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Mark Gil Mariano

CreateAbundance - ca2020.net

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In this present time and age, the best thing we need to do to better our financial situation is to educate people about Financial Literacy.

Create Abundance is an enterprise whose purpose is to empower people and organizations to generate and fulfill new possibilities based on gifts, generosity, accountability and commitment. We create and provide services, programs and business vehicles that produce extraordinary results for our business partners.

We strongly believe that it is not yet too late for us to pick ourselves up from the slump it is in. With visionaries and people who will guide and help you towards achieving you goals, the future will no doubt be better 10 years from now.

Join us in making our VISION of creating at least 1,000 millionaires from zero by the year 2020!

I would like to invite you to you this FREE Wealth Mentoring course that is offered for FREE by the CreateAbundance2020 Business Community. In this Free Wealth Course you will discover your money and wealth beliefs and how they are affecting your financial life. The objective of this course is to recondition your beliefs such that you will have a Millionaire mindset. This is part of the Community’s mission of spreading financial intelligence throughout the Philippines and the World that is why it is for free.

The venues and schedules are:

*** Starbucks Alpap Bldg at Leviste Street in Makati (in front of Salcedo Park) held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (3pm to 6pm, and 6pm to 9pm)

*** Starbucks Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas (in front of UA&P) held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (3pm to 6pm and 6pm to 9pm)

*** For those outside of Metro Manila or outside the Philippines, we do have an online program for the Free Wealth Course. Just send me an email or text message to know how to avail of this program. My contact details are below.

Also, a LIFE ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM will also be given to 15 new apprentices who will become the next batch of multi-millionaires from ZERO using the ART OF LEVERAGE. This is open only to people who are DRIVEN, COACHABLE AND HAS A STRONG DESIRE TO SUCCEED. This includes lifetime business coaching from entrepreneurs, real estate brokers and investors.

Text or e-mail me your name, age, occupation, contact number, preferred schedule (day, time and venue) and reasons why you want to attend the FREE Wealth Course (my contact details are below). The details of the Life Entrepreneurship Program shall be discussed. Visit our websitehttp://www.ca2020.net...... (an invite from Mark Gil Mariano) to get to know our Business Community and how we can make the Philippines a FIRST WORLD NATION.

I encourage you to invite and forward this to your friends too, in the name of financial freedom.

Don't Miss this Opportunity to learn how to end your Financial Struggle!

Start Working Smart for your Dreams and Live Life with Purpose, Ease and Grace.

Best Regards,






“If you want to be extraordinary, give a little extra effort, spend a little extra time, seek a little extra help, possess a little extra realism, make a little extra change.” – John Maxwell[/b]

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Quite interesting, will definitely think about and gather some old buddies to come and join also to spread the news towards financial freedome.

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No contact or support button to send the Admin. an invitation to TGF...

...maybe the thread poster, Mark Gil Mariano, would ask the Admin. to visit and keep us updated...


skylady ;)

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True Mark, we need to be knowledgeable on how to deal our finances otherwise we don't have any way to have a decent, comfortable life or even worse, not to survive at, all.

Your program is really good for people who needs help in money matters. cheers!

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