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Found 106 results

  1. I want to start a business of Furniture so on google presence can you guys help me about boosting my business PPC & SEO?
  2. 1. Write for Topics Over Keywords 2. Define Client Personas 3. Types of Content to Create • Blog Posts • Location Pages • Audio & Visual Content 4. Essential Qualities of the Content 5. Promoting Your Content 6. Measuring Conversions
  3. boxingcomponent

    SEO on-page techniques?
  4. Best web development company in India which specializes in designing, testing and developing W3C standard websites compatible with all devices for effective branding and promotion. We provide the best web development services and since 2015 we have been serving clients. We fulfill their requirements according to the customer needs. And also encourage on your behalf that helps to grow your business. Located as a top web development company in India, we have a professional team of designers and developers, creating powerful, custom attractive and eye catching websites. We use an ultra-clean and full responsive design style to provide html5 code, standard-based markup code for your website that enhances exceptional search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) results statuses, designing your website in such a way as to automate URL listing on various search engines. If you want a good online presence. So having a website is very important. As Web Development India, we believe that web development is the best way to promote business. Your business grows through web development. This is because your business goes online through the website. Then the customer reaches you easily. seo services in india, web development services in india
  5. baabroz1

    What is Googlebot? they are useful or not?
  6. Do you want to earn high quality backlinks and brand mentions from top experts? An expert roundup post is a type of blog post that features contributions by multiple experts in your niche. The contributors promote the expert roundup to their large audience, getting you tons of really targeted traffic and brand mentions. Benefits of our Expert Roundups Publishing an expert roundup on your website has lots of benefits and the most important one is that it will place your brand, products or services, on the same map with top influencers and bloggers. You’ll also earn the kind of backlinks Google loves: from bloggers and media outlets, targeting your niche in a natural way. Earn Quality Backlinks From Niche Relevant Websites. Get Thousands of Visitors, Social Media Shares, and sales. Get your Brand and Products recognized and mentioned by Experts. Establish Relationships with Bloggers and Influencers in Your Industry. Get High-Quality Content For Your Website. Rank Better in Google For Competitive Keywords. Rank For 100’s Of LSI Keywords Over Time. Get Featured In Relevant Digital Magazines and Blogs About Your Expert Roundup. Save you 50+ working hours as we create the expert roundup from A to Z. --> Check our Expert Roundup Creation Service <--
  7. A meta description, sometimes called meta tag or meta description attribute, is an HTML element that provides a brief explanation about the content of the website. In other words, it’s the data behind the data, just like in metaphysics. Google uses the meta descriptions (along with the title tag and the URL) to come up with search results on its pages. You can usually recognize the meta description by taking a look at a web page’s search result. If the meta title helps the readers understand what the main subject of the paragraph is, the meta description helps the readers understand clearly what the content of the site is about. So, here are some reasons that imply the best about the importance of meta description. Full article here: Meta description: Why is it important for SEO?
  8. vigneshtech

    As you optimize your site for search, it’s important to understand the different types of results that appear when a user looks for information. The first, and arguably most important, type of results are organic. These are the pages that Google’s algorithm determines to be the best match for the user’s search. They earn their spots on the results page based on relevance, quality, and a number of other factors that we’ll get into later in this guide. But these aren’t the only results that appear in search. In many cases, you’ll also see advertisements. These listings look extremely similar to the organic results but are denoted by a small “Ad” tag.
  9. Naksh

    Is it possible to get SEO Results within 6 months of starting the same? It's been two months since I started and I see only a few of my keywords ranking yet.
  10. praveenitech

