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  1. YearnNFT- the utmost mainstream NFT marketplace developed and deployed on Binance Smart Chain network. Backed by Binance protocols, this project empowers both creators/artists and communities to freely and affordably create, discover, reserve, trade, and leverage NFTs. Assisting all communities interested in NFTs is the core motive of YearnNFT team as they intend to empower the upcoming generation of digital transactions. This platform serves three groups of users- NFT creators, collectors and traders alike. YearnNFT marketplace allows users to easily create and tokenize the content/asset. Moreover, it is also a spot for every contributor to explore and search for rare and exclusive NFTs from various sources; not only they can trade and distribute NFTs freely but also leverage YearnNFT platform to retrieve financial incentives obtaining from NFT goods. Why YearnNFT Hits the First Place? YearnNFT intends to build a trustworthy marketplace where any user can effortlessly trade precious and limited art pieces of digital assets such as collectibles, digital art, gaming assets, etc. The team also ensures the scarcity of every placed digital asset. Moreover, creators can decide on minting digital content in limited phases or access prevailing NFTs from BSC compatible blockchain. The motive of scarcity will guide creators avoid the emergence of secondary markets. On YFNFT platform, distribution methods are customizable, providing corporate solutions to issue the online content using simple purchase, redemption, auction, etc. The team allows and support various content formats. YearnNFT tries to satisfy various demands of users, thus welcoming wide content from 2D images, 3D models, to music files. Decentralization is another plus point of this marketplace where trades on YearnNFT happens on Binance Smart Chain and standard smart contracts. Yet community governance is next positive feature in which $YFNFT token holders can freely participate in proposal creating, asset holding and voting. Not only these mentioned rights but also community members enjoy financial rewards along with additional privileges including exclusive sales and increased limits. The team at YFNFT focuses on cost-efficiency by choosing BSC that provides a fast, cheap, affordable and safe transaction environment for YearnNFT ecosystem. Also, the service fees on this marketplace are quite low. The $YFNFT Token $YFNFT token is the utility as well as the governance token of YearnNFT platform. It is basically a BEP20 token developed on BSC. YFNFT holders attain additional benefits if they hold verified amounts of $YFNFT assets. $YFNFT is designed to be used for transactions and voting protocols. The token holders will have high priority in case of NFT listing. Additionally, the creators who hold $YFNFT can raise their minting and transaction limits. The token holders at YearnNFT marketplace will also earn a discounted rewards and service fee applicable in specified cases. Not only incredible rewards but also, they will have early access to presales and other events held at the ecosystem. Last but not the least, the token holders can propose and vote to choose the future of YearnNFT. YFNFT token economy is shown below: Token Name: YearnNFT Symbol: YFNFT Network: Binance Smart Chain Features: Governance, Fees, Rewards, Payments and Trade Tokenomics Distribution Total Supply: 73339 YFNFT Available Supply: 73332 YFNFT Presale: 20% (14666.4) Liquidity: 17.5% (12833.10) Token Burn: 50% (36666) a) Registration Bounty 2% (1466.64) b) Referral Bounty- 2% (1466.64) c) Influencer reward- 1% (733.32.64) d) Airdrop reward- 1% (733.32.64) YFNFT Token Development a) NFT Publishers Reward- 1.5% (1099.98) a) Development Team- 1.5% (1099.98) b) Marketing Team- 1% (733.32.64) c) Advisers- 0.5% (366.66) d) Founders- 1% (733.32.64) e) Investors- 1% (733.32.64) The highest participating users on the platform will be rewarded through community mining. Interestingly, the platform operates a mechanism to ensure a wider issuance and distribution in the community. There are funding systems and strategies to be used for platform and ecosystem development activities. Lastly, the liquidity funds are reserved to provide liquidity and rational bounties in the future. #YearnNFT , #Presale ,#NFTMarketplace ,#Minting ,#Pancakeswap ,#Binance ,#BSC #NFTTrending , #NFTCollection , #Trade , #Tokenlisting , #YFNFT
