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Found 7 results

  1. In this article we will talk about the most important skills of financially literate people. 1) It is a skill to maintain a balance between investment and consumption. In all situations, the main thing is to preserve the golden mean, allowing you to live in peace and comfort not only in the present but also in the future. 2) The next skill is the specific planning of the financial objective to successfully achieve it. ⠀Главными The differences between a goal and a dream are: priority, certain deadlines and costs. For example, a dream is "I want to live by the sea". But "to buy a one-storey house of 100 square meters with a swimming pool and a garage one block from the sea on the southern coast of Italy for 100 thousand euros in three years" is a real financial goal. 3) The ability to maintain your own financial plan. ⠀Как says Robert Kiyosaki, an American entrepreneur and investor: "If you don't have a plan to become rich, you are likely to be poor. You just don't know it." Always the best friend in the implementation of planned financial goals will be your own financial plan. ⠀ 4) Skills in the competent use and application of financial instruments. ⠀На there are indeed a huge number of diverse and accessible financial instruments. They have various parameters and properties: entrance threshold, profitability, recommended investment term, reliability, liquidity and stability. A financial instrument needs to be selected depending on its objectives. ⠀ 5) The skill of having multiple sources of income. At present it is quite risky and dangerous to have only one source of income. A person lives safer when he or she has several different sources of income. After all, everyone will agree that to feel confident and stable with security in the future of his family is very valuable. Nowadays Yoda X is gaining popularity, which is a modern way of earning money from crypt currency. The Yoda X currency project with PoSMining support has proved itself well. It has significant technical characteristics that can affect the industry. In this regard, Yoda X has and will have: 1. Livecoin 2. 50Х 3. Deex.exchange Pay attention to this trading instrument. For cooperation and partnership issues, please contact the Administrator of the Strategic Director, Alena Dubchak, Telegram @AlenDel #YodaXEmpire #yodax #cryptoyodax #Saleyodax #Buyyodax #Dreamteam #Yodax #Dreamteamleaders
  2. Cryptovalues have long ago become something that many of us are used to - something that is constantly on hearing. The industry has experienced more than one leap in recent years; let us remember how it was. Bitcoin creation It all started incredibly long ago, in 2009. That's when an unknown until now developer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakomoto developed and published the world's first crypt currency. For a long time Bitcoin was known only in a narrow circle of users, among whom programmers and developers dominated. The coin was used only in a limited way, and its course was insignificant by current standards. This lasted until 2013: around that time the rate started to change and grow rapidly, periodically maintaining a stable price. The next jump took place in a couple of years, and in 2017 the price of the VTS reached its historical maximum: almost $20 thousand per coin. Numerous followers A couple of years after the launch of Bitcoin, numerous developers began to catch fire with the idea of creating something similar. Some projects were completely identical, others sought to smooth out the technical flaws of their predecessor. Many of those projects have failed with a crackle as garbage, but others are still alive and well. Some of them: · Ripple; · Ethereum; · Dash; · ZCash; · Monero and others. What's interesting is that programmers' ideas don't run out. Blokchain turned out to be a surprisingly versatile technology that can be successfully applied in different spheres of human activity, so the field for experiments is quite vast. In the last couple of years, this trend has not gone away - even vice versa. We see a lot of new violcoins and interesting technologies. Thus, Yoda X project appeared quite recently and has already managed to impress the community with its peculiarities. The platform allows to receive passive income to coin holders - it can be compared to a bank deposit. You can already buy currency on some exchanges - for example, LiveCoin. Architecture arouses a certain interest and makes you look at yourself, although it's too early to talk about some stunning prospects. Popularize Bitcoin began to be talked about in the masses around 2014: at first the possibilities of its use were very limited. Over the years, crypt currency began to attract more and more interest in society. If ten years ago it was almost impossible to spend Bitcoin or altcoins, now the number of companies adding payment gateways for cryptocurrency is relatively large. You can buy something for digital coins at some Subway and KFC restaurants, Microsoft's online store and local points. As for the blockchain, the field of application is even more extensive. Samsung, Walmart, Facebook, Google and many other companies are actively introducing it into their business to make it more modern and comfortable. Some universities have even developed areas of training related to cryptocurrencies. For example, at Stanford, Massachusetts University and the University of Singapore. Legal status The question of the legal status of cryptovalues has become particularly acute in the last few years, when their popularity and the number of applications have increased many times. This is due to a number of problems - first of all, anonymity, which can be simplified: 1. Money laundering; 2. Financing of terrorism; 3. Selling drugs and other illegal businesses . The regulation varies from country to country: the SEC in the U.S. is friendly to the industry, but sets a number of fairly strict requirements for developers and exchanges. Some Asian countries have banned or proposed bans on ICOs (investment fees for start-ups) and even on digital currencies in general. One thing is clear: developing a flexible set of laws for this niche is not easy. Now. Now, in 2020, the cryptovolta market continues to develop actively, and the demand does not think to disappear. We see new promising projects, interesting solutions and gradual introduction of these technologies into our everyday life. We want to believe that it will last a long time, because digital assets are a great tool not only for regular use, but also for earning.
