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Found 11 results

  1. Your search for the best cryptocurrency exchange development company ends here. Blockchain Firm offers state-of-the-art Whitelabel crypto exchange development software for users looking to develop an exchange platform.
  2. Approach a blockchain development services company to integrate your sector’s process with the best panacea! Guide your peers to being a leader of blockchain-based processes!
  3. If you’re stressed by managing your business, try decentralized community management by tieing up with blockchain development solutions! You can personalize your requirements too!
  4. As humans, we have a tendency to ignore the small tasks involved in a gigantic project. For example, we might relish the delivery of our new Play Station, but we would never give in a second thought about the fact that how it reached us! Well, it is not just about the single Play Station, but it's about the initial processing of every single product that's delivered to us. To be accurate, there is a complete chain of several interlinked elements, that take care of delivering the required products to us. Do you know what this connected chain is known as? Supply-Chain From raw material sources and factories to the complete distribution network, it consists of several elements that interlink the complete process. Now let us get into some details. What Exactly Is Supply Chain Management? The proper management of the transferable goods, information, and services, which involves the movement and storage of raw materials, from one place to another is known as supply-chain management. It consists of well-integrated planning and final execution of several processes. Here are the major 3 things that it consists of: · Material flow · Information flow · Financial flow It consists of a network of several individual entities, businesses, organizations, and technologies that are involved in the manufacturing of goods or services. The chain usually starts from delivering the raw material to the manufacturer to providing the finished product to the user. A good flow of supply-chain can result in the generation of great sales and revenue. It is also responsible for the decline in frauds and any additional cost. Last but not least, supply-chain management is also one of the reasons behind the whopping production and distribution. Of course, it might appear as a piece of cake to you, but maintaining a supply-chain is nothing less than moving a mountain. The interlinking of several elements in businesses slowly becomes very difficult to maintain, as soon as the businesses start glowing. This is the reason why emerging businesses have started to adopt technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and most importantly blockchain technology. So today, let us see how blockchain is providing solutions to the problems faced bu supply-chain management. Blockchain Technology In Supply Chain Industry Let us check out the advanced and automated solutions provided by Blockchain technology to this Industry. 1. Reduced Cost In supply chain management, the real-time tracking of goods and services, with the help of blockchain decreases the overall costs of moving the items. Apps based on blockchain technology reduces the frauds and scraps the risk of duplicity. 2. Building Trust The most important thing that is necessary to maintain in complex supply-chain with several participants is trust. The immutable feature of blockchain technology guarantees the same. 3. Provenance Tracking Gargantuan industries and companies have a lot going on in their supply chain. Which makes keeping track of every record very difficult. With blockchain-based supply chain management, provenance tracking gets a lot easier. The more we explore this area, the more solutions we would be able to discover. It would be interesting to see what the new decade would bring to the supply chain industry.
  5. Biometric technology is a secure and cost-effective method for online businesses to cut down on losses that they have to sustain because of identity theft and online frauds. With online sales and digital footprint resulting in investments ranging into millions variancetv, businesses are always looking out for ways to cut down the flood of users with fake credentials. Biometric authentication gives the competitive edge to businesses in their fight against online identity thieves with the stolen identity and doctored credentials. What is Biometric technology Every human being in the world has unique identity features based on their biological profile. Biometric technology tracks those biometric markers to create a unique identity profile of a person that is nearly impossible to fake or forged by online identity thieves. How does Biometric authentication work? There are many ways in which biometric authentication technology operates but the kind of equipment required for biometric authentication, mainly depends on what kind of biometric information is being used for verification. A company using fingerprint scan will require a different kind of biometric technology to verify users. The business that opts for facial verification as a source of identity verification is most suited to benefit from biometric verification. All it takes is to receive a live selfie or a live stream of a few seconds from end-user for verification purposes. Facial verification services will authenticate biometric features of the end-user with the help technologies like facial recognition, 3D depth analysis, and liveness detection. Some companies are even using a retinal scan for biometric identification and authentication but any such KYC software is not feasible for online identity verification services. Ideal Biometric Verification Shufti Pro is considered an ideal identity verification service by businesses across the globe for digital KYC of their users. Biometric authentication using facial verification from Shufti Pro is trusted for its real-time verification statuses and AI-based verification process. Fraud prevention becomes hassle-free for businesses when they incorporate biometric authentication services from Shufti Pro because of its RestFul API that does not require any additional integration programming with pre-existing software, applications, and web platforms. Online frauds are mostly perpetrated by fraudulent users by utilizing still images of unrelated personnel, claiming their identity for their sinister plots. Shufti Pro has 99.6% success rates against such facial spoof attacks, protecting businesses from cyber attacks with its innovative yet simplistic verification services. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms of Shufti Pro enables it to protect its customers from frequent attacks of users with stolen identities. Human Intelligence for KYC verification services of Shufti Pro further establishes the validity of identity verifications performed using biometric authentication protocols. Shufti Pro Back Office provides users with authentic proof of verification especially for facial verification where customers can see the facial images provided by end-users that were eventually verified or rejected after due application of facial recognition protocols. Facial profile of a user utilized for facial verification is more reliable and cost-effective method of performing a biometric authentication as compared to any other form of identity verification or KYC verification.