  2. YearnNFT is a community-centric NFT marketplace and Minting platform that utilizes the YFNFT token to empower the visitors and users who are willing to interact with the protocol and new set of features. Moreover, the team will soon release a sneak preview of their new functionalities and applications in the coming months. Users on the YearnNFT platform can feasibly create NFTs for unique digital items casually called artworks. This project provides its users a fully-featured marketplace that is entirely filtered and sorted with variant categories to create a smooth and easy user experience. Additionally, any user using the platform can create and post NFTs as per their preference on the YearnNFT minting marketplace. The YFNFT token is a fundamental pillar of the core platform as it holds much value and is the default currency to buy/sell NFTs for users interested in participating in the governance of the protocol. YearnNFT marketplace helps creators and artists alike to mint and auction their digital artworks as NFTs on the most popular BSC blockchain. Likewise, as collectors bid, they fuel an eventual system of value for online expression. Introducing the new era of NFTs with YearnNFT, the team is ready to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Some key features of this project are as follows: Visual Art: Upload, showcase and sell the digital artworks as NFTs with most simple drag-and-drop options. The project drives in easy-to-use marketplace with very low transaction fees operations. Authentic: Every digital creation portrayed on YearnNFT marketplace is online signed by the creator/owner and gets permanently recorded/verified using the blockchain. Unique: All digital creations are issued with respect to a unique digital edition. With a proper use of blockchain technology, any creator/owner can ensure the ownership of a limited number of authentic editions. In fact, this will ensure digital creation scarcity and uniqueness. Ownable: Holding/reserving a unique digital creation depicts that user has full ownership over the creation, which can be transferred and secured in their respective digital wallet for safe-keeping. The YFNFT team has presented a passionate group of veteran technologists, experts and creators who have verified and claimed the quality and the immense value created by digital creators at YearnNFT platform. Many new rare items and NFTs are yet to be displayed and released soon. Many experts define YearnNFT as an open, decentralized marketplace welcoming all sorts of digital items right from game items to digital collectibles to virtual art. The platform operating team permit users to freely buy and sell any NFTS with regards to YFNFT Tokens that complies and matches the open standards for BEP-20 protocols. Moreover, for artists and new developers, the team offers an open storefront creation procedure, where developers can hand-in-hand get a customizable marketplace to showcase and portray their items without any worries about creating any of the auctioning infrastructure themselves. The digital creation or NFTs available at YearnNFT is an authentic and truly unique digital assets officially on paper signed and issued by the creator. The tracking is done using the most recognized blockchain technology. The platform has recently burnt 50% YFNFT tokens to raise the value and indeed follow the principles of quarterly token burning.
  3. Projects like YearnNFT has been creating a huge amount of buzz since its launch in 2021, looking to capitalize on the current scenario and mini rally to initiate another bull run. The very recent new release is the $YFNFT token presale that is bucking up the trend of February. Though, this project was launched previous year, more than millions YFNFT tokens are getting sold in the ongoing presale period achieving more than 10000 token holders. Experts say as NFT marketplaces are driving mass adoption to NFTs, YearnNFT has a great pool! Now, get ready to moon earning this low supply token which is claimed to be the best NFT token of 2022. It offers a total supply 73339 YFNFT tokens where in 50% is raised for burning and 17.5% is allotted for liquidity. FYI, the project has successfully burnt 50% YFNFT tokens worth 36666 assets in numbers. 3 Reasons to Hold YFNFT Token YFNFT finance is crafted and portrayed with perfect Tokenomics, standard roadmap and has already audited with InterFi Network. This real-time NFT marketplace and its fast-growing community is driving massive attention of the NFT trend which seems the best opportunity for token to raise even bigger. Why YFNFT tokens? Low Supply NFT Token — YFNFT token comes with a total supply of 73339 assets issued in limited area of interest. Audited and Doxxed — The asset is audited with the InterFi and the team is doxxed to stay focused towards developments. Use-cases and listing — The native token can be used as network fee, source to NFT token and will be listed on standard Cex and Dex alike. YearnNFT is an NFT Marketplace which is designed by the team of blockchain experts and professionals. We believe that excellent team unites excellent people. The project team members have gathered from world-renowned auction houses that are quite active in the NFT industry. This NFT project has members both rich experience in traditional and digital arts. Check out some more details