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  1. 1. Optimize the Instagram profile Unlike the other social networks, Instagram only allows you to use the avatar's photo and does not include a cover, you must take into account that the photo is shown in a circle, that's why the company logo or the main image must be in the center. If you manage the profile of a company you must change the person-to-company account, this profile allows you to include a contact number and email. 2. Choose the hashtags very well Form a list of hashtags according to the business sector, analyze them before using them and observe what type of content they publish with it. It is important to use them because frequent use increases the possibility that it appears in the Instagram search engine, it also helps filter potential new followers. I recommend using between 5 and 15 hashtags in each publication. 3. Use Instagram Stories More than 50% of Instagram users are young people who like to consume ephemeral content, that is, it disappears in 24 hours. It's not in vain that Instagram has copied the same Snapchat features. You should take advantage of this tool to upload different content, it is important to use the elements it offers such as brushes and stickers. In this part there is more freedom for creativity, you can upload short stories or 6 photos and videos that have a logical sequence. Another advantage is that when uploading a story the profile image appears at the top. 4. Make emotional and fun publications Instagram is one of the most emotional social networks there is, that is why it becomes very important to publish images and videos with emotional and fun content. It is important to explore different formats and themes to achieve these purposes and identify which of them generates more interaction on the part of the audience. 5. Create valuable content in your Instagram account In order to create content of value for your audience, it is essential to know it very well. This allows you to identify the type of content of your interest. The content of added value to the audience is recognized because it has great interaction, it is important to note that you should avoid that these contents have commercial messages. An example of the content of this type for a travel agency is for example tips to plan a trip, are images wherein each publication a tip would be written. 6. Post phrases Phrases work very well on Instagram because they have an important emotional component. It is essential to select the appropriate theme for the phrases, for example if it is a brand that sells chocolates you can use phrases of love for chocolate. 7. Show the human side of your company Show photos and videos of the workers of your company, this allows to present the human side of this. Some recommendations for these photos are: That the collaborators are smiling. that they are fresh and casual, that is, avoiding formal and stiff poses. 8. Share the important moments of the company with videos Taking advantage of the 60 seconds of video, you can make your followers know the relevant moments for your company up close. 9. Interact with possible followers Until now in the strategies of pattern, Instagram does not allow the obtaining of followers, for that reason it is important to interact with the people that we would like them to follow us, for this we can "Like" their publications or comment in some of them , that's why the list of labels is based. 10. Concentrate in a single market Talking about many topics may confuse followers and they may prefer to stop following the brand. To maintain a good reputation, it is recommended that 90% of publications are related to the issues that our company handles, so it can become much easier to become a reference. If they follow us is because they are interested in what we show, it is very important to be innovating in the content. 11. Use photos and videos It seems logical, but many brands only upload photos to social networks, and for a long time the network allows uploading videos of up to 1 minute. In the last month I create another form of presentation, and they are the galleries, the user can choose up to 10 photos and videos that when uploading create a gallery. It is important to be aware of the Instagram changes, because they do them very frequently. 12. Demonstrate the importance of your product Instagram is the best platform to show the added value of your product or service. Publish all the benefits that users may have when they contact you. It is often difficult to explain how a product or service is used, but if we do small tutorials, the possibility of obtaining new clients will be increased. 13. Show the human side of the company Show that behind every brand there is a group of people who work and strive to make sure everything goes well. Encourage followers by telling them who makes it possible to grow the company and the tasks they perform. This will give relevance to the content showing an unknown side to the public. 14. Create contests You can implement contests through Instagram using labels. This will increase the number of followers, also reward those who generate more interactions. One key is to link the Instagram account with Facebook and duplicate the content of the contest. 15. Label influencers Label companies and people with many followers that have some relationship with our brand. They cannot be labeled in any post, only in those that have a relationship, for example, if you use our product or if you visit us. This will help new users find our brand. Also look for the way they label us so that all their followers see our user. 16. Use analysis tools In order for any digital strategy to work, it must be measured, which is why it is very important to have analysis tools. Although in the profile of Instagram companies some data is shown is not enough. There are many payment tools and free to see the metrics, among the best known, are MetriCool, See metrics, Gabstats among others. This will help us present reports and show the progress we have made. 17. See the help for Instagram for Bussines Instagram has a portal with all the necessary information for the use of Instagram for companies. In the portal you can find topics such as: Instagram use guide for companies. Use of advertising on Instagram. Success stories in the business use of Instagram. Creative ideas to use Instagram. Blog 18. Follow accounts that may interest your company Identify accounts that may be interested in the information your company shares and follow them. A strategy that usually works quite well is to follow some followers of brands and accounts that have audiences similar to your company's. 19. Use Facebook to promote Instagram Most companies have more followers on Facebook than on Instagram because it is an account that was created more time ago. With the aim of promoting your Instagram account from Facebook, you can use the Woodbox tool, which allows you to add your Instagram account to a Facebook tab for free. 20. Have contests and activations on your Instagram account Design contests and activations that are specially designed for your audience. To be successful in competitions, keep in mind: The tool to administer the contest must be mature to prevent a fraudster from winning. The prize must be chosen in such a way that it is of interest to the audience. There must be a lot of clarity in the rules and conditions of the contest. You must comply with the rules of Instagram for the development of contests. 21. Promote your Instagram account using e-mail Add the address of your Instagram account to the e-mail signature, which will allow you to increase your visibility. If you already have a database with permission to send emails, you must create a campaign to communicate the existence of your Instagram account.