    How does a keyword ranks in Link Building?
  11. I have web development & designing website UK based, how to rank this website in quick season, anyone give me best possible suggestion for it.
  12. Hey guys, I work in the affiliate business, which means I create a lot of websites and test a lot of different stuff to try to make them rank and convert. for CMS I use WordPress, where I have managed to make a website go from unindexet to #2 on Google within a few days, which I thought some of you might find interesting, you can see a picture of the graph here: http://i.imgur.com/p5YPvve.png A little disclaimer is that I did this on medium competition keywords, and not high competition. It's getting closer to being a year ago where I did it, and I haven't recieved any warnings or messages through Google & bing webmaster tools and so on. Anyways here's the "recipe" that I used to make this possible Meta data: It's improtant to make your meta data top notch. First of all you wanna go to settings > general and choose the language you want the website to rank for. URL structure is also really important, so go to settings > permalinks and choose "post name", ideally you customize it for every page though, so it's optimized. After that is done install "Yoast" or "All in one Seo" and set that up, there is lots of guides for that, so I'm not gonna go in depth with that. Only 1 H1 A lot of themes have the flaw that they have multiple H1's which can really harm your SEO, so make sure this is not the case with your theme, to check it view the source and search for H1, this is very critical. Low spam score There's lots of factors in spam scores, here's how to avoid a few ones easily: - Add a contact email or form, this is important - Every article should be 1000+ words - Do not hide or make links hard to see, this is a huge factor Sitemap and breadcrumbs It's important to have a sitemap, and less important to have breadcrumbs, but it's a nice little extra thing that Google rewards. Yoast and many other plugins offer both of these things. Pagespeed: Google insight Pagespeed is becoming one of the biggest factors, so it's important to have an eye on it, a great tool for this is Google's own tool, which you can find here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ It's not hard to hit a score of 100/100, all you need to do is install plugins that does whats listed below. - Minification (better wp minify, w3 cache) - Move scripts to footer (scripts to footer) - Remove Google fonts and other external code (remove google fonts) - Caching (w3 cache, super cache) There is a ton of plugins that can do these things, I have written some examples plugins after each point It's important to note that if your website is built with Jquery or the like, moving Jquery to footer might cause some functionality to not work. It's a big flaw to have a website which is built with that nowadays though, so you might wanna consinder switching theme if that is your case Backlinks A lot of people say that links and mentions is more than half of your SEO, which is why things like linkbuilding is very important. There is a lot linkbuilding techinques, like creating great content, infographics and much more. Since my websites are affiliate sites, I don't have content that people naturally link to, therefor I buy links for all of my websites In my example where my website went from unindexet to rank 2 on Google, I bought links here: http://seo-servicen.dk/en/ There is a ton of link sellers and websites where you can exchange links for example. I hope some of you guys can use my little "recipe" or "guide" even though I know it's not a lot of information, it is enough to make a website rank well. So instead of spending thousand of dollars on some seo expert, go do it yourself! :) I'll do my best to answer question Have a great day Over and out :)
  13. vigneshtech

