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Found 42 results

  1. what is the benefits of on page optimization?
  2. We have noticed that the Alexa country rank is kept on increasing. Is there is any specific reason?
  3. how to treat web standard while optimizing a website?
  4. Google has updated it's new search algorithm last year which is named Hummingbird. This change in Google search has affected about 90% search result. Hummingbird is not only an updated version rather it's a totally new algorithm which mainly focuses on consumer's need based on conversational queries such as questions. Hummingbird is highly developed for improving search result. Therefore site's must contain helpful content in order to stay at the top pages of Google according to Hummingbird. Hummingbird has a great impact on Google SEO strategy. Many old SEO techniques are dead with the arrival of Hummingbird. Therefore we need to approach towards new Google SEO techniques which are described below. 1. Google Hummingbird is question based algorithm. So you need to add question based words in your content for better Google SEO rank. But never add question based words randomly or you may get blacklisted.For example you can use... How to..... Where is the..... What is the..... etc. 2. Now Google is not depends on bold or italic words. So stay away from making your keywords bold or italic. In case of Google Hummingbird this is not any more good SEO practice. 3. Try to keep your main keywords in the title of your article. Title is the most important SEO fact for better Google search result. 4. Use tags for your article. Generally many people neglect tags which is totally a bad practice. Search engines use tags for their searching purpose. Impact of tags is very extreme in case of Google SEO. 5. Search description or meta description is another essential part of good SEO practice. Search engines get an idea about the site or page through it's description. Therefore description plays great roll in Google SEO rank. 6. Again I have to say a traditional quote. That is "Never do copy and paste". Hummingbird is much more strict in this case. If you are spotted as a copy-paster you may be penalized by Google. 7. Guest posting was an effective SEO method in the past. But now it's horrible for SEO strategy. If Google finds any guest post that is made to promote any product, blog or website, it can harm your site's SEO result. 8. Alt tags is still working well for Google SEO result. Try to use you most targeted keywords in alt tag of image, flash or video. You can also use title for images to make your search result more effective. 9. Page speed is another important case for Google SEO. If your site takes long time to load, you may miss both visitors and search engine bots. 10. Number of mobiles and smartphones is increasing at the speed of rocket (imaginary sense). So your site must be ready for this challenge. Google also prefer site's that are optimized for mobile. Thus site's that are optimized for both PC and mobile can bring more visitors by increasing Google SEO ranking. Source: Sakib's Traffic - SEO and Web Traffic Solution
  5. Blogging community is an online community place where bloggers of all level share there blog posts and connect with other bloggers. Benefits of joining blogging communities: * Share your blog with other bloggers worldwide. * Get high quality backlinks for your blog. * Increase your blog ranking and reputation. * Meet with elite/expert people in the world of blogging. * Read latest blog posts of top bloggers. * Get help from other bloggers. * Get new blogging ideas. Communiy list: 1. Blogengage.com 2. Blokube.com 3. Bizsugar.com 4. Inbound.org 5. List.ly Learn full story: http://goo.gl/M0EXhH
  6. Hello Expert !! How to get top ranking in one month for google and Bing?
  7. Hi- How to generates leads from SEO Method for Healthcare website?
  8. Hi- How to remove Black-listed problem from website?
  9. Proxyhulk offer cheap Anonymous ( Private & Shared Proxies ) with low price starting at 15$ for with Unlimited Bandwidth and Multiple locations across USA our support 24/7 you can get your account in few minutes by instant activation Our proxies are fully anonymous, protecting your IP completely. We ensure that the proxies we supply are non-sequential, and all plans offer multiple subnets. These proxies can be used for basically anything you like Features of our Shared & Private Proxies - Unlimited Bandwidth Use our proxies with no limits or bandwidth restrictions - Multiple Locations across USA - Proxies support Protocols HTTPS-HTTP-SOCKS5 - 99.9% Uptime We monitor our network around-the-clock to ensure you have access when you need it. - instant Activation . your proxy service will be actived in no more than 2 mints. - Free Control Panel you will get professional Control panel to manage your proxies and change your authenticating IP - 24/7/365 Support to assist you with any aspect of your hosting experience. Proxies working with Google/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Scrapebox/SeNuke/ GSA Search/Social Bookmarking.etc Shared Packages discounted for BHW members Anonymous Proxies Unlimited Bandwidth HTTP - SOCKS5 Proxy Subnet Variety Multiple Locations (Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas,Buffalo, Los Angeles, Seattle.) instant Activation 24/7 Full Support 99.9% Uptime Advanced Control Panel API to Access Socks & proxies directly Packages : PHK-500 500 Shared Proxies 50$ monthly PHK-1000 1000 Shared Proxies 75$ monthly PHK-2200 2200 Shared Proxies 100$ monthly PHK-2700 2700 Shared Proxies 125$ monthly ORDER NOW https://www.proxyhulk.com/sharedproxies.php Private Packages offers Anonymous Proxies Unlimited Bandwidth HTTP - SOCKS5 Proxy Subnet Variety Multiple Locations (Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas,Buffalo, Los Angeles, Seattle.) instant Activation 24/7Full Support 99.9% Uptime Advanced Control Panel API to Access Socks & proxies directly Packages : PHKPRIV-10 10 Private Proxies 9$ Monthly PHKPRIV-20 20 Private Proxies 18$ Monthly PHKPRIV-50 50 Private Proxies 48$ Monthly PHKPRIV-120 120 Private Proxies 110$ Monthly PHKPRIV-200 200 Private Proxies 190$ Monthly ORDER NOW https://www.proxyhulk.com/privateproxies.php We Accept : Paypal - credit card - webmoney - banktransfer and more ( Paymentwall ) We guarantee 48 hours money back for more information please visit https://proxyhulk.com or Contact us at [email protected]
  10. what is the difference between internal links and inbound links?