  3. In this strange spring of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic affected all areas of our lives. Under the pressure of this factor sagged and the industry crypto valyut: Bitcoin moved downward until March 16, and, reaching a value of $ 601, began to rise sharply in price. Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies now? On the one hand, this instrument is not as familiar to big traders as traditional assets. On the other hand, the digital economy can, on the contrary, become a haven in a period of unstable economy. Below is a list of attractive coins for investment, which can be preferred even in these uncertain times. Bitcoin Bitcoin is a classic crypto voltaic market, setting the tone for other assets and one of the most stable. At the time of writing, 12.05.2020, one coin was valued at $8,777. This currency has the largest share in the investment portfolio. BTC, as mentioned above, differs from other coins by a higher level of stability and high value, so it is a bit easier to earn on it. There is a perception in the crypto community that Bitcoin is the tool that will literally save the world economy from crises. It may be too loud a statement and yet another manifestation of the inexhaustible optimism of enthusiasts, but there is something to think about anyway. Ethereum Ethereum is not the most expensive crypto asset, but in this case it is not that important. The value of this coin is the functionality of its ecosystem. Vitaly Buterina's project is still popular among developers: while people need smart contracts, a coin running in architecture will not lose its relevance. Besides, the project is planned to be transferred to stacking in the foreseeable future. This is an increasingly popular technology: token holders are able to receive passive income, just storing them in a wallet for some time. Therefore, ETH's long-term prospects are quite good - it is worth paying attention to. TRON TRON - this spring is showing good dynamics: despite the rather low price, this asset has some potential. At the time of writing, its market capitalization was $980 million. Briefly about the blockbuster: this platform is designed not so much for financial transactions as for content exchange, development and use of smart contracts. Unlike the more general Ethereum, here the emphasis is on the entertainment industry. We don't expect a crazy price rise, but there will be some progress. Stellar Appeared on the market in 2014, the Stellar platform quickly gained popularity among developers and investors. At the time of writing, the market capitalization of the asset of the same name was $1.5 billion. This cryptographic currency has recently been renamed Stellar Lumens or XLM. The project has a decentralised exchange for comfortable trading. The asset is not high priced and its future dynamics will not bring crazy dividends. Meanwhile, the risks of significant losses are low. Yoda X Yoda X is a relatively new but very promising project. Its main feature is the stacking already mentioned above: users can receive passive income. The amount of income is increased by additional coefficients. The developers plan to create a network for B2B and P2P trading, which should provide the coin with additional demand. Due to the young ecosystem, it's too early to draw categorical conclusions, but it has a chance to get ahead. Let's see what happens next, but in the meantime it's worth taking coins at least for the sake of stacking. Ripple Recently, Ripple has behaved ambiguously, but its market capitalization is still one of the largest: $8.7 billion. On positive forecasts, the value may reach $0.3-$0.5 with the current value of $0.1. The platform in which the currency operates is characterized by excellent technical characteristics and ease of use. Interestingly, it is not much younger than Bitcoin: Ripple was launched in 2012, long before most of the listed here. Monero By 2020, everyone has managed to understand that many anonymous crypto values are in fact far from anonymous: even Bitcoin is not ideal in this respect. So over time, third-party developers have created similar systems, but with more impressive privacy indicators. Monero could have filled everyone with osmosis - too much was said about it in its day. But this growth potential cannot be denied: the currency has a good price ($61) and capitalization (more than $1 billion), it has been showing a slow but steady upward movement since mid-March. Conclusion This list is only of a recommendatory nature and may not coincide with the reader's views on promising projects for investment. The main thing when creating an investment portfolio is to properly distribute capital and understand the chosen currencies. Maintain a balance between recognized leaders, stable altcoin and newcomers - the latter usually account for a smaller portion of the portfolio. And don't forget to keep track of the latest news - they can become markers of important market changes. We hope that this selection was useful for you and will help you in your future choices.
