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Earn Up To $5 Per Referral (w/ Payment Proof) - Socipoll.com

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pretty_jess    0


Socipoll.com is a website to Bring friends and Earn money. (It's like facebook with a little twist)

This is a 100% Legit and Paying website. (No investment needed)

This is what you will earn:

1. You earn $0.20 for every referral.

2. You earn $1.00 for every referral that has created 1 poll, 3 votes and 1 comment.

3. You earn $5.00 for every referral that has come back 5 times in 5 different weeks, created at least one poll in 5 different weeks, has voted on at least 3 polls in five different weeks and has made at least one poll comment in five different weeks


Accounts will be paid at the 1st of each month for accounts that have attained the minimum $25 balance, and to the paypal email address as chosen in the member edit section.

What to do?

1. Sign-up for an account if you do not have one. Register here!

2. Login, and be sure to add a valid paypal address to which we can send your earnings in the edit info section.

3. Once you've logged in, you can Facebook like/send, tweet or email using the links below each poll, and your affiliate ID will be attached to track.

4. Engage your referrals by requesting friend status on Socipoll, create polls, vote and comment on their polls.

5. Check your earnings which can also be found under your profile picture on your account homepage, among other pages.

Here's my payment proof below:.


Want to join? Click here www.socipoll.com

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skylady    35

bumps deleted...

PLEASE Read & Follow the rules for our Forum and for Posting a Topic, before posting one...

Thank you, skylady

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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socipoll has recently cut by half the amount of money you receive by each ref

used to be 10 cents last week, now it´s 5

that´s bullshit!


in the FIRST post of this topic this girls states that socipoll pays 20 cents per ref!

it´s only 5 now

this site is big SCAM

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