  11. Hello Everyone, We need your help to finding Facebook group for USA & Canada to share my posts. If anybody have any group on facebook related SEO, internet marketing, SMO for USA & Canada then please let me know.
  12. Do you need instant traffic or long term results? All the organizations are realizing the importance of online marketing. Every website owner is confused about choosing the right marketing channel for their online business success. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are the most important part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tool for any business with a website. Let us analyze the main pros and cons of these two methods. SEO vs PPC Analysis To get first-page position in google through SEO is a long-term process and really need a lot of effort. You should have a high-quality website and a great SEO plan strategy to drive organic traffic from search engines. Most of the companies hire an SEO expert to do the SEO work.SEO depends on quality links and Google’s algorithm updates. PPC works instantly and provides much more focused and targeted results. It drives instant traffic to a website and no need to worry about Google updates. It requires no hard work and time.PPC is constrained by the campaign dates and budgets.Google Tax continues to rise and if more advertisers involve then the CPC will also increase. There are some factors that influence PPC cost. For advertising with Google Adwords, the cost depends on · Keyword popularity, · Number of advertisers who use that particular keyword, · Number of related websites that have ad positions for that particular keyword and much more. As the Google keyword tool gives an estimate for the CPC for each keyword, you can calculate the average cost per click for the targeted keywords. You have to pay only if you ad receives a click, not for the views. Time-to-results SEO is not better than PPC but they both can contribute to higher ROI. A well-executed SEO campaign provides a long-term traffic whereas PPC can be used for short-term, immediate traffic growth. Conversion considerations Various surveys prove that 86 percent of web searchers respect and trust the companies with organic ranking than paid PPC listing. PPC is the great way for products than service companies because 50-percent of people visiting retailer’s site from paid ads buy more than those from the organic link. Conclusion SEO is better overall. Both search methods will bring your website on the front page if it is well executed. SEO is more powerful and provide long-term value to your business.There is a certain time to use PPC ad campaign like launching a company and to build brand awareness for a limited time. SEO offers the trusted long term better quality traffic leads in search marketing.
  13. The great SEO power, when used responsibly, can propel the success of your business. ONSITE SEO (Search Engine Optimization) besides Social Media Marketing, is an important part of business marketing. If you are maintaining a business website without a well-established SEO and content footprint, your business will not be found online. If you are not found online, the chances of generating new customers and new business will be very slim. Needless to say, SEO is beyond maintaining a website and publishing content. It’s more about using optimization techniques to increase the chances of being found by your target audience. Specifically, you would want your website to be on the top rank of the most popular search engine in the world—Google. If you are going to Google search for the term “SEO for business owners” for example, it will yield more than 12 million results. The sheer number of results would really be a bad news for business owners who do not understand how to optimize their website. Whether you have an emerging business or a business with a well-established presence in the cyberspace, Google is one of the main things you need to consider in your online pursuits. Apparently,most business owners do not have time to learn everything about SEO. In order to help you quickly understand how to implement a strategic ONSITE SEO campaign, here is a concise rundown of the most important steps. 1. Install Google Analytics The initial step in SEO technique is to ensure that everything that happens on your website is tracked. By far, the best analytic tool for business is Google Analytics because it is free and very simple to implement. With this tool, you can keep track of information on how your site visitors interact. It will also enable you to monitor the performance of your keywords to measure the success of your campaign. Furthermore, this tool will help you analyze how much traffic each keyword has brought to your website. Beyond planning and implementation, a tracking tool such as Google Analytics will help you calculate the ROI (return on investment) for a particular campaign. Read the full article and other SEO articles for free: https://monetize.info/onsite-seo-tips-you-should-implement-right-now/
  14. I have web development & designing website UK based, how to rank this website in quick season, anyone give me best possible suggestion for it.