about the YearnNFT Marketplace and native token- $YFNFT. About YearnNFT Marketplace and $YFNFT Tokens The objective of the NFT Marketplace is to offer social media enthusiasts with a forum to buy, sell, reserve, trade or exchange their digital images while incorporating below-mentioned benefits: · Potential Marketing Focus · Market Growth Potential · Market Members · NFT Creators This YearnNFT Marketplace ecosystem merges over the YFNFT utility assets for both protocol token as well as application token. Moreover, the YFNFT token can be utilized in seven main ways: Network Fees: Base digital asset to pay the transaction charges. Governance: Vote on policy-making referendums specifically on governance. Payment: Primary exchangeable counter cryptocurrency for every trade on the platform. Fees: Fees for the NFT Marketplace applications such as listing fees. Rewards: Team distributes and contributes the rewards to all uses on the platform. Membership: While engaging in governance, user can enjoy other rights and protections within the ecosystem. Currently, the team is working on following plans to release in the coming months: · Music NFTs marketplace launch · 12000+ YFNFT holders · YearnNFT Dex Launch · YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Certik · YOFO Token Contract Audit and Airdrop · Listing YFNFT on PancakeSwap · Initiate YFNFT token Staking program · YOFO Token ICO on launchpad Additional news which is exclusive to both new comers and token holders is that YFNFT Presale is Live. The token price for this presale is set as 0.12 BNB per YFNFT along with a 10% Bonus. Moreover, the YFNFT listing price is raised as 0.6 BNB per YFNFT and this asset is expected to reach the value worth 3 BNB per YFNFT. The team has target to hit the price 1000 USD per YFNFT altogether with the initiative of NFT marketplace, multichain and many more active developments which are lined to release soon. YearnNFT has already launched its NFT marketplace on BSC network that is a free NFT minting model. Not only this, the team has plans to increase partnerships with Web3 and NFT creators. They are ready to connect with Binance, Bitmart, Huobi, etc. to generate more trust and trade.
  4. YearnNFT Finance is now considered a big name that has made DeFi available to all YFNFT low supply token flipped BTC price at times This project is a huge success among the crypto users Inspired by the advanced concept, the team is building a NFT marketplace with simplified application protocols. The YFNFT has a low supply of 73339 running on BSC network. YearnNFT is proud to announce this new project is a big success currently familiar as YearnNFT Finance NFTs and Collectibles Marketplace. This project is basically a DeFi NFT and digital collectibles built on the Binance Smart Chain network. We consider it as the first decentralized NFT art platform to offer its governance token where users can exclusively mint and brand their digital artworks. Here, we give the user Ownership, Provenance and Historical Audit, Transferability and Liquidity with the ease to use YFNFT tokens despite any limitations. YearnNFT marketplace is: Decentralized and non-permissible Framework is specifically designed to amend the benefits reducing risks of digital asset ownership and trading. The core technologies are strictly developed on the blockchain protocol, and automated smart contracts. Blockchain Protocol We use the Binance blockchain protocol named as YFNFT that gives you the security benefits of the Binance network, avoiding any chances of a consensus attack. Less Costly Fee Exposure We apply some charges including NFT creation and listing, application usage fees needed for trade execution, NFT auctions, as well as network fees for YFNFT transfers. On-Chain Management governance The YearnNFT roadmap make sure that stakeholders have the authority to feasibly enhance the basic protocol and modify important framework parameters to meet the fluctuating requirements of market and the community. Client Partnerships We offer a unique platform welcoming artists to display their digital products to the NFT marketplace. We guide the user to sell their own images/items on a marketplace along with some significant business models. Incentivization and Rewards We believe that community is almost everything and emphasize entirely on rewarding early adopters for their efforts, time and valuable contributions. We have diverse incentive and reward schemes that are specifically organized to back up successful creators, artists, sellers, and buyers. YearnNFT Finance: New DeFi NFT Marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain Network The development team working at YearnNFT project has accomplished yet another feat by presenting a successful version of blockchain platform- YearnNFT NFTs and Digital Collectibles Marketplace. Soon, this NFT project will acquire lots of Digital Art, products, collectibles, and