    What is a canonical tag? Why it is used in SEO?
  14. Hi- How to generates leads from SEO Method for Healthcare website?
  15. “How can I perform keyword research for free?” This is a question I get asked A LOT by new people looking to learn SEO. They want to know how to find the most profitable foxpbn, for the least amount of time and money invested. But answering this question is hard. Why? While there are effective keyword tools you can use for free… The majority of them aren’t as helpful as you might think. So today I am going to show you the best way to use free keyword tools to do your research. What Will I Learn? [show] 3x Ways To Do Keyword Research Quickly And For Free Did you know that it’s possible to come up with ideas without using a paid or free keyword research tool? All you need is a few little tricks up your sleeve to generate ideas easily… Step #1: Brainstorm Your Keywords The first stage of this is completely offline. Grab yourself a pen and a piece of paper and write down the primary short-head keyword that is at the core of the content you want to create. This could be things like: Vegan protein Portable microphone Drinks flasks Picture frames The two to three word phrase to fit the overarching idea of your content and business goals. Then using that keyword as the centre of the paper, begin to brainstorm keywords and questions and niches that relate to that. You want to be using ideas of what someone might search for when they use this term. For example Vegan Protein might break down into: Vegan protein powders Vegan protein sources Where to buy vegan protein powder Healthy vegan supplements Don’t censor yourself here and come up with as many keywords as you can. You can then run them through the next two tools. Step #2: Get Suggestions From Soovle Soovle can be used to compare related searches from lots of different search engines. It’s a huge database of the “search suggestions” you see when you Google search. Take some of the keywords from your brainstorm and enter them into Soovle’s main search bar. This will bring up a lot of suggestions from the relevant search engines: Aim to collect keywords from all of the search engines and not just a Google search. This can be helpful if your content has different goals. For example, Amazon keywords will have more buying intent than Google ones. This could translate to your content. You can download the keywords by clicking the download button in the corner- Take the keywords from here you think are relevant and move on to the next tool. Step #3: Get Suggestions From Forums BoardReader is a tool that scours forums for recents posts about your topic. If you enter a keyword it will bring up multiple threads and the latest discussions: On the surface, this may look like it’s just picked out the main keyword you’ve typed in. But if you use your intuition to look for what people said before or after the keyword, you can find a lot of long tail keywords with different types of intent. Think: Vegan protein samples Cheap vegan protein powders Best vegan protein powders You’ll have to do a little extra legwork to find all of these, but they are there. They are some of the tools and ways you can perform keyword research completely free. But there is one powerhouse of a tool you can get a lot of benefit from. What is it? Well… The best keyword research tool that’s free at the moment is an intelligent Google sheet that I developed. It makes it possible to develop keyword strategies in minutes, rather than days – without spending any money. You can use it to- Develop an intelligent keyword strategy in any niche Automatically find the best keywords with low competition and high search volumes Analyse featured snippets Calculate keyword intent The “Other” Best Keyword Research Free Tool You can also use Google Keyword Planner, which is second best keyword research tool on the market that doesn’t cost a penny. And although it doesn’t tell you how difficult it will be to rank for a keyword, you can’t argue with data coming directly from the search engine itself. It’s great for gathering quick ideas- BUT: You should take a look at my full Google Keyword Planner tutorial to learn how to use it properly. I’ll also show you how to get the exact search volume for any list of keywords rather than the estimates above. The 3x Major Problems With Free Tools… Now before we get all doom and gloom… I am going to show you how to use premium keyword research tools FOR FREE. But before I show you how to use premium tools for free. I wanted to talk to you about a few of the limitations of keyword research tools that are offered for free, like Google Keyword Planner. Each of these problems could make or break your SEO campaign. So it’s important that we talk about them because this is precisely why I developed my own keyword research sheets. Problem #1: It Takes A Lot Of Time While you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to do your keyword research… …it takes an awful lot of time to do. You have to jump through multiple hoops to get ideas and exact search volumes. Google is very specific with the results it brings back AND severely limits that number. That means you have to spend a lot of time doing repeat searches to find long keywords. For example you might need to do 5 searches to find a golden long tail- Shoes Womens Shoes Best Womens Shoes The Best Womens Shoes The Best Womens Shoes For Winter Where as with the Ahrefs trial or the free SEMRush trial, you just enter your keyword and get thousands of ideas- Not only that: But you also get intelligent keyword difficulty data- And a full overview of the current top 10 including important metrics- All of that not only makes keyword research a quick process, but you also pull down more intelligent data to make your decisions. You just can’t get that kind of action with a free tool, but you can get it with a free trial of a premium tool… Reason #2: People Search In Weird Ways People don’t search in logical ways. Their search terms are weirdly phrased, often almost illegible sentences. Tools like Google Keyword Planner really limit the number of results it returns which makes it really hard to drill down and find golden nuggets 5-10 word long tail phrases. Where as with a proper keyword research tool, you just spend 5 seconds to apply a filter and voila- We have found the keyword “Womens wide width shoes for problem feet” With 1,800 searches per month and next