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Found 7 results

  1. xtreamforex26


    Hi, My name is Anu I am officially representative of Xtreamforex XtreamForex is a forex broker, Member of Grandinvesting Group Incorporated in MIS Registration number 84516 IBC 2016 Company number: 84516 If you have any question regarding this broker about the services and promotion feel free to ask me here. i will be happy to assist you. Regards Anu
  2. uSignals uSignals is an application for quick monitoring of any specific cryptocurrency. With the help of our program you can always know the exchange rate, the percent rise or drop in the price. Comfortable notifications at the bottom of the screen will not let you miss price changes. Intuitive design and flexible configuration, will not leave you indifferent. All the most popular cryptocurrencies : monero, bitcoin, litecoin and others. uSignals uSignals uSignals
  3. The objective of this platform is to "combine the experience in trading with the valences of the Digital Marketing market". This is a group trading site where the traders team will be focused on the following markets: Sports Trading: betting on football and other sports; Forex Trading: international currency trading; Crypto Trading: trading of crypto coins. Through Easy4Trade anyone can profit from these markets, all the "hard work" will be the responsibility of the staff that will manage the funds that the site accumulate through members deposits, assuming the commitment to distribute up to 7% of the profits once a week on Mondays. The site transactions are made entirely in Bitcoin but the account balances are converted into dollars and it is in this currency that are made calculations of the earnings to be distributed. To participate the member must choose one of the four available packages: Beginner: costs between 0.05 BTC and 0.39 BTC (referrals up to 5 levels) Basic Trader: costs between 0.4 BTC and 0.99 BTC (referrals up to 7 levels) Pro Trader: costs between 1 BTC and 2.49 BTC (referrals up to 9 levels) Super Trader: from 2.5 BTC without max. (referrals up to 11 levels) The profits are distributed once a week according to Easy4Trade earnings, if the week is profitable we will receive the 7% but if it is not good we may receive much less. The better days will compensate for the worst and for that reason the percentage could never be a fixed amount. The packages have a profitability limit of 7x the value of the same and still offer a percentage of 10% of earnings with direct referrals. The minimum withdraw is 0.01 BTC. Before having access to the packages the member has to buy the membership package or Tips. This is a one-time purchase of 0.02 BTC (it is for life), and also guarantees access to three services that Easy4Trade will develop: tips for football gaming betting, automatic trading robot for Forex trading and signal sharing for those who do crypto trading. If you are curious register from: https://goo.gl/3Ucwpb I already got paid once: Now I am reinvesting all my earnings to repurchase another package! Let me know if you have any doubts.
  4. Technical analysis in forex trading is normally used as a basis for coming into and exiting trades. The most generally used technical evaluation approach is by way of recognizing technical chart patterns fashioned by means of candlestick formations. Triangle chart patterns are one instance. those chart styles will help a trader to pick out diverse opportunities to go into trades. 1.Recognise the not unusual triangle chart patterns. Triangle chart styles are the maximum traded styles in currency trading. There are 3 Varieties of triangles most traded: symmetrical, ascending and descending. 2apprehend triangle chart patterns. it's far fairly smooth to pick out a triangle chart sample. locate two or extra consecutively better highs and draw a immediately line thru them, extending the road in each directions. find two or greater consecutively lower lows of price. Draw a instantly line through them and enlarge it in each guidelines. in which your two traces meet is the apex of the "triangle". (The 0.33 aspect of the triangle is inappropriate and can be ignored.) await not less than 4 "bounces" (escapes) beyond the confines of the triangle earlier than considering it a dependable pattern with which to change. three. identify a terrific triangle formation. research with the aid of Thomas Bulkowski and other a hit technicians suggests that fee frequently breaks out of the symmetrical triangle in advance of the charge on the apex. From that factor, studies shows, most fee breakouts occur on both facet of the triangle (the "trendlines") someplace between sixty six percent and seventy five percent of the way to the apex. (a few triangles honestly have a break out at the apex.) 4.understand the character of the triangle formations. most technical analysis unearths that ascending triangles are described as bullish continuation styles and descending triangles are defined as bearish continuation patterns. five.assume with flexibility and act accordingly. A dealer should not try and expect which direction charge will destroy from triangle chart styles. That’s not to mention that ascending triangles can't meet their upside breakout targets or that descending triangles will