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Found 9 results

  1. Paid to use this hosting few days ago, but since his support is poor i have requested the hosting cancellation and refund, but they have canceled my account and are not more replying my ticket. Take care. Stay away of this scam company. rockhoster.com is purely scam hosting company Paid to use for 3 years, but requested cancellation before 7 days. They are just ignoring me. As can you see, they also not reply twitter and facebook: https://twitter.com/iemonitor/status/1230498548489367552 https://www.facebook.com/RockHoster/posts/2098239943654884
  2. I am not admin / owner of this project! Online Date : 2019-09-23 Investment Plans : 36% Hourly For 4 Hours 58% Hourly For 4 Hours 76% Hourly For 4 Hours 124% Hourly For 4 Hours Referral Commission : 7% Accept Payment : BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Litecoin , Ethereum , Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash About Project : I have made deposit of $10 - 0.00119 BTC to Plan no. 1 (36% Hourly For 4 Hours) using CoinPayments.net Transaction TX: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/d4aa3a6b4b886ee5a3ad671a3b996c9d2b5a79d18659847cdd3868bead1f688b Ref Link: http://sunnyprofit.fun/?ref=johnvalentin1966 Direct: http://sunnyprofit.fun
  3. Hello, I am a real user of this program and Not a Monitor. I have not been paid, My deposit it not being reflected in my account and the admin is not responding/helping me. I would recommend NOT using this program. This is the message I received from the admin before they stopped replying. I send them this transaction code that shows my Deposit. https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/2523cd293fbe834e1e2859322cbf9f365608439682be08cb11ac7151bb72faa9/ I would urge you to research before you spend your money.
  4. SCAM DO NOT INVEST. OWNER PREVIOUSLY LINKED TO FRAUD ON TELEXFREE (NOW TELEXBIT) Site closed on March 15th 2017 (for 15 working days, up to date no backoffice, nor money has been returned to investors, under the illusion of "an evolution" where only newbies investors would receive (if reopened) their investments ranging from $USDLLS 125 - $1100 USdlls accounts (that offered up to 50 dlls 5 days a week payment for 2 months for maximum revenues of 68%) Site was supposed to open on April 10th,2017 (not 15 working days) website still under coming_soon http://web.archive.org/web/20170413092801/http://twobitcoin.com/coming_soon/ Domain will expire in July 2017 http://www.easycounter.com/report/twobitcoin.com#domainData Saltillo, Mexico Offices closed in March 2017. Ecuador offices closed in April 2017 Reopening unknown. Information scattered by pyramid scheme. Only news: "all members will start from zero if they had already made a re-investment"
  6. BTCPLUS.CO TYPES OF PLANS: PLAN INVERSION (Investments from 100, 300, 700 and 1000 dlls paying daily interest to double amount in 1 month), PLAN IMPULSO (.0001 bitcoins to get income as other investors would join) LAST DAY OF PAYMENT: Stopped operating on February 14th (last payment) MLM PROMOTER: Owner was supposed to be from Israel, but MLM Promotor was Colombian Jeyson Ortiz, who stopped all kind of communication since March 2017. FACEBOOK PAGE: Created in Colombia as records from facebook showed. WEBPAGE: Created via GO-DADDY Thousand of investors were requested for a period of 90 days to get their investments back, while simultaneously were invited to reinvest in PLAN IMPULSO which never started paying. Page dissappeared since domain expired. Started workig in November 2016 ended in February 2017, Lifetime: 3 months.
  7. Hey All. just exposed another online scam.by the owner Martin Clayton's that called "Binary Brain Trust" BEAWARE ! For The Full Review : http://binaryoptionsgodfather.com/binary-brain-trust-scam-review/ For More Online Scams : http://binaryoptionsgodfather.com/binary-options-scam-services-software/ For More Info : http://binaryoptionsgodfather.com/
  8. He stolen my 40 dollars (closed site without paying) - One support ticket costs 10 dollars - Makes fake payments (i can prove) - constantly persecutes users for new investors,refferrals etc - always changes the terms. (the terms are not clearly) - chaotic site. - many fees on payments... (after 3 months i didnt make profit yet) .... I was clicking on Bluesky. I have registered 3 moth ago my investment about 80 dollar (memberships,security deposit !!!, required deposit after at every 50$ and 100 $ payout) my total receiving money cca 40 $. if i getting paid now then 80 dollars after 3 month...on an "high investment" site . very funny... He paying to members from new investors investments,but no one join his messy site,so he ran out of money... he getting many paypal and payza dispute therefore his paypal account is frozen for a couple of months. His sites under maintanence now,but if he re open his sites later NOBODY JOIN to his sites . HE IS A ASCAMMER. thats the fact. His sites http://www.josefluptak.com/ , http://www.blueskyptc.com/, http://www.alisonptc.com/ a few days ago he fired lot of users from his sites. for example 2000 useres was get fired from 2500 usrers... I see he reopen your sites now ... He makes fake payments my prove for fake payment (he upload to proof menu my payment ,before i try to upload) (second picture. you see not contains fee of his picture LOL : http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/topic,284423.msg2690147.html#msg2690147 he editing proof menu any way you like .... he have many tricks against users
  9. I have noticed that people all over the internet are being scamed with spammy products. Only buy products that are sold by reputable people, such as Jeremy Shoemoney and other large internet marketers. There are alot of products, and most are fake so be careful.
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