  6. Oodles AI specializes in providing various AI app Development services with excellent results. The new dedicated Artificial intelligence services are no different than what we have done till now. With a revamped look and feel, Oodles AI brings every service in demand using Artificial Intelligence as a base under one roof. Our professionals excel in developing solutions for a wide range of challenges using AI. Oodles AI specializes in providing customized chatbot app development services. Hire Bot Developers to Develop AI Powered Conversational Bots. Get Smart Chatbots Solution. Intercom is the complete customer messaging platform for driving growth. Get set up in minutes and see results today. Integrated platform, Personalized Onboarding, Targeted Live Chat.
  7. An app is evaluated based on several factors - app reviews, ranking and purpose are some of the most essential aspects that potential users regard before installing it on their phones. An app that boasts of its genuinity may find it difficult to garner a user base that it expects. Optimizing the application helps its visibility and increases the chances of being within the reach of users’ browsing activities. Mobile app marketing companies like AppDupe specialize and specifically cater to those requirements to help uplift your mobile application.
  8. With the innovation of GPS gadgets, a voyager no more needs to rely on road signs for achieving the accurate area. This is a standout amongst the best apparatuses that one can ever have, particularly one who cherishes voyaging and finding new places. The route contraptions by Garmin has given another approach to go without the dread of being lost. There are different models of GPS made by the Garmin that too with the assortment of highlights. One of the restrictive highlights these Garmin associate is network of them with the telephone by means of the Bluetooth. You can interface your Garmin with your cell phone effectively and can appreciate the excursion. In any case, there might be the point at which you experience issues with this component. Try not to stress, on the off chance that you are a client of Huawei telephone with the assistance of this post you will become acquainted with how to fix the Garmin interface Bluetooth not blending issue with Huawei cell phone. Here are the measures that you have to pursue to fix Garmin Connect Bluetooth blending issues: Step1: Begin the technique by downloading and introducing the most recent variant of Garmin Express programming. Step2: Stop the Google Play Services, if on the off chance that it doesn't stop evacuate the update of Google Play administrations. To do as such, go to Settings click on Applications, select the Google Play Services. You will see an alternative of "Stop" click on it. Step3: Now, include your Huawei cell phone with Garmin Express and hold up until the match up finishes. Guarantee that gadget shows at the top board of your Garmin associate. Step4: In the following stage, you have to open the Garmin Connect telephone and skirt the primary setup. Go to the Garmin Devices you will discover matched up gadget there. Step5:Try to match it by tapping on the gadget name. Your watch will show code that you have to include. Step6: Now, you can begin Google Play Services and mess around with your watch. In the event that you have expelled the garmin map updates before, now of the time, you can get them back. With the assistance of these focuses, you will effortlessly resolve Bluetooth blending issue of Garmin with Huawei Phone. In the event that on the off chance that you are unfit to tackle the issue get in touch with us, our group of specialists will settle the issue inside negligible time. The Garmin Connect backing offered by us is spending plan inviting. This, yet we are additionally accessible on the 24×7 premise to support you. Along these lines, don't falter to call us on the off chance that you ever experience any issue in matching the Garmin with your cell phone.
  9. How entities that are poles apart meet - Cryptocurrency and Network Marketing. Check, if the union is completely trustworthy. Know everything about MLM and cryptocurrency. Visit: https://blog.infinitemlmsoftware.com/cryptocurrency-vs-network-marketing-a-case-study/
  10. Andrea Maria

    Hi...I am Andrea Maria, a new member to this forum site. I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive at FuGenX Technologies.
  11. Hi friends, I am a diehard tech lover. So I read tech blogs everyday. These blogs provide me latest tech news which enrich my tech knowledge. There are so many tech lovers around the world. They also tries to stay up-to-date with latest technology. One need to read about 7-8 blogs, forums and magazines saperately to get all tech news. I found it time worthy. For this I have found a shortcut way. The way is TechA2Z where I find each and every tech news via world's famous tech sites. I am listing down worlds top 5 tech blogs. 1. Mashable..............visit 2. TechCrunch..............visit 3. LifeHaker..............visit 4. Gizmodo..............visit 5. Gigaom..............visit Thanks for reading...............Hope you will be helpful.
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