  4. Who can live a rich life and youth: Someone who was born with a gold spoon in his mouth, and everyone is provided by his parents. Who else in his youth made sure that he had a passive income. Who has real estate or a rich man. But the truth is, you can live differently. The time you spend at work, the actual whole day of light, you can spend much more interesting and, most importantly: productive for yourself. Not sitting in front of a computer, bending down to three deaths. And doing sports, jumping with a parachute, traveling. The list can be continued endlessly. If you are unlucky with 1 and 3 points, you can still begin to form your passive income. If you think it takes a lot of money to do this, which will have to wait a long time, stop! 10,000 rubles and six months of time, do you think that's a lot? This is the minimum you will need if you use a working tool to generate passive income. Of course, everything depends on your needs. For someone, 100,000 rubles is not enough on a passive income. And for someone, it's 1,000,000. Based on the desired amount, you have to work at the first stage. If you were sure that you could do it, would you do your best? Let me tell you what to do. First of all, there is such a tool and it is called Yoda X. Secondly, the tool is quite young, but already very powerful, like the Yoda Master. Thirdly, it will allow you to make money. Yoda X is a cryptographic currency. Like Bitcoin, only more progressive. The capabilities of Yoda X: Proof of Stake Proof of Stake mining gives you the opportunity to earn income without creating huge mining farms and purchasing equipment for their maintenance. With Proof of Stake coins are minted on their own. And you get an income, as with a deposit in a bank. Price . If you want to buy 1 Bitcoin now, it'll take a fortune. Yoda X was launched in March 2020, so the price is still affordable. Approximately $1. Community and Marketplace Yoda X is already forming a huge friendly community. In the future there will be a Marketplace, like Yula or Avito, with the opportunity to buy goods and services for cryptographic currency. Kryptobank . That's what crypto investors of all kinds are investing in Yoda now. The ability to have a card in cryptcurrency with the ability to exchange for any, including fiat money. So how do you earn passive income on it? You will need Telegram messenger and Yoda Bot tool: First you need to buy a YoDA X cryptomonet. You can get the list of exchangers with the best prices from me (specify link, contacts). Buy at least 100 YOD. Next, press the "Enter on Stacking" button of the bot. Now your money is on deposit at 21-30% per month. The income comes every 24 hours. To save up faster, do not withdraw your funds, but reinvest them. How to do it, I also show you. The referral program will help to increase the yield. Share information, give your referral link and get up to 20% extra from 20 lines. Are there any doubts? This earnings are not for me. I can't do it. The systems do all the work. All you need to do is put the coins and press the button. Then you'll see for yourself how your income starts to grow. Believe me, it's very simple. Besides, you always have partner support. This is not a reliable income. And what is reliable? In a factory for 30,000 rubles? When you do not own your life at all, and every day only brings you closer to a miserable pension? Where they take your present and do not even promise the future. Why are you there? Here reliability is guaranteed by a blockage. Bitcoin's been around for over 10 years and its price is just rising. Those who bought it at the start are now dollar millionaires. It's not time to give it back. Yoda X is your chance. In this world, everyone is given equal, everyone can be rich. So why are you giving your share to someone else? Are you ready to take yours? Just write me (@AlenDel) and start to live for real.