to zero competition. Go to Google Keyword Planner and try to find that keyword. It’s impossible. Reason #3: You Can’t Research To Depth In the example above there was also “Extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet” That is searched 1,300 times per month with zero competition. But Ahrefs also tell us this falls under a parent topic of “diabetic slippers for swollen feet”. Clicking on it reveals another 129x keywords- And also tells us that parent topic gets searched 8,400 terms with zero competition. In just 1 click we have found 3x keywords with a total search volume of 11,500 with absolutely zero competition. And the list of keyword opportunities is literally bottomless… You can’t do that with a keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner (but you can do it with my free spreadsheet). Please: Don’t treat what you’ve just read as a rant. There is some merit to free keyword research but you really are limiting yourself. Instead: Take advantage of some of my tricks and intelligent keyword planner to use premium keyword research tools for free…. How To Use Premium Keyword Tools For Free Premium tools can supercharge your keyword research. If you’re planning on practicing SEO for the long term, they’re a worthwhile investment! But in the short term: Did you know you can use most of these premium tools for free? Here Is How To Do It… Most of the best premium SEO tools come with free trials or freemium models So why not take advantage of these before you lay down any money? And if you are smart about it you can- Prepare the list of pages you need to do keyword research for Sign up for any of the free trials below Complete all of your keyword research That way you get all the benefits of the premium keyword research tools. But: Without spending a penny! Mwahahahaha! How To Get SEMRush Free Just for being a reader of my website you can get 14 days unlimited access for free. It’s one of the most powerful SEO suites on the market (full SEMRush review). Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to all its tools and features. That means you can begin to get some serious keyword research done. Inside the tool head to this section of the tool: On this page you’ll be able to enter your target keyword into the search bar: Hit “search” and you’ll be taken to a page of results. There will be lots of statistics on this page but you should focus on two sections. Phrase match keywords Related keyword. Under the Phrase Match Keywords section… You’ll find all of the keywords results that contain the phrase you searched. When you click the “view full report” button you’ll find lots of information, including the search volume of the keyword and the value of that keyword to an advertiser: There won’t be variations on your keyword but it’ll expand to show the long-tails. Under the Related Keywords section you’ll find keywords that contain elements of the keyword you entered, or are close relatives of it. Again, if you click the “view full report” tab… You’ll be shown all of the individual keywords and their search volumes. For a full tutorial of how to do keyword research and make many more improvements to your site, you should read my full SEMRush review. How To Use Ahrefs For Free Cheap Now I am going to cheat a bit here. Ahrefs used to have a 100% free trial, but the tool is so good that people were abusing it. So now it’s a 7 day trial for $7. But trust me when I tell you – it’s worth every dollar. Ahrefs is one of my favourite SEO tools and the amount of data they have is insane. It’s also the tool I used to drill down in the women’s shoes examples above. In fact: My Ahrefs review shows you 25x ways you can use it to increase your search traffic. Once you’re in the tool keyword research is simple. Head to: On the keyword explorer page you’ll be able to enter in as many keywords as you want. Whether that’s just the one keyword you want to know more about or a list. Hit search and you’ll be taken to the results page. Beneath all of the graphs and charts at the top of the page… There is a section called Keyword Ideas. Here you’ll find a huge database of data-driven keywords for you to work through: Each of these columns has a different set of data for thousands of related keywords. Including the Newly Discovered section which are the freshest keywords in your niche. In other words – nobody is ranking for them yet. How To Use Longtail Pro For Free Longtail Pro is is a great tool for finding niche keywords. Although it’s no way near as good as Ahrefs. Once your in: Generating a list of keywords is easy But if you are going to take out any trial, Ahrefs is the best shout even if it does cost $7! If you really don’t want to spend any money, then the reader exclusive SEMRush trial is for you. Bonus Section: How To Steal Your Competitor’s Keywords There is one more keyword research strategy you can use to your advantage… Stealing your competitor’s keywords. They’re proven keywords that other people in your niche are targeting! They’ve already done the research to prove their effectiveness. All you have to do is piggyback onto their hard work. All you need is my free intelligent Google sheet which makes it a 5 minute process! It will automatically find all of your competitors best keywords and then filter them so you can focus on the high search volume keywords that are the easiest to rank for. It doesn’t get much easier than that so download my free sheet now. Wrapping It Up Doing keyword research for free is a tough topic to cover. Although it can be done… The keyword research tools don’t give you the information you need to make intelligent decisions. So if you are going to use this type of keyword tool… It’s built around my personal keyword research process while solving a lot of the common problems you find in free tools for keyword research. It will save you a bunch of time, tells you how hard it is to rank, helps you find awesome keywords that Google Keyword planner can’t find and it doesn’t have to cost you anything. That makes it the best free tool in my opinion! What do you think? You Might Also Enjoy...
  16. What are the effective link building activities ??
  17. pixelaura

    Hello Everyone, We need your help to finding Facebook group for USA & Canada to share my posts. If anybody have any group on facebook related SEO, internet marketing, SMO for USA & Canada then please let me know.
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