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Hyip Innovation –

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I am not the admin.

Register here:

- On the remarkable day of 11/11/11, the program which is named after its very essence - HYIP Innovation, is brought to you by the group of highly experienced HYIP investors. We are here to stay for a long time and we are here to make every possible effort to make YOU, the program user to prosper.

- By joining our program it will be only a matter of time before you realize that yo have made the right choice. Not only will you have an incredible chance to make YOUR very own dollars smiling, but in our journey into the future together, you will learn a lot - we promise you that.

- We believe that if it was not for YOU the investors, the High Yield Investment Programs market would not exist and this means that every HYIP program out there must serve YOU, not the other way around. We believe that YOU deserve a lot better treatment, we intend to accomplish just that and that is our vision.

- Our mission is to create the breakthrough program in the industry and to finally set the stage of what the true investment model should be, in this crippled by economics and financially crazy environment. We want to provide a real chance to win, to as many people as possible and we plan to do so with as little as possible for YOU risks.

Program pays flat 5% daily for 25, 30, 35 or 40 days, depending on the amount invested. Principal not returned. Three levels referrals structure. Referral commissions are up to 15% on the first level, depending on the number of referrals.

Accept: LR, PM


Request 1000% RCB:

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Concerning extremely high % paid daily

You know, we are going to leave these in here and if someone has enough EXTRA cash to chance playing these High %’s…

That will be up to them…

We decided not to make the choice for them…

Just realize, high % like this, has never lasted long and some lose their money…

Your choice members,

Play Safe coffee.gif

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You have received a payment to your account U6376392:

Date: 2011-31-12 19:18:23

Batch: 80539242

From Account: U3167528

Amount: $1.25

Memo: Withdraw to from HYIP Innovation

You have received a payment to your account U6376392:

Date: 2012-01-01 14:05:35

Batch: 80569654

From Account: U2435012

Amount: $0.95

Memo: Withdraw to hyippulse from AP Energy Invest

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Paying! Paying!

Date: 2012-13-01 04:48:15

Batch: 81704042

From Account: U3167528

Amount: $1.00

Memo: Withdraw to hyipscan from HYIP Innovation

Thank you.

Date: 2012-13-01 04:54:35

Batch: 81704310

From Account: U3167528

Amount: $1.00

Memo: Withdraw to hyipscan from HYIP Innovation

Thank you.

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