services actively participated by the YearnNFT community. We are in a process to make our purpose transform into an exciting reality making a reputation-based financial-system and one of the most demanding one. We preferred Binance Smart Chain over other blockchain network to efficiently develop NFT marketplace with overwhelming speed and fewer gas fees. Also, it has a simple UI, and its mining process makes it top-class choice. The BSC follows a reliable approach concept and already reached 12 million transactions on May 16, 2021. We believe that this is indeed an exploring chain and is yet to influence the entire crypto era. The Noticeable Rise As per our close analysis, the growth of YearnNFT community has been so remarkable to experience a boost more than expected. This project is relatively new that has been recently integrated into the BSC blockchain. We have started our visionary mission to grab 50k+ members to join YearnNFT community and a growing number on social network as well. However, we agree that some still considered YearnNFT project as an “under the radar” platform as our YouTube Bounty goes live. There are many more upcoming milestones and releases plans ahead. We are on our way to bring back-to-back announcements that will keep everyone’s mouth wide open. Soon, YearnNFT will be among the renowned and trusted NFT marketplaces in the digital artwork industry. YearnNFT Token (YFNFT) Governance Asset YearnNFT marketplace is developed in order to offer a crypto-powered digital trading platform for users that they can effectively build, develop, buy and sell NFTs to grab the YFNFT token. We also provide exclusive services like governance mechanisms, auction listing, trade history tracking, especially based on user opinions, etc. This platform asset permits the stakeholders to vote, amend or modify the base protocols developed on the platform. We provide major token holders the rights and community ecosystem that includes analyzing the outcomes of any crucial decisions, core key parameter reconciliation like fee rate and community initiatives. * Allow asset holders to buy physical/virtual content, goods, and services within a decentralized marketplace. * Reward digital content creators providing quantifiable value with respect to the consensus of the community. YearnNFT YFNFT token can also be used in following ways: * The native asset of YearnNFT project is the core base digital currency for transacting the charges. * The user can vote on policy-making ballot on governance with YFNFT. The more YFNFT tokens holders have, the more they hold the power to vote. * The initial and only exchangeable counter crypto asset is YFNFT for all referring trades on the project marketplace. * The user can use YFNFT to pay for various NFT marketplace applications like listing fees. * We denominate the rewards distribution and contribution to all uses in terms of YFNFT. Tokenomics and Distribution Token Name: YearnNFT Symbol: YFNFT Network: Binance Smart Chain Features: Governance, Fees, Rewards, Payments and Trade YFNFT Token Distribution Details Total Supply: 73339 YFNFT Available Supply: 73332 YFNFT Presale: 40% Liquidity: 35% Registration and Referral Bounty: 8% Influencer and Airdrop reward: 4% NFT Publishers Reward: 3% Development Team: 3% Marketing Team and Advisers: 3% Founders and Investors: 4% Highlights YearnNFT Airdrop and Bounty Program was a great success. Registration and Referral Campaign is also running at the official platform. Each new registration gets a reward of 100 NFT points and bonus of 100 NFT points on every referral. YearnNFT YouTube Bounty is Live. YouTubers can join the event right away to claim 100 BNB. Presale at YearnNFT Finance will commence from 19 November 2021. The complete details regarding presale are yet to be disclosed. YFNFT tokens will be listed on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap About YearnNFT Finance We have carefully organized YearnNFT platform along with social channels to be known as a spot for global community Marketplace in the domains of NFT, digital contents, good and services with only native asset- YFNFT. We demonstrate a marketplace specifically for NFT lovers and crypto freak to trade. YearnNFT welcomes artists and creators to create NFT of their items/images and easily sell them on the platform. The users have an option to add single or multiple items on the YearnNFT marketplace to sell. Just the only requirement is registration from a unique account and participation with YearnNFT platform Our team holds rich experience in traditional as well as digital arts alike. Their knowledge and participation will guide us embracing and exploring great NFT artists around the globe. All the transactions are done using YFNFT token on the YearnNFT Marketplace. We aim to transform the current NFT industry by making it simple, easy and available for every enthusiast.
