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Found 17 results

  1. patrickkekx

    Make real money to your bank account by just typing CAPTCHA very legit because i have gotten 10$ doing this. click on this link to get started http://2captcha.com/?from=7812817 make as much as you can guys... they pay in BITCOIN, PERFECTMONEY, WEBMONEY, PAYEER, ADVCASH, AIRTM ETC...
  2. SwiftFollowers.com provides real and quick delivery of social media services such as followers, likes and more! Reach new potential prospects and customers by increasing the followers on your social media pages These fans will improve your reputation As soon as a user clicks like, their friends will also see it therefore bringing in more visitors and potential customers for your product All fans are natural, active and real users of Facebook Page fans are guaranteed for LIFE Delivered within 48 hours depending on order quantity & user behavior Services: Facebook - Likes, Fans Twitter - Followers Instagram - Followers, Likes Youtube - Views, Likes, Subs (Coming Soon, Contact Us If You Need Now) Google+ - Followers Refund Policy: Once you place your order you can't stop or cancel it. We can't do it either for most of the provided services. If we can't deliver your order, you will get a refund. Payment options: PayPal BTC/Some Other Alt-Coins (Use The Site's Contact Form) If you require a large amount of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram .etc PM me. UPDATE : Checkout Instagram Growth Service Too! Vouches
  3. Looking to grow your audience the easy way? Social Marketing Tool Software is your answer. With today’s society becoming more connected and more reliant on the internet, business ties are increasing being forged online rather than in a boardroom. Nowadays, most brands have at least one online presence, and most have several. NOW IT IS POSSIBLE AND REALLY EASY WITH ONLY 1 CLICK. Social Marketing Tool Software - Click Here To Download!!! Do you want to see what others publish on Facebook & Twitter? – This is the best and faster software tool to achieve that goal. Have a product to promote? Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the new homes of conducting business, creating consumer bases and advertising products. However, the overwhelming presence of businesses on these platforms creates a good deal of pressure for companies trying to beat out their nearest competitors. You can search for posts that have been shared with you or anything you are looking for on Facebook and Twitter. Start by searching for words or people you need with one click. You can make money by learning what your competitors are doing. You can define the time frame of your search. Copy from the results you get from the software and do the same to make money too. *** The software is a malware free and clean, checked by most of antivirus softwares ***
  4. I am managing twitter profile page https://www.facebook.com/TheNationalistNews/ & I want blue badge for this page.Can you please suggest me some techniques & steps that I have to follow.How much time do the Twitter required to provide me the this badge?Finally what other adjustments that I should make on my page?
  5. Twitter is the second most visited social networking site in the world and has millions of users worldwide. According to our Social Media Marketing expert roundup, besides Facebook, Twitter is the second best source of traffic and connections for social media marketers. I’me using Twitter with good success here, on Monetize.info and on other sites to bring traffic to my articles but most important to get in touch with people from the industry. The Twitter Marketing Guide has three parts and I encourage to read them all to understand all the benefits of using Twitter for your business and how to make it work for you. Table of contents: Benefits of using Twitter for your business How to manage a Twitter profile with great success How to promote your Twitter profile Conclusion 1. Benefits of using Twitter for your business Twitter provides huge opportunities for any business to get their brand in front of people they would never have had the opportunity of getting in front of before. You can literally grow your followers from just a few to many valuable contacts, influencers, and prospects in only a short space of time. 1.1 Lead Generation The main goal of any business is going to be to generate leads for conversion. On Twitter, you have access to literally million of users and the opportunity to find new prospects is enormous. Twitter offers a very informal way of making contact with people and makes it very easy for you to gain attention by simply following users. As long as you have a lead generation and capture system in place your business can benefit hugely from Twitter. 