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Found 1 result

  1. Non-Fungible Tokens are in talks as latest craze in the world of Blockchain. We see massive interest in the domains of NFT both in Bollywood as well Hollywood, therefore YearnNFT plans introduce a unique abstract artworks of celebrities and artists alike in the near future. NFTs described as a secure blockchain-based logbook depicting informative pieces of digital media that can be bought with cryptocurrency. YearnNFT Finance is basically an NFT marketplace and digital art project developed on Binance Smart Chain network in September. We desire to incorporate the NFT marketplace manoeuvring the best user experience for anyone, anywhere. This project intends to make an appearance as the go-to marketplace specifically for NFTs for celebrities and fans alike. YearnNFT is keeping a close eye to make a huge name on Bollywood and Hollywood. We have already joined the talks of top celebrities belonging to Entertainment, Music , Arts and Sports to bring them on board. Analyzing the current scenario, it is no surprise that celebrities and fan-following are hopping on the virtual train to add their own contributions for auction. It can be to capitalize on the lucrative NFT market space or to make a statement on ownership and agency. Similar personalities can now discover how celebs right from Snoop Dogg to Emily Ratajkowski are seizing digital art and collectibles. Bollywood Celebrities to Enter NFT World We can see that the potential and buzz of NFTs has finally entered in India. Day-by-day, the NFTs are constantly breaking headlines of the Indian news. Thanks to the Bollywood film industry giants like Vishal Malhotra, etc. Check out some top Indian celebrities holding interest in NFT marketplace and are willing to invest and promote. Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan is the first Bollywood actor that introduced his own NFTs collaborating with BeyondLife. club. This club comes under Rhiti Entertainment has apprenticed with GuardianLink.io to provide a stage to global artists, athletes, celebrities to launch their NFTs. The NFT collectibles is designed to promote unique limited artworks encompassing the persona and movies of this legendary actor. The NFTs auction is set to start in the first week of November, and the joiners will need to log on to BeyondLife .club for participating and meeting the set price to own the NFT. Vishal Malhotra The famous TV host and actor Vishal Malhotra recently partnered with artist Ishita Banerjee in order to release a NFT. He is now the first Indian actor to conspire with an artist. The art represents the 25 years of work in Bollywood of the actor with most popular characters. This NFT was sold for 2.5 ETH and the animated piece is merges with a background music spotlighting Vishal’s voice. Hollywood Celebrities to Enter NFT World Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan featured her first NFT on February 15 worth $57,290. Since the auction, she is looking to mint more in NFTs and donating the proceeds. Lohan is also tweeting about Bitcoin from quite time now, and is now one of its more outspoken celeb advocates. Steve Aoki Steve Aoki has become one of the more recent NFT converts. On Sunday, Nifty Gateway acquired EDM DJ’s NFT that was featured with new music and animated visual art. Final Words On the spot, Non-Fungible Tokens have taken the art, gaming, sports, and entertainment industry to the next level by storm. We all agree that NFTs is driving in bigger opportunities for celebrities and new creators over the internet. Hence, offering a controlled income stream, where the user and enthusiasts can trade digital content for cash sorting out the revenue-sharing models. YearnNFT Finance is an NFT-based project built on the aspects like speed and affordability. This project is launched on BSC aka Binance Smart Chain to be later expanded into a multi-chain support with sophisticated product updates. The users anywhere in the globe can freely join the platform and easily create, sell, buy, bid, reserve, and trade digital art and collectibles at a fraction of the cost as compared to other platforms. With YearnNFT, we are developing a fast, reliable, and scalable token market with a motive of widespread adoption.

‴️-Paid Ad- TGF verify and approve but does NOT endorse the products advertised. πŸ”₯ Advertise here.πŸ”₯

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