  5. Non-Fungible Tokens are the digital assets depicting real-world entities such as art, music, in-game items, videos, etc that are linked to the proof of ownership. To earn massive profits and income, major creators, artists and animators are starting to invest their ideas in NFT and making a master plan to sell such NFTs through trusted NFT Marketplace. NFT Marketplace is a field where investors, users, enthusiasts and business persons play great business opportunities. Therefore, any individual can purchase and sell their virtual properties such as collectibles, music, artwork, etc. without any worries of counterfeiting. To be precise, these NFT platforms are designed and built using blockchain technology to validate the provenance of digital content. Some NFT marketplaces provides a “burn” option to remove the duplicate one, where royalty shows a crucial role. If the NFT is somewhere traded and is ready for second-hand sale, the creator automatically receives a sharing of revenue each time evaluating the NFT. The bold fact says that the NFT marketplace owners earns more profit in comparison to the NFT creators. The users have the credibility to freely create NFT using variant marketplace on different blockchain networks including BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, etc. Testing these blockchain networks, Binance Smart Chain is considered to be the most preferable network chain for entrepreneurs in order to create and establish their own NFT marketplace platform. BSC is mostly referred while choosing an NFT Marketplace to create, trade, reserve and sell the NFT assets. YearnNFT is a NFT Marketplace developed in the BSC blockchain network. Here, the users can sell, bid, reserve, sell and buy digital collectibles. The individuals can even explore and trade using BNB coins and BEP20 tokens. This new project is more popular among entrepreneurs due to the BSC blockchain architecture comprises less complications as compared to other networks which seems perfect for the development of NFT and Marketplace altogether. The YearnNFT marketplace also consumes lower gas fees and provides instant transactions using BSC blockchain network. This project now has potential huge fan base among investors and depicts a great future. Creating your NFT at this marketplace gives you exclusive profits and takes your business career to the next level. All transactions on the YearnNFT marketplace are performed through the native utility token- YFNFT token. The team members working behind this project have rich experience in traditional as well as digital arts. They evenly participate, keep discovering NFT artists around this vast globe, empower YearnNFT functionalities, and fuel the productivity of the project in the crypto art world. Roadmap Version 1.2 is Live NFT has been said the newest implementation of blockchain technology that has gathered everyone’s interest right from fame artists to emerging creators. This concept is relatively new to some individuals wherein some find it pretty polished, however, we believe that our platform brings exceptional features to create and buy NFTs in easier way. Not only artwork but also, we are preparing a way to make the transaction experience smoother. Check out the milestones of YearnNFT marketplace with updated, finished and future planned stages: October 2021 · Website Release · Whitepaper Launch · Airdrop Begins November 2021 · Smart Contract release · YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Interfi Network · NFT Marketplace Setup · YFNFT Presale Start December 2021 · Achieve 5000+ holders · Airdrop distribution · Airdrop Ends January 2022 · NFT Marketplace (Beta version) · Achieve 10000+ YFNFT Holders · CMC Listing · Launch YOFO token · Start YOFO token Airdrop February 2022 · YFNFT Burning- 50% tokens · Marketplace — Music NFT’s launch · Achieve 12000+ YFNFT Holders March 2022 · YearnNFT Dex Launch · YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Certik · YOFO Token Contract Audit · YOFO token airdrop Ends April 2022 · YFNFT Token Presale ends · Listing YFNFT on Pancake Swap · YFNFT token Staking program · YOFO Token ICO on launchpad New NFT Marketplace YearnNFT is a new NFT marketplace developed on Binance Smart Chain to make it available for users to buy, sell and create NFTs. We have a mission to drive this project and NFTs to the mainstream. YearnNFT marketplace presents a well-designed website, standard roadmap and an easy way to create NFTs. Not only the documents but also our features are appreciated by the holders, community members and mainstream consumers. Small creators can affordably use our NFT launchpad to attain the exclusive exposure. Additionally, we offer a massive variety of NFTs like artwork, game, videos, photography, music, etc. Our new marketplace allows the general users to mint NFTs on the BSC and altogether the minting does not ask for any gas fee. NFTs such as jpg, png, gif, is acceptable with a maximum file size of 100 MB. There is very low transaction fee and creators/owners can set the royalty that gets paid each time these NFTs are sold on the official platform.