  2. What are the Do's & Don'ts in Social Media Marketing?
  3. .Are you an independent MLM business owner? Or, do you have plans to get engaged in the network marketing sector? Network marketing business is a field from which you can make some good money if you follow a systematic approach. Here are some tips to build healthy MLM Business : https://infinitemlmsoftware.blogspot.com/2019/07/tips-to-build-healthy-mlm-business_31.html
  4. Decide to undertake. Whether you start out of necessity, part-time while maintaining a job in a dependency relationship, or as part of a growth project, it is not usually easy to take the first step and get going with a specific project. Have you made the decision? Start planning. Generate a business idea The development and maturation of the business idea are key to ensure its future success: a trade? a service company? an agricultural project? Market research and creativity can help in the process of defining exactly what type of business you want to start. Find an opportunity For a business to work, the idea must coincide with some opportunity in the market. Are there unmet needs? Few competitors? Any trend in the market that has not been used until now? Think about how you will differentiate yourself from other similar ventures. Put together a plan What are the steps to achieve the proposed business? For the simple enterprise, a customized business plan helps define needs and guides implementation. Get financing Every project requires money. In addition to investing savings and putting work, it may be necessary to add contributions from family and friends, to begin with. Some ventures can also aspire to loans, seed capital, prizes or subsidies. Define structure Shaping the business implies understanding what inscriptions are required, what is the legal framework of the industry and how taxes impact, among other external factors. You have to define, in addition, if you will work with partners and staff, and what will be the workplace. Make marketing. To make the product known to potential customers, it is necessary to adjust some of its characteristics to the market, establish prices appropriate to the position sought, and define the advertising and sales method. Tear. It's time to open the doors and meet the first customer! Adjust to the market The first times are the most sensitive. The clash with reality can lead you to modify the planned business, to ensure its survival. If you're already up and running, pay attention to market signals to adapt to your needs. Take off. When the enterprise finds its place in the market, it is time to consolidate and look for a growth path. Start growing your business!
  5. 1. Finding the motivation 2. Putting together your entrepreneurial team 3. Selecting the business idea 4. Designing your business model 5. Planning your business 6. Designing the image and corporate identity 7. Getting the money to start 8. It's time to jump into the ring 9. Promoting your business 10. Managing, systematizing processes and delegating work 11. It's time to grow and expand 12. Constant training and beginner mentality first of all
  6. Being an entrepreneur involves many duties and one of them is observing the signs. Check here several tips for entrepreneurs and global success stories. The undertaking is betting for yourself and also listening to the majority tell you that you are crazy, but it is also the best trip you could live. As an entrepreneur, you probably already discovered that you belong to another species, one that decides to break molds and travel their own roads without Waze or Google Maps, but following your own winning nose. Therefore, below, we present these tips for entrepreneurs, so you can succeed this year and meet the goals: 1. Keep calm and do not rush Having a business of your own is like running a marathon. It is common to want to rush some processes as it is usually interpreted as a sign of efficiency, but you are really playing against you. Your business can respond to different objectives, but you should know that not all are short term. Review the goals and deadlines that you have estimated and focus on each goal having a sensible and viable deadline. Remember that the important thing is not only in the calendar but in the determination. Just as marathon runners do not give up, so do entrepreneurs. 2. Strategically relate If you feel you are losing a lot of time in conversations, events, and meetings, it is very likely that you are not relating in a strategic way. Your agenda can be full of black holes that consume your time and resources. Prioritize your objectives and then review who are the key actors, both internal and external, in each of them. Remember to apply to take into account the entire value chain: employees, partners, unions, related unions or related to your business, community neighbors, media, customers, suppliers, banks, competitors, NGOs related to your activity, government agencies, among others. They are all part of the game and you should be clear on the importance and impact of each one of them. With this level of clarity, you may fall in love at second sight with a person or organization that used to provoke yawns or take out one or two insults. This strategic network is one of the pillars of the sustainability of your business. 3. Get involved in activities and expand your mind Using muscles that you did not even know existed, disciplining your mind, breathing properly, making friends with time, among other things, are some of our main tips for entrepreneurs. Nourishing your body and mind of this philosophy will undoubtedly give you competitive advantages. This year articulate your company, change processes, breathe, listen carefully, breathe again, dare to make new movements. Flexibility is learned and practiced daily. Those leaders and companies with this developed skill are the ones we usually admire because they are sustained success. Warren Buffet is an icon and example in the business world, not only for his enviable bank account but for his great ability to adapt and get the best of each environment and time. Warren Buffet plays the Ukulele as a hobby and has already had live performances. Undoubtedly, at 87 years of age, it is still valid and is a reference for all the entrepreneurs of the world. 