  5. Crypt currency is one of the most developing industries in the digital world. Some see tokens as a step into a new world where decentralization, fiat and total control will be lost. Others see the cryptovolta only as a way to earn money. We have prepared the TOP 3 of the most promising cryptov currencies, in which it is realistic to invest. How do you know which crypt currency to invest in There are an incredible number of cheaters in this field. Often at the start of the investment, the projects are quickly wound up and disappear along with the money of the investor. Often tokens do not withstand the competition. Take into account: · Transparency of information. White Paper should be uploaded to Github. You have to clearly understand what kind of cryptovite it is, what technologies are used, how it is extracted, etc. The more data the developers provide, the better for investors. · Entering the reliable stock exchanges. Make sure the tokens go to the markets for sale. Exchanges must have a good reputation and long experience. · Liquidity of digital coins. Make sure that tokens are easy to sell at any time at a price as close to the market as possible. · The reputation of the developers. The more known the creators of cryptomonet, the higher the probability of reliability of digital currency. · Further growth and development. Explore the plans that are going to be implemented with digital currency. The more useful they are to society, the more likely it is that it will stabilize and grow upwards. A striking example is Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are the main indicators that should be considered when investing tokens. The fewer questions you have when studying the prospects of tokens, the more suitable for investment will be the cryptographic currency. TOP 3 new and most promising cryptov currencies for investment We won't talk about titans like bitcoin, etherium or bitcoin cache. These cryptovalues have long been known. They definitely make a profit. But they're also quite expensive. For an average citizen who only wants to invest, they may not be affordable. We offer inexpensive tokens, which can bring significant profits in the future. GRAM (Telegram) The Token released by Pavel Durov created a furor last year. It's designed specifically for Telegrams to pay for various goods and services. This includes digital and physical products, advertising, etc. The TON blockchain is used for operation. The system allows to conduct a huge number of transactions per second. The system also launched a completely anonymous Internet, where you can already create sites. Moreover, the platform will be an alternative to the known TOR. However, the tokens were never fully started. At the moment the U.S. government has banned the issue of coins, as the developers are accused of violating the law. On April 30, Pavel Durov announced the possibility to take back the invested funds by investors in the amount of about 75%. At the same time, he also offered them to wait until next year. If the full issue is not completed, the platform will return 110% of the invested funds. Yoda X Token came out in 2020 and is aimed at large-scale activities. At the moment, Token has already entered the cryptovrency exchange trade.50x. com. Also in May this year will be released on livecoin. net and deex. exchange. Developers of crypt-currency - in the past known experts who actively promoted crypt-currency PRIZM. It is worth noting that cryptographic currency is aimed at meeting many needs of users who see the future in decentralizing the financial system. Thus, the purpose of coin creation is to create: 1. A single market that allows you to buy goods and services from individuals and legal entities for tokens. The launch is planned in July 2020. 2. Crypt currency bank with a system of lending, investment, insurance. Obtaining a license is scheduled for autumn 2020. 3. Possibilities of direct exchange of Yoda X with other cryptov currencies directly, without recourse to third-party exchanges. The distinctive feature of cryptovolta is the way to earn money. Here, mining is performed using Pos Minig (Proof of Stake) technology. Mining is carried out by keeping tokens on special accounts. Owners are charged a percentage with the coefficient of storage time of coins. WazirX (WRX) Token has launched the Indian crypt currency exchange of the same name. It was launched in 2020 on the Binance Launchpad. This exchange is a leader among methods of exchanging rupees for tokens and back.
