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Start 26.01.12 1% - 7% daily (LR,PM,AP)

Start 26 01 2011 [Dedicaded server from Geniusguard][Antiddos from Geniusguard][sSL from Thawte]


Payment system:





Minimum 5$

1% - 3% daily for 30 days

2% - 5% daily for 60 days

3% - 7% daily for 90 days

Referal bonus:

1% - 15% from deposit


My spend:

Date: January 26, 2012 10:22:24 AM

Amount Paid: $100.00 USD

Reference Number: B08B9-C0E36-63298

Seller Name: Tim McAlister

Seller Email:

Item Description: Deposit to TOP INV User N/A

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