4. Is Marketing a villain? Definitely not! Make it your ally and propose to see beyond the stereotype, take advantage of what marketing as a specialty has to offer: the management of perceptions and beliefs related to your product or service. Marketing allows you to capitalize on sales and reputation, investment in the following areas: Know your customers or consumers, not only the end but also the entire value chain, remember that your suppliers are also your customers. Generate tailor-made strategies. Review and develop successful products and services. Deliver global value: price, packaging/location, promotions, distribution and after-sales service. 5. Follow me and I follow you Many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the current social networks, "you have to be on Instagram" or "how are you going to have Twitter?" Are some of the phrases we usually hear. Well, rest assured, it's no use being on all social networks if you do not know how to use them. Calm! We have already seen that Marketing is not a villain, therefore, social networks are not either. Each network fulfills a specific role, not all companies or brands need to be on all social networks, in fact, it is necessary to make prior evaluations to identify which or which suit your company. Evaluate the relationship your audience has with social networks, using reliable and up-to-date sources, such as market surveys of consultants and pollsters. As with marketing, be clear that it is an investment. Networks must be managed by communication professionals since they are an external communication channel that constantly exposes you. There is a lot of improvisation in this field and mixed opinions, but remember that cheap is expensive. Keep in mind that the risk of crisis when external communications are mishandled is very high. Knowing how to post a photo does not make anyone an expert in communication. 6. Mirror, mirror Successful entrepreneurs do not ask for feedback in the mirror as in the story, they understand that they play a different role and they have to innovate in the type of leadership they develop. Feed yourself with objectivity, ask for feedback from your partners, employees, friends, and family, how am I doing? What can I improve? And if you want to go further, keep in mind that being a good leader does not mean not making mistakes. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has built not only an empire but also a leadership style that sets him apart. Bezos insists that "if you want to be ingenious, you must be willing to make mistakes." Long live the marathon! and that these tips for entrepreneurs make you reach the podium of winners.
  7. Hello everyone, For all the newbies out there, our team of experts at FxNet have written down some useful tips that can improve your day-to-day trading. Please see below: Always put a Stop-Loss to your order Trading without stop-loss is one of the most common and expensive mistakes of beginning traders. Always set a stop-loss to the amount you are willing to loose for every trade, otherwise you will see your account getting wiped out in a short period of time. Always put a Take-Profit to your order Not entering a take-profit can be just as dangerous as not entering a stop-loss. If you don’t enter profit targets and you just wait until it “feels” right to close the trade, then it can easily reverse and turn into a losing trade. Don’t put too tight or too wide Stop-Loss Depending on your trading style as well as your time of trading, you should always adjust the width of your SL accordingly. In general, during news trading your stop loss should be wide enough to absorb the market volatility and any spread widening that might occur. Trading news with stop loss of 10 pips is almost always a losing trade. During normal market conditions, you should use wider stop losses for longer timeframes and tighter for smaller timeframes. Don’t risk too much of your capital at once Another common mistake for new traders is risking too much capital on a single trade. In general, you shouldn’t risk more than 5% of your capital on a single trade. This way, you would have to have 20 consecutive losses your account to be wiped out. Have a proper risk-reward ratio Choosing a risk-reward ratio depends on your trading style, but it should never fall below 1:1. A 1:1 ratio means your stop-loss and take-profit is of the same width (for example 20 pips SL and 20 pips TP). In this case, you would need at least half of your trades to be successful in order to break even. A 1:2 ratio means your take profit is twice of stop loss (for example SL 20 pips and TP 40 pips). In this case you would need only one third of your trades to be successful. Focus you attention on selective currency pairs Don’t try to trade on a large amount of currency pairs. If you stick to a few pairs then you will better understand their characteristics by studying their history and you are more likely to predict their movement. Trade with logic and analysis, not with emotion and hunches Being a successful trader simply means increasing your probability to win than to lose. Trading without some basic technical analysis or a trading system is not much different than gambling. There are many ways to increase the probability for a trade to be successful. Knowing even the most basic tools of technical analysis and being able to spot buying and selling signals can greatly enhance your trading experience as well as your profits. Best of luck and kind regards, The FXNET Team.
