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Hello Friends....:):)

Today im going to share a method with you where you can easily make $10/day... :):)

This is not too much,but perfect if you are a noob who just wants to make some money online.

The work is VERY easy,all you have to do is type captchas. :cool::cool:

Go to the site http://www.megatypers.com and register using the invitation code 1GR9

You MUST use the invitation code else you cant register!Once you done you can start to working straight away!

You will make upto $1.25/1000 captchas! (Rate Changes with Time) That means with a few hours of work you can make $5-$10.

Payout EVERY WEEK on Monday afternoons (usa timezone)!

So what you waiting for?Go and make some money!:D:D

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but.. that sounds like sweat shop wages. Are you yourself using this site to make money or are you just trying to get some commission out of a defensless newbie? Sorry to bash on you but I hope you are being a "user of your own product." it's only right.

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