1.2 Connect with your customers If your customers are on Twitter it is very likely that they will want to follow you, and Twitter offers you an excellent way to engage with your customers. By staying in contact with them you can continue to build loyalty, communicate new offers and when they start interacting with your brand their followers will hear about your brand too. 1.3 Branding You no longer need to be a big name to build a brand on Twitter. Twitter has evened out the playing field and has made everything possible for businesses both small and large and you can literally get your brand in front of thousands of people. Once you are connecting with customers, providing them with valuable information, answering their questions and taking notice of their comments and complaints you can start building relationships and brand loyalty. You should also read our article: Five Social Media Marketing Tips From Professionals 1.4 Drives Traffic to your website or blog By sharing and posting links to useful content videos, blog articles and other useful information you can drive traffic to your website or blog which can drive sales and generate leads. 1.5 Promotions, offers and contests Promotions are a very effective way of building brand awareness and also building your opt-in list. Word can spread very quickly on Twitter so it’s an obvious choice to use this platform to publicize your latest special offer. 1.6 Introductions to new contacts and networking The potential for growing new contacts and connecting with thought leaders in your industry is huge. Twitter’s search facility makes it incredibly easy to find people who may be interested in your product or service. 1.7 Faster Customer service Twitter is a great way for your customers to stay in contact with you and because so many people have smart phones and can access the internet it is often so much more convenient to contact a business via social media. Read more: https://monetize.info/twitter-marketing-guide/#ixzz4pfZJ5eZc Follow us: @monetizeinfo on Twitter | monetize on Facebook
  6. OGPanel.com is the cheapest panel you can find for your favorite social medias! All of our services are INSTANT and will finish in a timely manner (depending on the service, we tell you how long!) Resellers are welcome to resell any of OGPanel's services at no extra costs or hidden fees! Questions? ♤ Discord: YB#1230 ♤ Open a ticket on the website ♤ PM me Paypal now accepted! If you are caught charging back the payment(s), your account(s) will be terminated! We take fraud to the extreme!
  7. Pay a visit to AddSocials and get registered. In this site you will get some twitter pages and youtube pages. You need to like or follow them. Then you will get credits. You can use these credits to promote your site. Such you can promote your site for free and make them popular amongs social networks. For more info visit this site
  8. Social Services! YT, FB, Twitter, views, plays, votes , shares etc Are you ready to boost your social presence?? You can get more info on BYWEX's SMM PANEL. What kind of social services do we offer? DIRECT SUPPLIER for some services! = You know what this means!!! API ready panel with multiple payment options + Drip Feed on many services + Schedule Youtube: Views, Shares, Likes, Dislikes, Subscribers, Comments Facebook: Likes, Friends, Review Stars, Comments, Shares Instagram: Likes, Followers, Views, Comments etc Twitter: Followers, Likes, Favorites, Retweets, Votes, Views SoundCloud: Plays, Likes, Followers, Comments, Reposts VK: Followers, Likes Google G+: Followers, Website +1, Posts, Reshares Spotify: Followers, Plays, Playlist Favorites Votes: Unique IP Votes, Geo Targeted IP Votes, Email Votes, Captcha Votes, Custom Votes & Forms Pinterest: Followers, Likes, Repins Snapchat: Followers Traffic: Geo Targeted website traffic ( google organic) Other services can be added on demand. Contact us and let us know what you need! Refund Policy: Once you place your order you can't stop or cancel it. We can't do it either for most of the provided services. No refunds will be made. If we can't deliver your order you will get your $ as balance in the panel. Payment options: PayPal: (only for trusted members) Post in this thread your username and if you qualify we will set your account to auto approve paypal payments otherwise we'll process them manually! Webmoney: (only