  8. Hello, Now you got a couple referrals. But you notice they are not earning you money! That's usually what happens. That's because most people think once they have the ref the work ends. Not true. Follow these tips to keep your refs and get them earning you money. Once you get a ref make sure to contact them ASAP. Thank them and offer to answer to questions they might have. This goes a long long ways. Make sure they don't overwhelm themselves. Don't tell them every way to earn all at once!! 1st contact should be Thanks and offer of help. 2nd contact should be Offer advice on only 1 feature of the site and answer any questions. 3rd contact should be 1 more feature. and so on. Don't spam your ref's send a message wait a day send another. Only exception is to answer you refs questions. Build a friendship with your refs. Friend them on social media. Talk about none GPT things. Have a laugh. This goes a long ways. In short, remembers Getting ref's is only ½ the battle. Use these tips to keep them. Check out my youtube vids. http://youtu.be/bQ7WL3eHveM Feel Free to leave your referral links anywhere on my channel. This gives me cred, and you a new place to post ref links. Hope this helps kicks703
  9. Hello, If you like watching videos for money on GPT sites then you want this info. Most the video offers across many sites reload at midnight EST. That's right at midnight EST is when most videos are up. if your a night owl then you might want to try your luck then. Hope this helps Kicks703
  10. Hello. If your looking into making money with GPT sites don't fall for the referral trap!! Before I started GPT sites I looked up some info (I should of spent more time on research). I found a few site talking about GPT sites saying the best thing to do is join as many as you can!! And they provide a list for you!! So I did that. I wish I didn't. Here is the trap. These sites make a big list of their referral links then hype up about how much money you will make. It's a trap to get you as refs. Even worse some of these sites ask you to pay them for their ref list!!! So after a week of just bouncing around from site to site and not making anything, I knew it was time to change. When you join many GPT sites you waste most of your time just jumping from site to site and you don't earn. What I suggest is be active in no more then 5 site. This way you have time to focus on each site and really learn what they have to offer. You will notice that your making money now with this simple change. Once you picked your five favorite sites, I'm not saying not to join more. its always good to explore. Just remember to not overwhelm yourself. Hope this helps. Kicks703
  11. Hello, Your probally like me and want lots of refs right? Well getting refs is 1 of the hardest things to do. Here are some tips for getting refs. 1 Do your research (most these GPT site offer cash searches take advantage of this when researching how to get refs) I spend lots of time doing research. Trying to find what works best. Its worth the time. 2 Download a free screen recorder and make how to youtube vids. My research showed youtube is the number 1 place hands down for refs. 3 Post on social media sites but don't spam. Promote your site once or twice a week. If you do nothing but promote on your FB or whatever people start to ignore what you post. 4 Lead by example. Put the work in and earn your checks. Show them off. This is a good way to get friends and family to join. 5 Be active in forums like this. Again don't just spam your ref links around. Engage, share your knowledge and learn some stuff. Reply to other posts. post about other things with out your ref links. This goes a long ways And sometimes you even make new friends. 6 Add your ref links as a signature to emails and forums. This works well I find 7 Make fliers and business cards. Put fliers at high traffic long wait areas, like a collage, or a park that holds lots of events. Give business cards to everyone you meet. These are my tips I hope it helps. Share yours, we would love to hear them. kicks703
  12. Hello all. If your new to survey/GPT/PTC sites it can be overwhelming. Most people don't even know where to start. I always suggest these tips. 1 When joining new GPT site don't try everything all at once. Instead pick 1 feature like surveys and stick with it till you know the process. Then move on to anther feature. its less overwhelming this way. 2 Always be honest when filling out surveys or offers. These places are smart and have many security features to catch people cheating. they get banned. Be honest, play by the rules. 3 Look for forums, blogs or chatrooms you can get many answers to you questions here. 4 Always clear your cookies before doing offers or surveys. This will help a lot!! 5 Learn how you can earn on your smartphone with these sites. On the Go, at work in your spare time. You can watch vids on your phone, cash searches, some surveys and offers. Take advantage of your down time. Those are the basic I tell most people when talking about GPT sites. What are your tips? kicks703
