareholder's Share will accumulate earnings every time when Bestemoneys.com generate income. This can happen as often as multiple times per day.

Each share remain active until earnings reach 150%.

So, your revenue would be variable % daily until return reach 150%.

Members can withdraw at any time.

Bestemoneys.com plan is to accept LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, SrictPay and possibly other payment processors.

Bestemoneys.com gives 10% referral bonus.

Learn more:http://bestemoneys.com/shares_showmore.html


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Because some members wanted to use traffic exchange programs to advertise their referral link, but did not like that visitors must click Enter link to access Bestemoneys content, decision was made to improve traffic analyzing system.

New system use intro page no more.

It displays regular page, but does not count such hit.

Great news for advertisers: from now on your ads will be shown to such visitors for free.

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There are plans to add many new options.

One of them is system where members could earn points by actively browsing site. Number of rewarded activities per day would be limited. Lets say you could accumulate ~10 points during one minute, but maximum 50 points per day.

There would be various methods to transfer points into cash... not much cash, something like 100 points = $0.5 ~ $1.

If sufficient number of people will be is interested, we could start making this upgrade next week.

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Do to lack of interest about option to earn points by actively browsing bestemoneys.com website, implementation of that new feature did not become priority.

It was decided that next task will be to increase BesteMoneys potential to generate income for shareholders by automating new advertising option - VIP Listing.

If all goes according to plan, VIP Listing will be available at the end of next week.

It is expected that up to 10% of currently listed websites will chose to be in VIP Listing, thus for a few days income will spike.

To benefit from it, You can buy shares before this new option is implemented.

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To celebrate Easter bestemoneys.com give previously unseen bonus to Shareholders and advertisers: $10 Share for free!

You must buy ads or Shares for at least $10 during Easter holidays (April 2, 3 and 4) and you will receive bonus $10 Share.

On first business day after Easter we will manually add $10 Share to every qualified member.

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Bestemoneys decided to offer our new VIP List option as a bonus to Shareholders.

VIP programs are shown at the top of main list and in VIP List, thus significantly more people notice them.

For each $10 Share purchased during this month (May, 2010) you can upgrade one program to VIP status for one week.

If you do not own any website, you can chose favorite and use your referral link.

More information about this: http://bestemoneys.com/news.html

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During summer time on Northern hemisphere bestemoneys.com decided to change activity requirements for Shareholders. Now Shareholder will remain active for 30 days after last visit.

This change will be in effect until September 01, 2010.

Share accumulate earnings every time when Bestemoneys.com generate income and

1 - you are active Shareholder.

To be active shareholder, you must regularly visit bestemoneys.com.

Status will remain "active" for 24 hours 30 days after last visit.

2 - your Share is one of the oldest active Shares.

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Some noticeable upgrades were made during past few days.

It would be good to know if anyone notices how Bestemoneys is improving and expending.

We decided to run notice the change contest.

Three distinctive things are different.

1 - bestemoenys added something new.

2 - bestemoneys improved something by adding new feature.

3 - bestemoneys modified/removed something to make site faster.


First who correctly notices and reports at least one of those changes gets $3.

There can be up to 3 winners - one for each correct answer.

You can do a bit of guessing and give up to three answers (one for each change), but in case more then one is correct only one will be counted.


You must send message thru contact system and post in forum.

Contest is on for 48h.

Winners will be determined within one day after 48h.

Winners can chose to be paid by LR or AP or STP.

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During past few days site is down because hosting server is offline.

Hosting did not fix that problem yet nor did they provide any indication that someone is working on it.

It was anticipated that something like this could happen, so backups were made regularly to minimize data lose.

We should be able to restore everything to as it was few hours before site went down.

Other hosting provider was chosen and site will be installed on new server asap.

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Can we see some profit statistics of the shares? Wondering If I should have some in my portfolio.. Also your money portal looks very informative. I'd like to add some of my sites there.


Thank You.

Feel free to add all of your sites which are somehow related to e-currencies.

You can see summary statistic for each Share in members area (click Your Shares).

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One year has passed since Bestemoneys launched on late September 2009.

We would like to begin second business year by offering 10% - 20% bonus to all new Shareholders.

During previous year bestemoneys.com has improved and grown significantly.

Our future plans are to continue improving Bestemoneys and make it more profitable for Shareholders.

Many improvements are planed and we are implementing them as fast as our budget lets us.

New Share purchases will help us to expand, thus we will be able to generate 150% return for all Shares faster.

During October Bestemoneys offers bonuses for new Share purchases.

Buy Share for $1 - $10 and receive 10% bonus

Buy Share for $11 - $20 and receive 11% bonus

Buy Share for $21 - $30 and receive 12% bonus

Buy Share for $31 - $40 and receive 13% bonus

Buy Share for $41 - $50 and receive 14% bonus

Buy Share for $51 - $100 and receive 15% bonus

Buy two $100 Shares and receive 16% bonus

Buy three $100 Shares and receive 17% bonus

Buy four $100 Shares and receive 18% bonus

Buy five $100 Shares and receive 19% bonus

Buy more then five $100 Shares and receive 20% bonus

Bonus will be credited to Shareholder's account balance within two business days.

You will be able to withdraw your bonus or spend it to buy more Shares if you wish.

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Bestemoneys added option to sell Share and to buy Share from other Shareholder.

If Shareholder urgently needs money, it is now possible to get remaining principal out by selling Share.

Shareholder can specify Share's price and receive anywhere from 70% to 120% of remaining principal.

Members can buy Old Share cheaper, thus gain more profit and/or faster return then from new Share.

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