  6. Cryptcurrency and Blockchain (the technology on which it works) - these concepts can safely be called one of the most significant in 2020. Even retired people have probably heard of Bitcoin by now. Let's understand, what value are the digital coins in 2020 and whether it is worth paying attention to them in terms of investment. Cryptcurrency as an investment asset. More and more financial analysts are inclined to allocate 5-10% of the total investment portfolio to alternative types of investments, which include the crypt. But so far, the crypto market cannot be called fully mature, and such investments will be considered high-risk for a long time. But especially active investors are often interested not only in the main crypt currency, but also in many promising altokines. Millions of dollars worth of altoins are traded daily at cryptorium exchanges. Many of them do have a wide range of real-life applications - and this is a key indicator that shows the potential for investment. Why it is worth investing in cryptcurrency in 2020: - Against the backdrop of Bitcoin halving, there is a significant increase in the rates of most coins. This is a good time to "hop on a train" to make a profit later on. - Active development of block technologies, their implementation in people's real life. - The decentralized system has no single regulator and does not depend on external events in politics or economics. - Participation in a huge community of technologically advanced people, mastering innovations. The efficiency of investments depends on the strategy used. For example, it is possible to invest directly in digital coins such as Bitcoin, Etherium, or it is possible to invest in block projects, ICOs or firms producing equipment for mining. Some hedge funds already offer the option of adding Bitcoin to your investment portfolio. PoW and PoS mining. Cryptovalues are extracted through mining - the process of transaction confirmation. Miners use the power of their equipment for mathematical calculations and are paid for it. There are about 10 types of mining, of which the most popular are Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. To mine a PoW coin, you need powerful hardware that will look for a solution to confirm transactions and write them to the blockcheck. As for PoS mining, its essence is that the miner keeps a certain amount of coins in its account (this is the so-called bet, stake). The algorithm chooses the miner each time based on how many coins it has placed, and other factors. The advantage of the second option is that it requires only financial investments for the initial purchase of the crypt currency. In the case of PoW, in addition to financial investments, it will require significant time and effort to control and maintain the equipment. An example of a coin running on PoS is Yoda X. This is a new crypt-currency, which is created by collecting the advantages of three blockchecks and adding your own unique algorithms. Features of the platform: - Ability to use in p2p and b2p spheres for purchasing goods and services. - Integration with fiat payment means. - Single marketplace for individuals. - Crypt currency bank (crediting, investing, insurance). - Instant exchange of one currency for another. You can make money on Yoda X by using Collective Stacking (PoS). To do this, you need to have on your wallet at least 100 YODA X, then the monthly increase will be 11%. The more coins you have on your balance, the lower the percentage is. Mining stops if you have 1 million YODA X on your wallet. Thus, the stacking is ahead of traditional banking structures in terms of profitability. It is definitely the sphere in which it is necessary to invest at the moment. #YodaXEmpire #yodax #cryptoyodax #Saleyodax #Buyyodax #Dreamteam #Yodax #Dreamteamleaders
  7. Hello everyone) Good evening everyone! My name is Alexander Kargin, I am the strategic director of the cryptocurrency Yoda X. And with great pleasure in this article I will tell you about our new cryptocurrency, which in truth can change the world. In general, before I start talking about cryptocurrency itself, I would like to touch on the terminology of ordinary money and cryptocurrency a bit. We all know that Money is a universal means of exchanging various goods and services among themselves, as well as a measure. The amount of money measures the value of a product or service, and the money measures the wages, or in different ways, the value of various specialists. Money can be paper, metal, virtual. Now money has many functions: 🔺Means of payment 🔺Evaluation of the work of people 🔺Equivalent to the value of goods 🔺 Savings Creation Tool 🔺A mediator in the circulation of goods 🔺Calculation tool Cryptocurrency is a digital (virtual) currency that does not have physical expression. The unit of such a currency is “coin”, which means “coin” in translation. At the same time, the coin is protected from falsification, since the coin is encrypted information that cannot be copied. Cryptocurrency does not have a physical form, it exists only in the electronic network in the form of data. An exchange through a cryptocurrency takes place in much the same way as an exchange of emails, hence much less processing time than through a bank, minimal fees and the absence of an intermediary. They are united by one. We can use both ordinary money and cryptocurrency in everyday life. And it is precisely today that I have great pleasure and want to tell you about our Yoda X coin. ✔️About its uniqueness ✔️ What opportunities does it give ✔️How to earn money on it ✔️ What is her purpose ✔️Well and I will share with you the news for today Yoda X, First of all, this is a new generation cryptocurrency. Why a new generation, because it takes into account all the shortcomings and disadvantages of other coins. Huge work and