  15. Congratulations And Welcome Aboard ! The Best way to Earn 100% Guaranteed Income Make money Online and home based work so easy ways.... More info Vishe here : http://amazingcashprofit.blogspot.com/
  16. There is a sudden drop in the backlink and the traffic of my site. Can anyone help me to sort out the reason behind it? I have shared the link to the site below. https://goo.gl/ie0OY4
  17. Hey guys, I work in the affiliate business, which means I create a lot of websites and test a lot of different stuff to try to make them rank and convert. for CMS I use WordPress, where I have managed to make a website go from unindexet to #2 on Google within a few days, which I thought some of you might find interesting, you can see a picture of the graph here: http://i.imgur.com/p5YPvve.png A little disclaimer is that I did this on medium competition keywords, and not high competition. It's getting closer to being a year ago where I did it, and I haven't recieved any warnings or messages through Google & bing webmaster tools and so on. Anyways here's the "recipe" that I used to make this possible Meta data: It's improtant to make your meta data top notch. First of all you wanna go to settings > general and choose the language you want the website to rank for. URL structure is also really important, so go to settings > permalinks and choose "post name", ideally you customize it for every page though, so it's optimized. After that is done install "Yoast" or "All in one Seo" and set that up, there is lots of guides for that, so I'm not gonna go in depth with that. Only 1 H1 A lot of themes have the flaw that they have multiple H1's which can really harm your SEO, so make sure this is not the case with your theme, to check it view the source and search for H1, this is very critical. Low spam score There's lots of factors in spam scores, here's how to avoid a few ones easily: - Add a contact email or form, this is important - Every article should be 1000+ words - Do not hide or make links hard to see, this is a huge factor Sitemap and breadcrumbs It's important to have a sitemap, and less important to have breadcrumbs, but it's a nice little extra thing that Google rewards. Yoast and many other plugins offer both of these things. Pagespeed: Google insight Pagespeed is becoming one of the biggest factors, so it's important to have an eye on it, a great tool for this is Google's own tool, which you can find here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ It's not hard to hit a score of 100/100, all you need to do is install plugins that does whats listed below. - Minification (better wp minify, w3 cache) - Move scripts to footer (scripts to footer) - Remove Google fonts and other external code (remove google fonts) - Caching (w3 cache, super cache) There is a ton of plugins that can do these things, I have written some examples plugins after each point It's important to note that if your website is built with Jquery or the like, moving Jquery to footer might cause some functionality to not work. It's a big flaw to have a website which is built with that nowadays though, so you might wanna consinder switching theme if that is your case Backlinks A lot of people say that links and mentions is more than half of your SEO, which is why things like linkbuilding is very important. There is a lot linkbuilding techinques, like creating great content, infographics and much more. Since my websites are affiliate sites, I don't have content that people naturally link to, therefor I buy links for all of my websites In my example where my website went from unindexet to rank 2 on Google, I bought links here: http://seo-servicen.dk/en/ There is a ton of link sellers and websites where you can exchange links for example. I hope some of you guys can use my little "recipe" or "guide" even though I know it's not a lot of information, it is enough to make a website rank well. So instead of spending thousand of dollars on some seo expert, go do it yourself! :) I'll do my best to answer question Have a great day Over and out :)
  18. Blogging community is an online community place where bloggers of all level share there blog posts and connect with other bloggers. Benefits of joining blogging communities: * Share your blog with other bloggers worldwide. * Get high quality backlinks for your blog. * Increase your blog ranking and reputation. * Meet with elite/expert people in the world of blogging. * Read latest blog posts of top bloggers. * Get help from other bloggers. * Get new blogging ideas. Communiy list: 1. Blogengage.com 2. Blokube.com 3. Bizsugar.com 4. Inbound.org 5. List.ly Learn full story: http://goo.gl/M0EXhH
  19. Do you demand to addition your PageRank, Alexa Ranking, and Google visibility? GPlusPlanet harnesses the ability of Google Plus’s Amusing Network to access your web presence, statistics, and engagement. It is simple to register, changeless to use, and you can get started immediately. GPlusPlanet utilizes a badge arrangement that allows you to anon collaborate and barter folio angle and Google "+1" votes with bags of added GPlusPlanet Members. GPlusPlanet optimizes the ability of Google+’s amusing band beyond all of Google’s functions to accompany different visitors, and their clicks, to your website. Because GPlusPlanet’s associates are absolute people, you will have a good time the allowances of added statistics, and the animal interactions that aggrandize your community.