  6. YearnNFT is a decentralized, fair and community driven NFT marketplace for digital arts. The user can discover their favorite and exclusive collection and claim limited editions to eventually support their favorite artists. You can also buy, sell or auction any digital artwork into a unique NFT with the power of BSC blockchain. YFNFT is a native governance token that supports YearnNFT decentralized marketplace offering incredible collection of art pieces and artists alike. The NFT project also provides the ability to connect with higher investors to online exchange NFTs for their creations. The project announced a sustainable and powerful tokenomics system with appropriate token distribution that operated on Binance Smart Chain network, officially giving access to a globe of opportunities. The team welcomes artists with passion tied to the creativity and entertaining values of performance arts. The user can start their collection and nurture diverse ranges of NFTs with some rare editions that provides sentimental value. YearnNFT NFT Marketplace is Live At YearnNFT new platform, users can now support their gem creators by reserving the editions of their unique NFTs. YFNFT team adds a volume section to their new NFT platform for tracking major collections and artists. This is your only user-friendly platform where anyone can freely share, follow, like, comment and join peculiar creator communities. Creators can connect their crypto wallet and instantly start securely uploading and tracking their creations besides securing their ownership. Creators also have an advantage to monetize intellectual property by auction listing, spot selling, or royalties from trades between common users. The owners can reap the exposure by connecting their fans and followers on their own personalized subcommunity. YearnNFT aims to facilitate and develop one of the most reliable NFT communities inspiring and embracing individuals to create, showcase and cherish uncredited artists. This platform is designing a fully-fledged marketplace on the basis of its own digital currency. YFNFT will give the ability to curators and multipliers, diverse white-labeling options along with some custom-made NFT design. The team is trying to drastically minimize or entirely remove gas fees for creators, enthusiasts, buyers and sellers likewise at the YearnNFT marketplace. Earn Up To 500 BNB Worth of Passive Income YearnNFT is now offering its holders and new users one of the fastest and simplest ways to fill their pockets with passive income using digital assets. The platform has free registration to offer up to 500 BNB worth of passive income. According to the survey performed by the YFNFT team, 41% favors to use a HODLing strategy. In this tactic, the users attain higher returns by buying and holding their digital assets. They intentionally make frequent trades or conduct complex trading strategies to grab the maximum returns. By HODLing, the person can cleverly avoid bad trades, and some surveys even show that HODLers carry out better than day traders in long term periods of time. Also, they can earn heavy interest and raise their earnings by holding the crypto assets in hand. Buy YFNFT on Presale and Earn 1 NFT Worth of 1 BNB as a Reward At YearnNFT NFT marketplace, earn BNB incentive on every new NFT creation. The creator can claim their ownership, feasibly mint and trade NFTs, music, memes, creative images, videos and digital arts. Currently, the platform has Metamask, Trust wallet and Binance wallet available to hold tokens. Later in the coming future, Autherum, Coinbase and Portis will be added in the list of supporting wallets. The user can browse by category including digital art, gif, Clips, Sports, Utilities, all sort of NFTs. On the other hand, BNB is the native currency of Binance Chain that incorporates multiple use cases. Some commonly known use-cases includes fueling transactions on the chain, transaction fees payment on Binance Exchange, performing in-store payments, etc. YFNFT presale is live at YearnNFT Finance offering a price of 0.16 BNB and is extended till January 05, 2022. The user can also earn 1 NFT worth of 1 BNB as a reward for joining the presale and participating in the activity. For more updates and announcements related to the YearnNFT Finance join our social media platforms.