analysis has been done. Anyway, this coin cannot be compared with other coins that currently exist. ✔️ Yoda X is a decentralized cryptocurrency created on the basis of three blockchains (Zerocoin, Dash, Pivx) The fact that she has her own blockchain is her and uniqueness. I think many people understand this. That is a huge plus. ✔️ Also, open source (this is also an important aspect) If we talk about security. I’ll say right away that the coin has its own blockchain and no one, absolutely no one can have access to the source code (in terms of changing it, and introducing any adjustments) Each wallet created on the Yoda X blockchain will have 100% security of funds, and even coin makers will not be able to access your funds and wallets. ✔️ Instant exchange of cryptocurrency between blockchains. This technology allows you to instantly, without intermediaries, exchange any cryptocurrencies with minimal commissions. (For example: you can exchange Yoda X for Bitcoin with minimal commissions and in return. Through the blockchain) ✔️P2p and b2p trading platform support Those. This is when we can buy goods for cryptocurrency, pay for any services from both individuals and legal entities. Thanks to our marketplace, this is a platform where all the well-known cryptocurrencies are combined, allowing you to realize a particular purchase. Here we can make purchases, closing our needs, from food to real estate. ✔️Financial services for individuals. This is a cryptocurrency bank. In principle, this is the same bank that we use now, only their differences are that the currency of this bank will be cryptocurrency. There will also be a credit system, insurance. A debit card will be issued (card master and visa) And each of us will be able to order it for himself. She will be registered. And all cardholders, I can actively participate in the activities of the company. Conversion will take place instantly in any currency convenient for you and pay all over the world, wherever you are. In general, the goal of the coin is to combine all the advantages of the existing cryptoeconomics and allow absolutely everyone in everyday life, without any efforts, to use all the possibilities of blockchain technology, which has already enveloped the whole world. Our goal is that the coin be a means of payment, i.e. we could use it, paying for goods and services. Road map. Here you can see our path, our movement. You can trace our route, as they say. A shift is possible in dates, since we are all people, there are some technical issues. But! Nevertheless, we still adhere to our schedule. Who is with us from the very beginning, they personally saw our formation and the beginning of the path) March 23, we began to move, we set off from point A. The initial issue of 20 million - it is necessary to launch the blockchain, to ensure decentralization of the system, and of course to create the YodaX community. The final issue of 20 billion As 20 million coins were distributed, we all see on the slide. ✔️ Technical specification. ✔️ SwiftX Technology This technology allows for almost instant transactions. Well, we have come to the most interesting and beloved point by all of us - this is income. How is everything happening here. To make it work. First you need to register in the Yoda X blockchain itself. After you need to replenish the balance with at least 100 Yoda X coins, so that you can turn on the stacking. Coins can be bought through exchangers and exchanges. ✔️Collective stacking - what is it? This tool is aimed at ensuring the liquidity of the coin, When using it, on the trading platform Yoda X Market. Of course there will be a complication of coin mining. It will be carried out upon reaching the necessary block, but also regulate profitability. This will ensure the liquidity of the coin on the exchanges. Stacking profitability is determined by 3 variables: ▪️Number of coins in the wallet ▪️ Coefficient of storage of coins ▪️System volume ratio Also, if you want to calculate your profit, your income, you can go to the company’s website and in your account on the calculator calculate everything for yourself and see everything clearly. ✔️Getting familiar with the manual Yoda X is a team, each member of which has at least 8 years of experience in various fields. These are specialists who create unique services, develop new technologies, monitor the smooth operation of the platform and provide high investment returns. ✔️What kind of news do we have today: 🔺 The Bounty program has started. What it is? This is when a person can earn coins for performing certain actions and fulfilling conditions. All conditions can be found on our official YodaX channel. All with your hands 🔺 Concluded a partnership with Delivery Club (as soon as the marketplace comes out, we can order food for YodaX) 🔺 Work is underway to create their own YodaX cellular communications, there will be their own sim cards. With full unlimited worldwide. Payment will be in cryptocurrency 🔺 In May, we launch the telegram bot. This is also one of the tools through which you can earn. I will say a few words about the bot. But with the release of the bot, there will be direct separate presentations on this tool. The entrance threshold is 50 YodaX coins, so that the affiliate program and stacking are included. Affiliate program 20 lines in depth, the width is endless. Well, the daily% will depend on the number of coins in the wallet. There are also many negotiations with large companies such as AliExpress, Joom, WildBerries, Yandex taxi. Follow all the news on our official telegram channel and social networks. #YodaXEmpire #yodax #cryptoyodax #Saleyodax #Buyyodax #Dreamteam #Yodax #Dreamteamleaders Vkontakte page Instagram Page WhitePaper Yoda X About company Capabilities Roadmap @wowmors
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