  13. Want to make money online at home then try Sharecash? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs9O21v0Hkk Click Here to Sign Up Today! ShareCash: The Original & #1 PPD Network ShareCashis the original and highest paying pay-per-download network that allows you to monetize content and files and receive around $1, sometimes up to $20, per download you receive. How Does it Work? When you upload a file to ShareCash, you're given a download link so visitors can access your file. When a visitor clicks the link, they are first asked to complete a quick, short survey from ShareCash's advertising partners. When the visitor completes a survey, you're paid usually around $1.00, and their download begins. Why ShareCash? ShareCash is by far the most lucrative and trustworthy PPD network. In fact, they were the first PPD network to ever exist, as they created the concept in 2009. Since then, they've revamped their entire system, sporting an absolutely stunning user interface along with some awesome features that help you earn. Most importantly of all, though, they pay significantly higher than ANY other PPD network on the market, mainly due to their years of experience and relationships with top advertisers, as well as their unique survey optimization algorithms. In the end, ShareCash is going to make you more money than any other PPD network; if you're not using them, you're losing cash! Payments ShareCash has been paying on-time through a variety of payment processors for years now. Unlike other PPD networks that are new and not financially backed, you can be 100% sure that you will ALWAYS get your ShareCash payment, on-time, every single time. By default everyone is paid on the 3rd of the month, with a few exceptions, but if you earn $100 a day, you will be upgraded to their exclusive Premier Earner Program where you're paid Bi-Weekly, in addition to having special rates that will make you even more money. Surveys ShareCash has over 5,000 active surveys that span nearly every single country in the world. They have an advanced self-learning algorithm that decides which surveys make you the most money, and automatically optimizes the ad placements for you. On average, you can expect to receive about $1.00 - $1.50 per download with ShareCash. Some surveys for smaller countries do pay less than that, while some surveys pay up to a whopping $20! Unlike PPD networks that just claim to have the top payouts, ShareCash actively optimizes and maintains their offer base with multiple top-tier advertisers to ensure you ALWAYS make the most money with them. Click Here to Sign Up Today! Quick tips to get started: *use youtube or any other video sharing site to get downloads *use other people videos(use youtube downloader) and put your download in description *also use proxies when uploading videos if your spamming the videos
  14. It's all very simple, first you need to sign up here. http://www.points2shop.com/register?ref=Morgan2212 Once you have done that, come here and follow my guide on how to make it work. http://www.squidoo.com/earn-free-gift-cards-and-other-amazon-products
  15. Hey, TGF! We've all been searching for good PTC, Surveys and other stuff. But most of them just don't pay well. Well I found one that I think pays good! I also got a few tricks for this awsome site! (For the staff please scroll all the way down!) ClixSense Scroll down for: 4 different TIPS which will increase your earnings 3 Tutorials on how it works. (with extra tips and usefull information!) My story: I started by just doing the PTCs which gave me about $0.05 every 3 minutes. BUT once you clicked an AD it goes away and you'll have to wait for a new one. So I went searching around on the site and found Surveys. A well known suckish thing that probably everyone hates, right? Well I remembered surveys from the site Rewards1 They pay bad and they got a high payout limit. So I actually didn't want to try it but I still did. And guess what? I couldn't believe it. They pay about 1$ for each survey YOU do! That's three times more then R1 ! And those surveys are small. Each takes about 3-6 minutes to do. TIP 1: Dont use your information ;) Dont wanna use your real information?: Http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/ This sites creates a Zipcode, Name, Surname, Telephone, (WORKING EMAIL click activate ) and it gives alot more information. Use this to fill out the survey BUT I highly suggest you to save the information you used, And use it for the other surveys. Just in case. TIP 2: ClixGrid (how does it work?): USE IT! ClixGrid is a simple game on the clixsense website. It's free takes 10 seconds. requirements: -A ClixSense account. -Brains. -You have to know difference