  7. The YFNFT token presale is finally live distributing low supply tokens while developing the brand-new minting model. Participants now have a chance to secure assets/rewards and will only be accessible after the closure of the sale. The presale is held in two phases. Round 1 distributed 20% of the tokens from the total supply and Round 2 has raised remaining 20% tokens. Round 2 is extended till 5 January 2022. About the YearnNFT NFT Project The YFNFT token is the native governance currency of the YearnNFT Finance project. YearnNFT is a decentralized NFT Marketplace based on a smart chain routing that supports the Binance Smart Chain network. The users who own their digital tokens on BSC network can easily pursue their trades without shuffling to any other platform. This helps to minimize the operational costs and makes speedy transactions. Our platform supports liquidity providing, staking, launching IDO, non-fungible tokens, and lending/borrowing. YearnNFT NFT marketplace provides a multi-chain stage and a whole new NFT experience. Advantages to Use YFNFT Tokens As YFNFT is a native token of the YearnNFT platform, it is designed to be used as the reward token for the entire system. YFNFT tokens can also be utilized to trade and stake on the YearnNFT platform. The users can access this NFT platform to mint their NFT or purchase their favorite NFT. The ecosystem features more than 5,000 unique collectibles with liquidity to the majority market makers. Such market makers offer their assets to the platform and in return earn rewards in the form of YFNFT tokens. We also offer a staking option for YFNFT holders to freely stake the tokens and attain rewards/bonus and transaction fees. The DEX alternative helps the users attain best prices for their trades and ensure the trader gets the best deal. Since our platform is decentralized, users can enjoy automation, speed, and security alike. The connections between the lenders and borrowers becomes seamless to earn exclusive rewards. YFNFT Token Presale Details You can grab YFNFT at a price of 0.16 BNB/YFNFT tokens during the presale. The presale only supports Binance Coin (BNB) as the platform is developed on BSC network. All YFNFT purchases will be available to access after the closure of presale. YFNFT token has a total supply of 73339 assets, and only 40% of it is raised during the presale. To participate in this event, you need to choose a BSC network and wallet deployed on this network like Metamask wallet to receive assets. Then these tokens can be swapped for the YFNFT token. As per our tokenomics system, there is a 5% reward on every buy/sell along with 1 NFT free on 1 BNB purchase. These assets will be redistributed to all YFNFT holders to attain the price stability and ensure the marketing expenses. Procedure to Join YFNFT Presale We recommend new investors and stakeholders to buy YFNFT tokens right away in the ongoing presale following these steps: · Download the BSC supported wallet app like Metamask on your device and add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list. · Purchase BNB using any trusted exchange and transfer the tokens to your chosen wallet address [BEP-20 addresses]. · Head to the presale pool and connect wallet · Enter your expected BNB contribution amount After the successful closure of the presale, according to the roadmap we will follow- PancakeSwap and ApeSwap listing, 1000+ holders and cross $10million market cap value. We are currently working in phase 2 and 3 and will be released soon. This plan ensures guarantee to proceed with factual and proposed launches for stakeholders. YFNFT Audit Process with InterFi Network was Success YearnNFT Finance Contract and Consensus has successfully passed its Audit Process with InterFi Network. Security Audit was pursued to recognize and resolve the security vulnerabilities by implementing the thorough cyber security practice. InterFi Network was chosen by us because it performs and executes its own smart contract development and testing frameworks. InterFi team also works with well-equipped latest tools/techniques that is quite impressive. Following the procedure, charges depend on the complexity as well as the duration of the contract audit. So far, variety of projects has shown great experience working with this audit platform this is the reason to choose it for our smart contract audit. We are already stunned by their prolific experience and impression in advanced network protocols and affordable pricing. YFNFT Minting Platform YFNFT Minting Model is a BSC-backed NFT project soon to be introduced that will be featured by YearnNFT Finance. According to the plans, this will be an on-chain network built on the Binance Smart Chain network to connect creators, artists, brands and their fans. This brand-new minting project will support the overall cycle of a unique NFT, right away from minting, marketing, distribution, NFT trading and redemption likewise. Our team wants to implement their deep knowledge and experience to launch, list and trade assets creatin familiar markets to the NFT space. This is the next evolution of digital art and collectibles to be operated on the Blockchain and NFTs is considered as the first step towards this revolution. The sight is for early market dynamics embracing digital artwork services towards a better future.