for trusted members) Netteller: (only for trusted members) Payoneer: (only for trusted members) Skrill: ( for new users without feedback or for old inactive accounts) BTC & AltCoins: ( for new users without feedback or for old inactive accounts) Western Union: ( for new users without feedback or for old inactive accounts) Pm us if you want a different payment method. Pricing Policy: Prices are negotiable for constant buyers & resellers. Prices: Our prices are updated constantly according to the market: You can check our price list here . You don't have to create an account in order to view our prices! Price list on BYWEX's SMM PANEL. Discounts offered as bonus balance ( this means discounts on all services) Upload 50$ get 5% extra = Get 52.5 $ Upload 100$ get 10% extra = Get 110 $ Upload 150$ get 15% extra = Get 172.5 $ Upload 250$ get 25% extra = Get 312.5 $ (Big buyers & resellers will love this) Upload 500$ get 30% extra = Get 650$ (Big buyers & resellers will love this) Price list on BYWEX's SMM PANEL. Prices 19.10.2017. For the most updated prices please check the link . The prices are per K (1000) and are starting from : Youtube: Views 0.36$, Shares 4$, Likes 4$, Dislikes 4$, Subscribers 14$, Comments Likes 5$ etc : Views 0.36$, Shares 4$, Likes 4$, Dislikes 4$, Subscribers 14$, Comments Likes 5$ etc Facebook: Likes 0.2$ , Friends 7$, Emoticons 1$ etc Instagram: Likes 0.3$, Followers 0.9$, Views 0.12$, Custom Comments 16$ etc Twitter: Followers 0.8$, Likes 0.7$, Favorites 0.7$, Retweets 0.7$, Votes 5$, Views 3$ SoundCloud: Plays 0.16$, Likes 3.2$ , Followers 4$, Comments 20$, Reposts VK: Followers, Likes Google G+: Followers 13$, Website +1= 24$, Posts 15$, Reshares 15$ Spotify: Followers, Plays, Playlist Favorites Votes: Unique IP Votes 50$, Geo Targeted IP Votes 70$, Email Votes 100$, Captcha Votes 50$, Custom Votes & Forms 100$ Pinterest: Followers 5$, Likes 5$, Repins 5$ Other services can be added on demand. Contact us and let us know what you need! Price list on BYWEX's SMM PANEL. Price list 23.10.2017 Steps: 1. Register; 2. Contact us so we can activate your account; 3. Upload balance & start boosting your social presence! We have the right to deny your order. Contact us using the skype button below. Please state its about the smm panel when adding us Interested in reselling some of our services? Ask us on skype on what services we are DIRECT SUPPLIERS not resellers! This means you will get a low price for those services: Free testing balance! 0.5$ testing balance ( Members with minimum 50 posts) Reply with your username that you used on our panel here and we'll add you testing balance! Or you can manually copy paste this skype ID live:support_42971
  9. Cheapest Offers on Social Media If you have any questions feel free to PM me THANK YOU!
  10. Hello, I'm a member of the fantastic site called ​FanGrow. Membership is free Members are allowed to choose to retweet, tweet, like, fan, watch videos, subscribe, & visit websites they like. You can gain points to put up your own ads from you Social Media sites like: Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube Tasks ​Google+ Referrals The site is very professional and easy to use. It's been positive experience using the site. Signup HERE: http://fangrow.com
  11. Learn the WEIRD trick that allowed this single Mother to climb out of debt and make over $700 per week helping businesses with their Facebook and Twitter accounts! http://bitly.com/1fji6Dx
  12. Finding it difficult to promote your sites through popular social media services? You can now buy real facebook likes, buy twitter followers, buy youtube views or pinterest followers by investing just $1 to $100. Just get hired online at this low cost for cheap seo services and see the guaranteed improvements. visit - http://trustgigs.com/ 250 pinterest followers = 5$ 30k youtube views = 10$ & more services/gigs with turstgigs.com
  13. Selling YT Views, Twitter/Istagram Followers, Facebook Likes! Visit the website to purchase any of these packages! Prices and Packages. YouTube Packages: 30K Real Views 15$ 50K Real Views: 40$ 100K Real Views: 65$ Istagram Packages: 15K Real Followers: 15$ 35K Real Followers:: 20$ 60K Real Followers: 35$ 100K Real Followers: 50$ Twitter Followers Packages : 10K Real Followers: 10$ 30K Real Followers: 20$ Visit My Website To Buy More Followers: http://www.socialmediaupgrading.com/
