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Found 4 results

  1. Any.TV A new kind of YouTube Network. Already uploading gaming YouTube videos? Double your earnings with Any.TV. Register for free, and copy play now links to your videos. Continue to earn from views with your current partner whilst adding earnings from viewers that watch your videos and start playing the games you uploaded clips of. Currently supports over 200 games. Promote Any.TV to other YouTubers and get a lifetime commission of 10% of their earnings. Payments are made via PayPal, no minimum payouts. Note that in order to earn from referrals you will need to have had atleast 1 conversion from a "play now" link or your balance will be carried over to the next month, and so on, until you get a conversion. Any.TV simply wants to promote use of the system. However you do not have to use your own videos, it is acceptable to "Embed" someone elses video and use your "play now" links. That is the beauty of YouTube being a public video library. Referral Link - Any.TV
  2. Loot Palace (lootpalace.com) is a website that, like many traditional "Get Paid" sites, has surveys and such to complete in order to obtain points to redeem for stuff on the website. What sets this website apart is that there are many things to do other than surveys that can earn you points. You can listen to music using the streaming radio, watch videos, play flash games, answer polls, and participate in weekly contests, among other things. Another thing that sets this site apart from many others is that this site actually has rewards that a normal person could use. There's Gamestop gift cards, Amazon gift cards, a large assortment of online game cards, etc. And the best part is that if the gift card isn't in the catalog on the site, you can request the card you want and get it instead, with no penalty. Also, the owner of the site goes out and buys the gift cards you request himself, and emails you the code found on the card. This way, you're not sumbitting your personal information to the site. The only time that happens is if you willingly provide it while completing a servey. Even then, there are plenty of offers that don't need any personal information. Alot of these sites offer rewards, but make it extrememly difficult to actually obtain anything. I personally have been a member of the site for about 2 months, and I have already redeemed the points I earned for 4 gift cards. 2 of them were $20 Wii U eShop cards, 1 was a $25 Barnes and Nobles gift card, and the other was a $50 Gamestop gift card. This site also boasts a wonderful social community, and there are always plenty of people willing to help and offer advice on how to ensure the offers you do get you the most points possible. The site works globally, but users in the US, Canada and the UK have the best selection of offers. It is possible to earn points if you are in another country, but your options become somewhat more limited. I've seen a member from India earn a gift card, as well as some members in the Phillipines. All it takes is patience and dedication, but the site is 100% legit. Link: http://lootpalace.com/?ref=314291
  3. Hello TopGold addicts ;) CloudyVideos.com is yet another file & video sharing website that allows you to earn money from your files. So why work with us? We are here to get the best experience for both the uploader with comfortable payouts and attractive rates and the downloader with high quality stream and interface. What can we do for you? You can earn up to $65 per 10,000 unique downloads of your files with our rates and bonus programs Check out our rates here. CloudyVideos features: Minimum Payout - $5 Weekly Payments - every Friday Max File size - 4Gb 5Tb storage space - ranked & premium accounts will benefit even more! Files are deleted after 60 days Easy embed & sharing options Fast Speeds Remote URL Upload Payments via PayPal, Web money Special promotion: For limited time we are giving FREE premium accounts to TopGold users Just reply this thread with your request and your CloudyVideos username and you shall receive! :-) Register now & get paid every Friday! Feel free to ask any questions, comments or requests - CloudyVideos www.cloudyvideos.com
  4. EDIT: Could someone who can please edit the title to add "- Videocoins.com" I was unsure as to what section to post this in since VideoCoins is an odd type of website. Basically VideoCoins is not a typical GPT site with its own currency, instead it is built into Offer Walls that are on some GPT sites. VideoCoins may be found on some GPT sites that use the SuperSonicAds Offer Walls (Not all GPT sites may have it), basically when you are on SuperSonicAds on your GPT site you will have the option to watch videos, but with VideoCoins you would be able to share a link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc and then earn Currency based on what the GPT site pays (i.e Points, Coins, Credits etc) for each person that clicks the link and watches videos. VideoCoins is also available on some online games as a method of earning currency in-game. Here is a screenshot on what you may see NOTE: to get your unique referral link you would need to visit VideoCoins through SuperSonicAds on the GPT site. If you would like to see what VideoCoins looks like or watch some videos then please visit my link (Totally optional) What do you think of VideoCoins? Will you use it on GPT sites? What websites can you confirm to have VideoCoins? Comment below :)
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