  8. Before talking about YearnNFT YFNFT token presale we would like to throw light on the details about token presale. You need to know about the things to consider prior to participate in a token presale, why we advise you to be an early bird joining a token presale. This is all for the benefit of newcomers willing to enter the crypto community and the ones unfamiliar with the concept and industry. Initially, tokens or assets that startups offer are launched before making them available to the general public where it is still under development. The token presale comes after the demonstration of ICO to the community. The funds raised during this event is either used to future development of the project or to fund the operations required for the lined-up releases. Our presale will offer investors and artists an opportunity to retrieve the projects tokens at a discounted rate with bulk rewards. Before grabbing the token assets, you should check the volatility of the project, understand the depth and core objective of the project and examine the entire team working behind the project. This article will give you an overall detail about the YearnNFT YFNFT token presale. Here is why you shouldn't miss the opportunity and be an early participant joining the presale. About YearnNFT Finance Project YearnNFT Finance is a DeFi and NFT marketplace built and powered by Binance Smart Chain network. This is a unique project dedicated to offer fast, smart, reliable, accessible, profitable financial services and a stage to showcase talent and creativity. Any artists and creators can display their efforts and work on YearnNFT easily while using the sophisticated user interface. As a user of YearnNFT marketplace, you can list your artwork and collectibles for future availability to buy, bid, sell, reserve and create their owned NFTs. YFNFT holders can earn digital assets and also use this token as means of payment. This is relatively new yet a promising project for the users intending to explore the concepts of blockchain. This platform is offering lots of quality services being decentralized for all users. Our team consists of developers holding vast experience in establishing and developing decentralized and advanced protocols in blockchain and new tech as a whole. We integrate the latest standards and trusted security practice in our smart contract and the model application. We own a community driven and transparent system to be open about. Why YearnNFT Presale is a Good Option? YearnNFT YFNFT token is built on a very reliable BSC blockchain network, with wallets that are highly compatible in terms of lending and saving. They depend on a strong decentralized governance protocols unrestrained by any authority or government however is an independent board. The core development includes · Creating decentralized applications; · Building and listing assets on cryptocurrency exchange; · Enabling the use of YFNFT tokens for purchase over the digital sphere; and · Allowing the use of YFNFT tokens to leverage and receive payments. These functionalities and use cases make this project and tokens exceptional and will amount to YFNFT token becoming a demanding token to influence the long-term price positively. YearnNFT YFNFT Token Presale YearnNFT YFNFT token presale is live on the website https://yearnnft.finance/index, from 19 November 2021. The Round 1 is already in action distributing over 20% of the total supply, with a price of 1 YFNFT = 0.12 BNB. The Round 2 will run from 1 December 2021 with a 20% token supply. The price is set as 1 YFNFT = 0.16 BNB for the Round 2. Shortly, after the presale, the YFNFT tokens will be listed on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap. You can visit the website to join the event and be the early bird for grabbing benefits from the YearnNFT marketplace. The buying process is quite simple and straightforward. Click on the “BUY TOKENs” icon on the website; signup/register and go with your required purchase accepting the price of the token in terms of BNB and YFNFT of your choice.
  9. YearnNFT, an NFT-based community-driven decentralized project has announced the YFNFT token presale distributing 40% of the total token supply. This platform is building an NFT minting decentralized applications on the Binance Smart Chain Network and is prepared to commence releases after the closure of presale. The YFNFT Token Presale is live at YearnNFT.Finance from 19 November 2021. This presale will run in two rounds, where Round 1 will raise 20% token supply and Round 2 will distribute 20% token supply. The price for Round 1 of 1 YFNFT is 0.12 BNB and price for Round 2 of 1 YFNFT us 0.16 BNB respectively. This project provides an easy-to-use user interface and functionalities that allows digital creators, artists, and online enthusiasts to reserve and trade digital commodities and collectibles as NFTs for redeemable goods. The entire platform is operating on BSC network and advanced protocols. The development of in-built gallery, assets and collectibles serves as means to embrace the platform for more competency as it pushes the bars in the blockchain world. YFNFT token is behind the project to power up and as governance tradable asset. We are here to bring users and art creators with exclusive experience specifically with the NFT space. Our team cited this while demonstrating our delight in the development. We are running the presale of low token supply to reach its productivity and value worth 300x. YearnNFT team is thankful for the engagement and interest coming from the community with respect to every event handled on the project especially this YFNFT presale. Along with the current NFT market, YearnNFT is moving quite ahead in the blockchain world and inches closer to the goal of becoming top trusted NFT artwork project and marketplace. The efforts behind this project are all due to the knowledgeable and experienced team trying to seek the best opportunities and protocols. We will showcase the community via our digital artwork NFT marketplace as we believe that community members will seize this chance to encounter the NFT world. In a motive to make the YFNFT token participation at YearnNFT Finance Marketplace available for everyone prior to getting on exchanges, this project has hosted its presale event for the native token. Therefore, now the users can earn YFNFT tokens at cheap rates and earn 10% rewards with the kickstart of the event. Yes, there is an extra 10% bonus on each purchase as reward for YFNFT tokens purchased at the event of presale. Every Round has big bang for you! The Round 1 has started from 19 November 2021 and Round 2 will start from 1 December 2021. Right after the presale, we will list the YFNFT tokens on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap as mentioned in our working business plan.

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