  14. April 11, 2013 Most internet marketers have several Twitter Accounts that they use to their advantage and increase there leads daily, some of the tips and tricks you will need to know is how to become good at using the different tools that allows you to tweet your tweets to the audience your trying to capture. This is an important feature understand the power of hash tags and what they will do for your tweets, why some get do many re-tweets and others never get any, mentions and reply's back on your tweet. The more you get your audience engaged in this type of activities, the more loyal the following becomes with your tweets and you will see a sharp increase on your hit count if your using analytical tracking system which you should be using so you can understand how effective it is working or what modification you will need to do. You can easily implement this type of twitter strategy and start seeing results as early as today. Educating yourself with Social Media is not only branding your abilities it also makes you stand out of among the active users. You need to learn this if your a serious market and you wan to attract big marketers to your primary business. This simple strategy has increase my bottom line since l started using this method. I get quality leads now reviewing my primary business, all due to the information your about to learn. GIVE ME FULL ACCESS TO TWITTER TRAINING Mastering this simple strategy should be a must if your using twitter daily as part of your marketing strategies
  15. They say content is king on the internet and knowledge is power, how do you obtain this and what do you do with all of what you have learned. If you have no game plan, what good is all the knowledge, tools and marketing skills if you never use it correctly. what can you do to change all of this. if you really want to fully understand how to get targeted leads to your Fan Page, your website and eventually to your primary offer then you need to understand one very important step, learn this and the rest will all full into place. People will join you not for your business but for who you are, they have established a relationship, respect and most of all you have provided them with benefits along he way. What your about to engage in, is more then likely one of the most important "Free Training' session you will see this year. if you really want to fully understand the power behind Social Media Traffic and how to generate it properly, then spend some time and take full advantage of this training. This training is going to provide you with so much information that you had wish you had done this before, but the key is it is never too late to implement these scientific formulas to work for you 24/7, the key is you need to start. You will learn how to attract more likes to your Fan Page, how to use PPC campaigns with the correct budget and get clicks for under $0.10 per click or less, just a few of the steps we will share with you and how to increase more traffic to your primary offer effectively. TAKE ME TO MY FREE TRAINING SESSION NOW!!!
  16. Hi, I've been a member of Shareyt and I just Love this social sharing app! In short, you can have - ★ facebook and pinterest likes ★ twitter, pinterest, googleplus, youtube, digg or stumbleupon followers ★ retweets, repins and linkedin shares ★ website traffic ★ some easy cash completing micro jobs. Check it yourself >> http://shareyt.com/?r=29983 Best Regards!
  17. Puddle

    EDIT: Could someone who can please edit the title to add "- Videocoins.com" I was unsure as to what section to post this in since VideoCoins is an odd type of website. Basically VideoCoins is not a typical GPT site with its own currency, instead it is built into Offer Walls that are on some GPT sites. VideoCoins may be found on some GPT sites that use the SuperSonicAds Offer Walls (Not all GPT sites may have it), basically when you are on SuperSonicAds on your GPT site you will have the option to watch videos, but with VideoCoins you would be able to share a link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc and then earn Currency based on what the GPT site pays (i.e Points, Coins, Credits etc) for each person that clicks the link and watches videos. VideoCoins is also available on some online games as a method of earning currency in-game. Here is a screenshot on what you may see NOTE: to get your unique referral link you would need to visit VideoCoins through SuperSonicAds on the GPT site. If you would like to see what VideoCoins looks like or watch some videos then please visit my link (Totally optional) What do you think of VideoCoins? Will you use it on GPT sites? What websites can you confirm to have VideoCoins? Comment below :)
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