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New system in Pre - Registration.


System consists of 2 Parts:


2.Investment Facility

Cycler program is simple, don't wanna give to much away and also don't want to over complicate things.

Each package contains a cycler seat amount which is the cost of the seat in the cycler and cycler return amount which is the return money once it cycles. Everyone should cycle at least once and a maximum amount of twice to get your capital returned. Cycle Period estimated to be between 7 - 28 days after launch possible getting shorter later.

That's it.

That simple.

*Please do not ask exactly what system we are using as this gets quite complicated to explain. Basically we are using the same as whats out there just a slight variation with what others are using. Bottom Line** this is the same as any cycler out there and the more people that join the better the system works so tell anyone and everyone.

The Investment Facility is a long term investment system with a return of between 120%p.a(per year) to 300%p.a(per year) calculated daily and paid monthly for a minimum of 12 months. There is a interim weekly % which gets added and paid monthly.

Example 1

100%pa + $100 invested = $200pa but paid monthly so divide by 12 which equals

$16.66 est. paid monthly

Example 2

220%pa + $100 invested = $320pa but paid monthly so divide by 12 which equals

$26.66 est. paid monthly

So for $100 invested you could get between 16.66 - 26.66 paid monthly for 12 months.



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