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Instant Empire ~

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Concerning extremely high % paid daily

You know, we are going to leave these in here and if someone has enough EXTRA cash to chance playing these High %’s…

That will be up to them…

We decided not to make the choice for them…

Just realize, high % like this, has never lasted long and some lose their money…

Your choice members,

Play Safe coffee.gif

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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    • By L4im
      I'm not admin!
      Launched on Apr 9, 2012
      Min deposit is just $1.00
      Earn from referral deposits 10%
      Payments processed manually within 24 hours
      105% - 120% after 1 day
      Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
      Plan 1 $50 - $100 105.00
      Plan 2 $101 - $500 110.00
      Plan 3 $501 - $5,000 120.00
      115% - 140% after 2 days
      Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
      Plan 1 $1 - $100 115.00
      Plan 2 $101 - $1,000 125.00
      Plan 3 $1,001 and more 140.00
      160% - 200% after 4 days
      Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
      Plan 1 $100 - $1,000 160.00
      Plan 2 $1,001 and more 200.00
      240% - 400% after 16 days
      Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
      Plan 1 $1 - $100 240.00
      Plan 2 $101 and more 400.00
      0.10% - 5% daily for 256 days
      Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
      Plan 1 $50 - $500 0.10
      Plan 2 $501 - $5,000 1.00
      Plan 3 $5,001 and more 5.00
      Paid me today!
    • By L4im
      I'm not admin
      7% daily for 20 business days ($10 - $499)
      7.5% daily for 20 business days ($500 - $999)
      8% daily for 20 business days ($1,000 - $2,999)
      8.5% daily for 20 business days ($3,000 - $7,999)
      9% daily for 20 business days ($8,000 and more)
      AlertPay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve
      Minimum spend: $10
      Instant payments
      Online since
      Apr 16, 2011
      Top Best Fund
      Instant payment received!
    • By farafa
      I'm not Admin!!! is an online investment company. We deal with all of the most popular payment processors being used today in the online investment industry, mainly Solid Trust Pay (STP), Liberty Reserve (LR), AlertPay (AP), PerfectMoney (PM), PayPal (PP), MoneyBookes (MB) and OKPay (OKP), etc. We worked with numerous corporate companies. Our expert team invest funds in many markets like Forex, Oil and Gold, etc.., to provide constant profit.
      We intend to be the best online investment company and offer you a stress free experience. At, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service support.
      Are you interested in investing with our company?
      Below are the different types of deposit plans we provide. We offer many options and are confident, you will find one to fit your needs.
      Long Term PayPal Plan
      Plan - Plan PP (240% after 42 days)
      Spent Amount ($): $50 and more
      Profit (%): 240.00%
      Short Term PayPal Plan
      Plan - Plan PP (30% daily for 4 days)
      Spent Amount ($): $1 - $50
      Profit (%): 30.00%
      LibertyReserve Plan
      Plan - Plan LR (1% daily for 365 days)
      Spent Amount ($): $5 and more
      Profit (%): 1.00%
      PerfectMoney Plan
      Plan - Plan PM (120% after 2 days)
      Spent Amount ($): $1 - $10,000
      Profit (%): 120.00%
      MoneyBookers Plan
      Plan - Plan MB (160% after 10 days)
      Spent Amount ($): $2 - $1,000
      Profit (%): 160.00%
      AlertPay Plan
      Plan - Plan AP (55% daily for 2 days)
      Spent Amount ($): $1 and more
      Profit (%): 55.00%
      SolidTrustPay Plan
      Plan - Plan STP (105% after 1 days)
      Spent Amount ($): $5 - $500
      Profit (%): 105.00%
    • By L4im
      I'm not admin


      Additional details:
      Program accepts LibertyReserve, Perfect Money and AlertPay. Minimum amount to spend is $10, earn from referrals deposit 5%. Program has been paying for 621 days already, since it was launched on 21st July, 2010.
      I checked many popular monitors and i haven't spotted any problem so far. I invested $15 to this program and earn $0.45 daily, got my 1st payment instantly 2 days ago. Here is the proof:
      Wish u all luck with this program!
      Click here to visit 7 Capital
    • By snipe86
      New system in Pre - Registration.
      System consists of 2 Parts:
      2.Investment Facility
      Cycler program is simple, don't wanna give to much away and also don't want to over complicate things.
      Each package contains a cycler seat amount which is the cost of the seat in the cycler and cycler return amount which is the return money once it cycles. Everyone should cycle at least once and a maximum amount of twice to get your capital returned. Cycle Period estimated to be between 7 - 28 days after launch possible getting shorter later.
      That's it.
      That simple.
      *Please do not ask exactly what system we are using as this gets quite complicated to explain. Basically we are using the same as whats out there just a slight variation with what others are using. Bottom Line** this is the same as any cycler out there and the more people that join the better the system works so tell anyone and everyone.
      The Investment Facility is a long term investment system with a return of between 120%p.a(per year) to 300%p.a(per year) calculated daily and paid monthly for a minimum of 12 months. There is a interim weekly % which gets added and paid monthly.
      Example 1
      100%pa + $100 invested = $200pa but paid monthly so divide by 12 which equals
      $16.66 est. paid monthly
      Example 2
      220%pa + $100 invested = $320pa but paid monthly so divide by 12 which equals
      $26.66 est. paid monthly
      So for $100 invested you could get between 16.66 - 26.66 paid monthly for 12 months.
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