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Found 24 results

  1. waiverelectronic

    With WaiverElectronic, retailers can create digital waivers, instead of paper waivers, which can be signed at a location or online from any computer, mobile device or tablet. Not only does this reduce errors and expedite the completion process, the waivers are visually appealing to customers.
  2. waiverelectronic

    Choose a flexible and smooth electronic waiver solution to collect digital waiver signatures for gym, yoga and fitness business. Returning customers don't need to fill all the fields in the waiver again any more. You can simply search customer's name and click 'Renew', then all the renewable fields will be populated.
  3. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic is of high quality digital waiver software that enables business easily to create and collect digital waiver form. It fully supports minor liability waiver. You can also send us your existing document and we can convert it into online waiver form for you for free.
  4. waiverelectronic

    The online waiver is a useful legal agreement for all kinds of business. WaiverElectronic app still can work at offline mode. This waiver app allows a quick and easy signup process. It is the best waiver app on the tablet, iPad, and smartphone. The signed waivers can be stored in the cloud securely.
  5. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic, the leading waiver management system, suits for various kinds of business including tours, yoga, fitness, and activities. With the mission of helping business companies manage waivers better, WaiverElectronic offers them a whole business solution for their work.
  6. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic, the leading waiver management system, suits for various kinds of business including tours, yoga, fitness, and activities. With the mission of helping business companies manage waivers better, WaiverElectronic offers them a whole business solution for their work.
  7. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic is a safe and flexible electronic waiver system to manage and store your online waivers. The key feature of this digital waiver software is to customize your own waiver template by adding custom fields, such as email, address, phone, and questions. In this way, you can capture your customers' information to make a good marketing strategy.
  8. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic provides the best online waiver solution for business. In just a few minutes, this electronic waiver system offers the speedy sign up process and paperless storage forever. WaiverElectronic is a leading waiver management system that allows you to get rid of traditional paper waiver forever!
  9. waiverelectronic

    When you create your digital waiver, you can use the waiver template tool to customize the waiver document with your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts. Plus, the unlimited custom questions (in forms such as yes/no, checkboxes, etc.) and multiple initial and signature boxes make it easy to ensure your online waiver will fulfill all of your needs.
  10. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic is an electronic waiver system suitable for many businesses within a variety of industries which enables users to sign waiver liability digitally, and create custom forms for consents, agreements, registrations, and more. Users can turn their smartphones and tablets into waiver signing stations, and all signed documents are securely saved in their online account. The intelligent search tool enables users to quickly find signed waivers or customer information.
  11. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic is the best online waiver form creation tool. One can add custom fields in the waivers with an objective of collecting specific information from customers. Besides, it’s now also possible to add a signature and initials to the online waiver agreements. The initials can remind customers to know about the important part of the waiver.
  12. The solution to creating digital waivers with WaiverElectronic has not only made the waiver creation easier but also lets you get free from the traditional paper waiver. This has changed the way of signing waivers on the paper. Nowadays, people can sign the online waivers from computer browser, iPad, Andriod tablets and Amazon Fire devices.
  13. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic has designed a mobile application that can streamline the waiver signup process. The waiver app is available for devices using both Android and iOS operating systems and is easy to install as well as simple to operate. People can now use their mobile devices to sign up, collect and store digital waivers.
  14. waiverelectronic

    This electronic waiver system is integrated with enterprise-grade security. The online waivers stored by a user will remain protected forever. One can lock down their waivers with the 256-bit file encryption technology and can guarantee the safe storage of the waivers. WaiverElectronic is also a reliable waiver management system.
  15. waiverelectronic

    With the help of WaiverElectronic, one can use any computer browser and mobile devices to collect online waivers electronically. These digital waivers can easily be stored online on a cloud platform. This enables users to quickly search a waiver. You can add custom fields in the waivers with an objective of collecting specific information from customers.
  16. waiverelectronic

    The electronic waiver is provided to all participants through an online kiosk app, where an electronic waiver is presented in a series of electronic pages on a computer screen. Participants have to click the “I agree” button on the electronic waiver and finally complete the signature before they can participate in the activity.
  17. waiverelectronic