  20. Join Link Collider will offer you some assistance with growing your online business, individual websites and social networking systems by matching webpage proprietors who need to expand webpage activity, enhance web index rankings, and get free Facebook likes and imparts to clients who will truly communicate with their web stages. You can utilize Link Collider as a SEO sponsor to get web movement and associate with genuine individuals from more than 250,000 dynamic clients from more than 200 nations. Online networking assumes a part in your website's prevalence, and Link Collider can likewise offer you some assistance with getting get free Facebook likes, Google Plus adherents, Pinterest pins, Twitter tweets and devotees, Facebook offers, YouTube endorsers, Pinterest supporters, Tumblr reposts, WordPress posts, Blogger/Blogspot posts, and Stumbleupon posts.
  21. Hi, My name is Ryan. I am the co-founder to an SEO tool called SEM Compass. I thought I would start contributing here as the community at TopGold is a little different to other forums. At some point I will make an advertising thread an offer an awesome deal to my toolset. So hi! If you have any questions regarding online marketing tactics, feel free to ask them, as I surely have an opinion to give. Thanks for having me :)
  22. The two major types of SEO method is Black hat and white hat SEO, which are used to increase the traffic to your site. These are related to the specific techniques that are used to improve to search engine ranking of a website or webpage. Black hat SEO refers to the attempts to boost rankings in ways that are not approved by search engines. They go against current search engine guidelines. White hat SEO refers to the use of good practice ways to attain high search engine rankings. There are many black hat SEO techniques. These techniques are sometimes used byunethical search engine optimization Service providers to make quick and easy results. But the results never last and once Bing, Google and other search engines discover your website is using Black Hat SEO strategies you will either be severely penalized in your rankings or will be removed entirely from their index. There are certain black hat SEO techniques that people use without realizing that this violates Google’s terms of service:- Creating spam content: This is done by creating fake pages on your web site, filling them with filler text and then placing your keywords into the filler text. Google hates spam sites and this may get you blacklisted quickly. Buying links: It is never okay to buy a link. It’s okay to pay someone to submit your web site to directories and indexes, but it’s never acceptable in Google’s eyes to pay for the link. This may appear like a very fine line and it is, but it’s one Google is very good at detecting. Legitimate advertising links are specifically marked as “no follow” links so that Google and others ignore them and you’re not penalized. Hiding content: This technique involves placing text with your keywords on your page so using CSS to form the text either extremely small or very near the background color so that your web site visitors will not notice it but search engines will. It is very easy for Google to identify and will get you on their bad side. Some of the white hat techniques that are most effective and common: Naturally and effectively using your keywords and key phrases in your headings, content, Meta tags, link anchor text and title, and image alt text. Video marketing: Videos are not only for television. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc are places where you can place some advertising videos about your company. This can contribute to an important part in SEO. Article and blog writing: You can write articles and blogs about the topics your site covers and you can use your key phrases and keywords. Submitting your site to search engines and directories. Press release: Submitting press release for distribution can provide a valuable source of link building.
  23. hi guys, I want start a online marketing, anyone suggest me better place and idea for this, because current scenario people are follow social media channel and major search engine.
  24. Links plays an important role in the search engine optimization (SEO) of any website. Some ideas to build link for your website are: 1.Great Content Trying to write great content is one of the simplest and finest ways to build so many back links to your website. If using links to your own site, others will unknowingly link back to your website and thus you will get an unique back link which will increase the page rank and also provide SEO benefits. 2. Article Submission Other way is by publishing your articles on popular websites which will automatically give you hundreds of back links from different websites. Place correct links with proper anchor text to your website while submitting your articles in article based directories 3. Discussion Groups Discussion groups are more or less similar to the forums. Provide useful and quality information and can build links to your website. 4. Guest Blogging Guest blogging is the also a different way to gain link and fame of the sites . It is the way to build links to your website and that for free. 5. Blog Comments Blog comments are also one of the best ways to build back links to your website. As per writing proper comments, you will automatically gain the links. 6. Forums Forums are also one of the best ways to build links to your website. Forums are used to provide useful and informative information, and become famous if we can provide the same to the other users also . 7. Social Bookmarking Submit your links to many smaller social bookmarking sites. By doing this it will make possible to get more back links for your site. These are some of the ideas for link building of Websites.