no longer spoil to the drawback targets. They do. it's miles first-class, but, to deal with them without directional bias and take benefit of the precept of range growth following variety contraction in place of looking to predict which path charge will break-out. 6. learn how to exchange triangle chart styles without the hassle. A trader ought to try to adopt an automated method to buying and selling a triangle chart pattern. This requires lots of time and interest. One manner is to apply present open source gear together with the professional advisor determined at the Metatrader platform to installation pending orders for a change. when a breakout occurs either to the upside or downside, the trader can participate in the breakout regardless of its direction. This system of placing buy or sell pending orders on triangle chart styles may be automatic via industrial software or robots to be had in the market. For more information about it click http://alpari.com/
  5. Dear webmasters,Let us introduce our affiliate programme: Libertex-AffiliatesWho are we?Established in 1997, Libertex (the company) is the brand name of a group of companies providing clients from over 120 countries with platforms and services for forex trading, CFDs, and other online trading and educational products. We offer every client effective tools for training, analytics and education, as well as personal support where they want it. Libertex has over 650 employees worldwide.The unique features of our partnership program are:A steadily growing income and high rebilling. We pay up to 550 USD for each qualified trader. Up to 60% from the Broker’s Gross Revenue (during their lifetime). Best offer on the market! Two-Tier affiliate program: 5% of each referral’s earning (during their lifetime). An excellent ratio of subscriptions:From HQ traffic source the ratio can be 1:10 – 1:20. A large number of secondary deposits, a long trader lifecycle!Promotional materials:We do our best to provide our Affiliates with up to date promo materials!Our advantages:• One of the oldest and most trusted Forex brokers since 1997• Regulated broker - CySEC regulation• In TOP 20 of the biggest brokers in the world• Profitable payment plans• Quick and easy registration• Professional and quick support• Payouts on time• Long trader lifecycle• Favorable conversion of any traffic• Payouts without delays• 30 days cookie lifeStatistics:Our statistics is a powerful tool to analyze and increase efficiency.Payment methods:Payment methods are: Paypal , Skrill, QiWI wallet, Webmoney and UnionpayPayment plans - https://www.libertex-affiliates.com/payment-plans
  6. Dear Friends, I want to share an amazing opportunity with you today. Are you aware of the $4,000,000,000,000 (four trillion dollar) currency exchange market? If not, now is the time to join me and thousands of investors trading in Forex. Trade24 is a world-leading Forex broker that allows you to trade Gold, Oil, Currencies, and a lot more with only $500. Forex trading is the proven way to make a living, from home, in a short amount of time. Using the right tools, you too can earn a living in Forex. Trade24 gives you access to simple and powerful trading tools to maximize your profits in Forex trading. They offer personal, one-on-one support and world-class training courses to help you start making money today. I hope you, my friends, will make the most of this opportunity. Join Trade24 now! Register Here :tongue: For Your Success, Michael
  7. I am not admin IPMT-FMS Imperial Precious Metals Trading(IPMT), is an independent & international Precious Metals Fund Management Company. Our firm mainly engages in retail Portfolios of our individual investors. Our company delivers on the committed returns by investing wisely with 100% accuracy with least probability of loss. IPMT, is an asset management group that provides investments services, risk management and advisory services to both institutional and individual investors across the globe. Our company provides a wide range of solutions and strategies to serve the financial investor. Our clients include major public and private investors, government investment authorities, insurance companies, financial institutions, endowments, and high net worth individuals IPMT-FMS proved their abilities for investment management. We believe that innovation, non-stop research and development are the core components. IPMT-FMS executes its business strategy by integrating its investment management teams with high standard professionals and well-built collectives. IPMT-FMS customers are the main asset for the company. Much time and effort is expelled to meet objectives. We create partnerships and identify needs in order to provide a variety of solutions to achieve goals. Our publicly traded finance services company focuses, not only on making long term value investments, but also generates competitive risk adjusted return through moderate leverage. PLANS: Invested Fund Profitability Duration (Days *) $20 - $1000 2.00 % 100 $1020 - $3000 2.25 % 100 $3020 - $ 5000 2.50 % 100 $5020 - $ 8000 2.75 % 100 $ 8020 - $ 10000 3.00 % 100 * Days = Trading Days * IPMT -FMS Referral benefit plan is applicable for all IPMT Fund Management Plans. * 1 Unit = $ 20 = 1 Position (Booked) Accept : LR, PM, PZ, STP