    People are accustomed to using the smartphone, iPad, Andriod tablet or other mobile devices to complete their work. At the same time, WaiverElectronic can offer the best online waiver app. People can download and install the waiverelectronic app and turn the mobile devices into dedicated waiver signing stations.
  18. waiverelectronic

    WaiverElectronic is a powerful waiver tool for creating and collecting online waivers. It offers you all kinds of types of waiver templates to choose from: online waiver form, online release form, liability waiver form and consent form. Customer can sign online waivers via the laptop, smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices using the waiver link business owners will provide them.
  19. waiverelectronic

    Many industries and activities have dangerous attributes, So sometimes danger is inevitable. Digital Accidental waivers are good for the accidental business. It is the wisest choice for business to make customers or participants sign the online waivers in just a few seconds. WaiverElectronic is the easiest and the most secure way to create and manage liability waivers.
  20. waiverelectronic

    If you are looking for a reliable waiver app to get rid of paper waivers, WaiverElectronic offers the best online waiver solution to a wide range of businesses. WaiverElectronic is not only a waiver app but also provides an excellent waiver management system. The system offers an online waiver template tool for anyone to simply create waivers.
  21. waiverelectronic

    It is important for the business to store the online waivers securely. WaiverElectronic can provide the most secure waiver platform to manage and store online waivers digitally. WaiverElectronic is a functional and affordable digital waiver software.
  22. waiverelectronic

    In today’s digital era, our online waiver system brings convenience and interests for you to complete the electronic waiver signatures. Eliminate the hassles and stacks of paper documents. You can create the unique online waiver form for your business, adding the custom fields in your form.
  23. waiverelectronic

    One of the important aspects of using WaiverElectronic is to protect the interests of business. These organizations and businesses are using the best online waiver system for reducing the time spent in the paper waivers. With the help of WaiverElectronic, the organizers and managers are able to create and manage online waivers more easily and conveniently than the traditional paper waivers. The service provided by this software is powerful and best for the business managers.
  24. Online waiver form has taken over the traditional way of filling the waiver form. Waiting in a line for filling the norms for and maintaining their records has become a hectic task. What is a waiver?A waiver is an agreement which is been signed between the two parties. It is a paper on which is to be read and signed showing their acceptance to the above-written content. Types of Waiver:There are various kinds of waiver available online and offline. Which are being made for different use and purpose. Some of the waiver are:Medical waiver: Medical waiver are generally filed by doctors( Drugs and Medication) for the patient . They usually sign an agreement with patient, when they serves their medicine.Health & Fitness Waiver: Health and Fitness waiver is maid singed by the Gym trainers and yoga trainers.Accidental Waiver: Accidental waiver are signed, at the places where the humans tries to enjoy the things by keeping his life in danger. For examples Waiver for bungee jumping, Paintball gun firing etc.Beauty & salon Waiver: These are the agreement which are signed with the customer by the parlour and spa before using their products on them.Why Waivers are needed:Waiver or disclaimer of liability is most in need when it comes to security of the business. For example in case of bungee jumping if the owner doesn’t tie up an agreement with the customer and the customer meet up any accident. This could lead to a serious issues.Thus Waiver Signing is a good practice and is primarily needed for many of the business.WaiverDigital is here to help you with in signing those norms digitally. We provide a digital solution to replace the traditional paper waivers. Business owners can use our system to create their online liability waivers, collect and manage their electronic waiver using our system.Features:Custom Waiver: You can easily create your digital waiver within a minutes by using our online waiver creation tool.Collecting Waiver: You can simply open the unique waiver links on your browser to access our online waiver system.Managing Waiver: Simply search your submitted waivers by name or signed date. And will easily find your waivers within seconds with our digital waiver software.Multi Language Support: Our digital waiver creation tool includes many different options. You can customize your waiver form to accommodate any language you might need.Custom Fields: You can add fields to collect additional information from your customers on the waiver form. For example: email address, phone number, address, questions, etc.Kiosk Apps: We have the application available for both Android and Apple (iOS) devices. Set up your iPads or Android tablets as a waiver station to start collecting digital signature waivers.
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