between Cats & Dogs (seriously they'll ask it) Got that? Now start clicking in random positions! Do you see al those red squares? I clicked there. If you're lucky you get 5$ instantly or you will get 0.10$ - 0.90$. This will be added to your account instantly TIP3: Be nice, and help eachother! A damn important thing that usually gets overseen. Being nice to the community. When posting on the forums like payment proofs or other things make sure you're nice. This will help the community grow and get you refferals. When making a payment proof follow the rules and you might get rewarded by the staff! If you wanna help me make sure to signup! ClixSense TIP4: Be active! And do your daily stuff! I told you this was a good site. They pay 5% of your current balance at 12:00PM or 00:00 (24-hour format) if you finished your daily task. What do I have to do for the daily task? Click at least 2 PTC Adverts of any kind; Clickat least 15 ClixGrid squares. The more you click the more chances you have to win ClixGrid prizes which will then be counted towards the bonus as well! Because not everyone has offers or tasks available to do, and to give everyone a chance, you are required to complete only one of the following: Complete at least 10 CrowdFlower Tasks; * Complete at least 2 offers from the offers page (except video offers); * Complete at least 5 CrowdFlower Tasks and at least 1 offer from the offers page (except video offers); * Visit at least one page of our forum. Posting is not required. I've UNDERLINED + BOLD Everything i suggest you to do that day for the bonus. The tasks are way to much time. Example: I've got 50.00$ on my ClixSense and I finished the daily task. Its now 12:00PM or 00:00(24-hour format). So the next day I'll have: 50 + (50/100*5)= 50 + (0.5*5)= 50 + (2.5) = 52.5$ "That's not worth it!" <-- It is worth it. Cause: Your account will not be suspended for inactivity. You will earn money while doing the daily task. You get a bonus! Your bonus is unlimited. (if you got 10,000$ for example you'll get 500$ bonus!) Tutorial: PTC how does it work? How does Paid-To-Click (PTC) work? Easy! Goto the "view ads" section. Click on an AD In the top click on the CAT (toldya) Wait 3, 10 or 30 seconds (depending on the ad) And you just earned yourself money. Tutorial: Surveys how do they work? Ah... Surveys, annoying, huge, time wasting, bad paying etc. NOPE, Not with ClixSense. Their surveys are SMALL (3-6 minutes) and HIGH pay rate (~1$). They're a great way of earning money QUICK on ClixSense! I made 2.50$ in about 9 minutes. Seems long to you? I did about 3 hours to get 2$ on Rewards 1. You probably ain't gonna find a better PTC/SURVEY site then this! How do I get paid from surveys?: Hover over the "offers" tab. Select one of the AD providers : ClixSense offers, SuperSonicAds, Matomy and TokenAds! Select the HIGHEST ClixCents paying survey AND MAKE SURE IT'S A FREE ONE! (most of them are but again, just in case) Do the survey with TIP1. Enjoy your extra dollar! Tutorial: Tasks How do they work? Ok, Let's all just hate them shall we? They take a long time and pay about 0.05$ each. AND you gotta do a training mode first which is bugged most times making you unable to do these. I'm not gonna add pictures cause it'll be time wasting. If you really want pictures write a comment! Goto the "TASK" tab Select a good paying TASK Waste 15 minutes making the TASK enjoy your 0.06$. PAYOUT(*Kaching....*): Now we've got to the nice part. ClixSense allows 4 ways of payout: PayPal, PayZa, LibertyReserve, Check! their checkout limit is 8.00$ (which can be reached under 4 days). And They PAYOUT every: Mondays and Friday! (not for Checks) PAYOUT for Checks are every: First monday of the month. RANKS (premium): ClixSense has 2 ranks: Standart and Premium. The benefit to Premium is that you'll get more chances for ClixGrid, And your minimum payout is reduced by 2.00$. These are the main benefits. Thanks!: Thanks for reading this post. I hope you're gonna make some money on the internet. But remember: There is NO "earning money by doing nothing". Staff: I wanted to let you know That I KNOW that there already is a topic about ClixSense but it's 7 sentences long! It does not have good and accurate information about ClixSense and is less informative then this topic :P " Clixsense is one of the most trusted GPT websites. It exists since 2007 and has already more than 4 million members. Get paid up to 0,02$ per click, do tasks, take offers, make surveys, play clixgrid, ..... Great referral program (8 lines deep and 10% per line). Uses Paypal and minimum cashout is only 6$. Especially for people from USA, Canada, Germany and Australia there are the most available surveys to be done, though of course people from all other countries have a lot of them too. Join Clixsense with the link below, its 100% free "
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